The Michaelson Effect: Michelle's Story Of Success

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What better way to have people learn what type of person you are, then to have other people tell stories of the impact you had on their life. These stories are a bit dated, as I haven't trained clients in fitness for years now. But I believe you'll still be impacted positively by Michelle's true story, and other stories like hers. These Michaelson Effect stories are written by client's of mine over the years. My client's were asked to write about their health and fitness journey before and after working with me, Michaelson Williams. Enjoy!

Michelle's Story

The year was 2005 and I had never truly committed to exercise. Before I had a family I didn't feel the need to exercise, but by this time I'd already had two children and I was not happy with the way I looked. I was also jealous of all the other mothers who felt comfortable going to the gym. So I decided to join my first gym. But the only way I would feel comfortable in a gym, using any equipment other than the treadmill, would be with a trainer.

The first trainer I was assigned seemed good. He came across as knowledgeable, but he wasn't always 100% committed to my session. He'd take phone calls during my session. He cancelled a lot. Eventually he was fired. By the time I was assigned a second trainer I was pregnant with my third child. He also seemed pretty knowledgeable, but he certainly didn't practice what he preached, especially when it came to nutrition.

After my third child was 7 months old I joined a new gym and was assigned Michaelson as my personal trainer. From the beginning it was obvious that Michaelson definitely knew what he was talking about. He wasn't into the cookie cutter type of exercises that I'd seen a lot of other personal trainers doing with their clients. I trusted Michaelson's instruction and guidance much more than I did my previous trainers. Michaelson was also very well versed in the nutritional aspects of health and fitness, in conjunction with exercise. After he branched out on his own, I followed Michaelson to his own fitness studio.

I did have a set back over a year ago, when I had surgery to reconstruct a torn ACL. I used the rehab time as an excuse to not exercise and watch my nutrition as well as I should have. I was horrified to discover I weighed the most I'd ever been, not being pregnant. Michaelson gave me the tools and encouragement to lose the weight and come back from my injury even stronger and fitter than before. I ended up losing almost 20 pounds and have never felt better about myself.

Even though I have now been with him for over four and a half years, Michaelson still encourages me to push myself. Michaelson has made me feel strong and proud to be able to do things I never thought I could. He has turned me into a competitive person in the gym. Michaelson has always challenged me to reach beyond what I think I can do. I'm always looking to get to the top of his leader-board. Prior to Michaelson going to the gym was a chore, but now I look forward to my workouts. Because of Michaelson, health and fitness has become an integral part of my lifestyle.

Michelle Speakmaster, Proud Home Maker, Double MBA

Michaelson Williams, TSX

I am the host of the True Success Xpert Podcast where I interview and sometimes am interviewed by some new age entrepreneurship. This podcast is always exciting and intriguing as the conversations cover a broad spectrum of topics.

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