The Michaelson Effect: Steve's Story

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The Michaelson Effect: Steve's Story


Nothing but the BEST. That has been my lifelong motto. I have been training in the martial arts for 30 years, and own a karate school in Raleigh named Best Karate. I train to be the best competitor, instructor, and official; I train my karate students to be the best that they can be.

When I started getting chronic injuries in karate years ago, I added weight-training to strengthen my muscles and joints. From there, I worked from 1998-2004 as a certified personal trainer and hired, supervised, and evaluated hundreds of other personal trainers for more than 40 fitness centers. So I know a little about people and trainers.

I met Michaelson in a gym in Raleigh in 2007. As a fellow martial artist with similar upbringings in Pennsylvania, we established an instant friendship. As I watched him with his clients and picked his brain about weight-training techniques and nutrition, I realized why he was the best. He has vast knowledge about the human body and he genuinely cares about the success of his clients.

In 2008, Michaelson wanted to leave the gym to start I’m Core Fit in a smaller setting. I invited him to use Best Karate’s space because his integrity, high standards of excellence, and knowledge matched my school’s philosophy. I’m Core Fit clients came in the morning and Best Karate students came in the afternoon. I observed his group classes, he observed mine. He had fiercely loyal clients who made wellness a priority in their busy lives. In 2009, I asked Michaelson to design a conditioning program for 45 members of the competitive karate team ages 5 to 55. Michaelson introduced core training for the group and made each drill fun and competitive. Despite the rigorous challenge, core training quickly became everyone’s favorite hour of the week.

When I got in a rut in my own training last year, I asked Michaelson to train me to reach a new level of fitness. I went to Michaelson as a client, not as his landlord. Michaelson is creative, attentive to details, and safety-minded. He holds everyone accountable for every move done correctly and completely. He designed several food plans for me. I notice the difference in my body composition in a month. Over six months of sustained training (something that Michaelson is adamant about), I lost 5% body fat. I still train with him regularly and he continues to challenge me. Nothing but the BEST.

Stephen Robinson, age 45

6th degree blackbelt and ChiefKarate Instructor Member, AAU-USA Karate Referee Council, Member, World Karate Confederation Referee Council

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Coaching is really the key to hone your skills and process that aims to improve your performance. I love your story.

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