The Michaelson Effect: Janine's Story Of Success

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Why is it important to me to have you listen to or read these stories of success while on the journey with me, Michaelson Williams, the TruSuccessXpert? To be completely honest I am working on building a level of trust in the GKA community and beyond. Why do I need to build trust in the community, and with people who are just learning about me? Here's how I see it... If you can trust me as a person then you will also trust my mission in life, my definite purpose, if you will. Why is this important? Because my definite purpose in life is to help you, each and every one of you to achieve True Success. You may be saying that, he doesn't know me. But I do... You were me a few years back. Searching...

I can't say that I was born for this purpose, because I don't know that to be true. What I do know to be true is, I've develop the person I am today for this mission, and I want you to be a part of the mission just like Janine and others like her. The mission goes well beyond health and fitness, and today aims to reach across all Successful Goal Achievement through the Goal Phoenix cryptocurrency project. The reason for Janine's and other people's story's that I'm sharing is to show you that The Michaelson Effect is real. People who are drawn to me and my work become successful in whatever they so choose. I want that success for you, but it takes trust and movement on your part. Listen to Janine's story and then take action yourself, so that you may benefit in your life, like never before.

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Janine was asked to write about her health and fitness journey, before, and after working with me, and here's what she said.


At 43 years old, I found myself desperate, ready to give up all hope of ever losing the weight I had gained. I had reached 198 pounds and yo-yoed up and down from this weight for 10 years. Having an under-active thyroid didn’t help. Thinking I could just hit the gym using the information I read from the internet, and my past experience of dance and working out, I joined the gym. I was there 6 days a week and working out 1 and a half to 2 hours a day. One hour of cardio and one hour of weight lifting. I did this for 1 month and lost a whopping 1lb. Desperate, I went to the manager of the gym and told him my struggle. He suggested I meet with a trainer.

My first experience working with a trainer was great, or so I thought. He pushed me to the point that I wanted to cry. I would go home and not be able to move for over an hour in fear of passing out or getting sick. In about 3 weeks I had lost 5lbs. I am by nature a strong person, so my trainer focused in on this. He used the philosophy of using only the large muscle groups, which in turn would cause me to burn more fat, and get faster results!

So each time we worked out we pushed the weight up more and more. And about this time in our work outs I started to notice something with his training that bothered me. He was always looking around the gym, looking for his next client or someone to talk to. I would hav to ask him, if I was doing the lifts correctly. He was late starting my work-outs, and then ended 5 minutes early. I started to feel like “just a client.” Just a payment.

My last work out with him, we jumped right into dead lifts. I did 150 pound dead lifts 10 times, then jumped down and did 10 push-ups. Ten more dead lifts and I felt a strange pull in my tail bone. He said it was nothing, not to worry about it; back to the push ups. When I got up to finish the dead lifts I couldn’t bend my knees, my legs turned to jelly. After having me do some stretches, and try a different weight lifting exercise, that I could not accomplish, he sent me home. I never heard from him again. Not even a phone call, or e-mail to see how I was. I was laid up for over 3 months, having injured the #5 and #6 discs in my spine.

After doing some light therapy with a chiropractor, and gaining back the whole 10 pounds I had finally lost, I wanted to get back in the gym. While leaving the gym I noticed the I’m Core Fit Studio sign across the parking lot, that said 10 workouts for $10 each. I thought “What a great deal!” and went home and made the phone call. My first workout with Michaelson, I immediately noticed a difference in the training. Michaelson noticed even the small things like the position of my feet and the way I ran on my toes.

The entire time I worked out Michaelson would walk around me and look at my form, correcting me as we worked. Not once did he look at the clock or look at the door as if he couldn’t wait for the session to be over. Slowly, he helped my back to heal by strengthening my core. The few times I felt pain or a pull he immediately stopped me, and either corrected something I was doing wrong, or said we were done for the day; that my body was giving signs of stress. After, Michaelson would call or e-mail to see how I was feeling, giving me some stretches to do while at home.

With my struggle of having under-active thyroid, Michaelson has helped me overcome major pitfalls in weight loss and my metabolism, having done research for me and encouraged me to do some as well. We have found different things that have helped my metabolism kick in and help me lose weight. When we would hit a wall in my weight loss, he found something else to help. Not once did he give up on me, but instead encouraged me to change my negative thinking to positive. He has helped and continues to help me from being so hard on myself, and just be proud of what I have accomplished.

One and a half years later I have lost 35 lbs, my back is stronger, and I feel better and more fit. Through this time Michaelson has never treated me as a “client.” Instead, he has become a friend, stepping into the trenches with me while keeping a very professional atmosphere. I believe Michaelson is a very rare trainer in the fact that, he truly cares more about the person rather than the “client” (pay check).

Janine Amato,

The End


Michaelson Williams,TSX, Author of True Success Naturally, I'm Core Fit, Trainwashing, and more, Editor-n-Chief at MMAP Magazine

I am the host of the True Success Xpert Podcast where I interview and sometimes am interviewed by some new age entrepreneurship. This podcast is always exciting and intriguing as the conversations cover a broad spectrum of topics.

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Never give up on your dreams, have faith in God and take actions.

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You must have faith in yourself, and in your ability to achieve or all other beliefs are weakened. You are the power of ALL there is.

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