The Michaelson Effect: Marc's Story Of Success

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The Michaelson Effect: Marc's Story

What better way to have people learn what type of person you are, then to have other people tell stories of the impact you had on their life. I haven't worked with clients in a health and fitness setting for a number of years now. But these stories continue to resinate with me, and should bring you insight about me as a person. I know you are going to enjoy Marc's story, and other stories similar to his, as there are life lessons, and character building aspects, for which we all can learn. The Michaelson Effect, stories are written by client's of mine over the years. Marc was asked to write about his health and fitness journey, before, and after working with me, Michaelson Williams. Enjoy!

Marc ,

I worked out pretty regularly in college. But I was not very educated when it came to exercise. I pretty much followed my “bigger” college roommate around the gym and worked out like he did. Still, as a 6’1” guy weighing 150 lbs I did see some gains. I didn’t appreciate at the time though that I was lacking a fundamental understanding of exercise, muscle movements, and nutrition.

Flash forward 15 years (which had been pretty exercise-free) and my doctor informed me that my good cholesterol numbers are too low. By now I weighed about 165 lbs. My doctor went on to explain that aerobic exercise would help. So I began jogging. Soon enough I was bored simply jogging, so I went into the gym. I immediately found myself falling back into the same routines I remembered in college, and didn’t feel like I was making good use of my time (or money!). My wife was already working out with Michaelson, but I signed up with another trainer. I was immediately unimpressed and asked the owners if I could switch to Michaelson.

It wasn’t long after that when Michaelson left and opened I’m Core Fit. I’ve now been training with Michaelson for about two years, and it was the best decision of my life. It changed my life. In fact, I’m very proud to say that I’m an original client of Michaelson’s, at I’m Core Fit. Every workout with Michaelson is a challenge, and I’m continually amazed that after two years, he’s still creating entirely new workouts that test me body, and mind. I now weigh about 180 lbs, and the extra weight is all muscle. Michaelson’s total body approach to exercise has increased my “core” strength tremendously. I no longer suffer any lower back pain. I also have an appreciation for what I eat and when I eat. When I go into a traditional gym on my own I don’t even want to work out on the machines, knowing how much I can push myself with simply an exercise ball and my own body as resistance, for example.

The simple truth is that I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t work out with Michaelson. Nobody push-is me like him, and the I’m Core Fit model is fantastic. The gains for me have been as much mental as they are physical. I can’t recall how many times Michaelson has pushed me forward by saying “It’s all in your head Marc”. My confidence has grown tremendously. I hold myself better, head high, shoulders back and that has helped me take on new challenges (e.g. work) outside of the gym.

I’d really like to find out just how many push ups and squats I’ve performed since joining I’m Core Fit. Probably a scary high number!

Marc Farber, Network Consulting Engineer & Global Systems Engineer

Michaelson Williams, TSX

I am the host of the True Success Xpert Podcast where I interview and sometimes am interviewed by some new age entrepreneurship. This podcast is always exciting and intriguing as the conversations cover a broad spectrum of topics.

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