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1 month ago

Today is the 15th of September which means Payday! (And Payday Sale)

I slept early to not tempt myself to look at the midnight sale but this ended up making me miss the giveaway that I was looking forward to. Oh well, life is like that sometimes HAHA.

This article is something that will show some glimpse into our family's daily lives. I wanted to share with you in the morning just so I can enjoy the day freely.

Thank you to my wonderful sponsors who keep supporting me.

Wednesday is rest day

For my parents, Wednesday is rest day which mean that all members of the family are in the house. This day (15) is made much more special because of the presence of Payday.

I believe that we will have a delicious lunch, snack, and dinner today. Yesterday, my sister treated us some snacks because she received her salary.

This what I had for my snack. Halo-halo, choco pao, and buchi. For those of you who does not know, halo-halo is a dessert/snack that consists a lot of ingredients like gelatin, beans, banana, leche flan, ube or ube ice cream, etc. They are mixed together with ice and evaporated milk which gives them a delicious taste.

My mother requested that so my sister ordered halo-halo online even though it was cold haha. I had a lot of fun eating the treat. Like they said, food tastes much better when it is free.

Our say started with my father feeding the doves we have.

I believe that the doves are usually free to fly around and my father just whistle for them to come back for feeding time.

Before you get any idea, we arr not breeding them to be used as a food haha. We just take care of them and sometimes sell them when one wants a dove for a competition. I did not even know that people eat doves.

Anyway, seeing the feeding time reminds me of the time when I was the ome in charge with that and my father is the one who will feed the chickens we have.

But then, I got so busy with schoolworks so I relinquished my responsibility to my father.

When I came back inside, I saw my mother preparing her ingredients for peanut butter. She sells those weekly/monthly depending on her free time for some extra income.

The main ingredient is of course, peanuts. Then oil, and some sugar are added. There are more ingredients but my mother refusrd to tell it to me because she said I will publish it in an article (oops haha). Sorry guys, she does not want to part with her recipe for her peanut butter.

After mixing the ingredients, they bring it to someone in the marketplace to be mixed well until it became a peanut butter. Then my mother will put them into their containers.

Usually a batch like the one in the picture ran out immediately after my mother tell people that she has some in stock.

It is delicious so I understand why people would buy a lot. We usually only have a jar or 2 for our family.

If she is not that incredibly busy with work, I have a feeling that she will focus more on her peanut butter business. But for now, it remains as just a side income.

Closing words

I am not making excuses when I keep pushing back the article that I was supposed to be writing haha. I actually have it prepared. I am just looking for some courage to publish it.

Anyway, this is another personal blog just because I wanted to share a bit of how we live. I think I have a lot of things to say about that as well as how grateful I am for my parents.

I need to get off my phone for now. I have a lot of things to do as well for today. I will try to be online tonight again, just to catch up some pf the articles that everyone will publish.

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Thank you for reading this article!

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Written by   229
1 month ago
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titaaa pabili po peanut butter!!!

$ 0.03
1 month ago

Punta ka dito for sure bibigyan ka discount HAHA

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Si dad mahilig sa peanut butter, kaso ngayon di makagawa kase ung blender nasira HAHAHAHA. Ung mga dove ba hindi tumatakbo kahit lapitan mo basta ikaw amo?

$ 0.03
1 month ago

Depende sa dove. Meron ayaw sila nilalapitan, tas meron kasabay mo naglalakad HAHA

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Ay ang cutee HAAHAHAH

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Mother ko din nagawa ng peanut butter 😊❤ hahah. Binebenta niya sa mga tindahan minsan nagpapaorder.

$ 0.03
1 month ago

Sana all payday hehez. I'm quite disappointed to myself because I didn't able to buy halohalo in chowking a while ago when I was outside. Anyway, I also didn't know that dove can be a food to eat haha I thought it was just a pet for others, our neighbors have many doves and they trained it, I'm amazed whenever their dove fly high and far the when they clap their hands and whistle it keeps on coming back. I love peanut butter can I order one hehez char :D if only I can.

$ 0.03
1 month ago