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0.11 BCH in a Day? Trading Journey in Benswap

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Written by   1001
1 month ago
Topics: SmartBCH, Trading, SEP2O, Tokens, BenSwap, ...

I said to my recent article about my SmartBCH Journey that I won't sell my tokens and will just hodl it until the end of time but ah, I break my promise and the other day I sold all of my $CATS because that time $CATS pump a little bit and that's where I feel the strong urge to sell it and so I did. I feel happy because I got all of it tru airdrop, some was given by a friend and the latest one is from Pvm. I have a total of 72,000 $CATS but I sell my first 3000 $CATS and then sell the remaining 69,000 $CATS last Thursday.

Selling my 69,000 $CATS give me a total of 0.316 BCH. So huge and if I will convert that into dollars as of typing this 10:47am the value was $202.06. Imagine I got it for free, just by doing a simple task liking and retweeting a short post and I got this much. And off course I won't forget Carismatic who gave me a thousand of $CATS before, such an adorable and kind kid. I am thankful to her also for sharing that twitter post telling us to join in the free drops. A reminder from her, see she's really a cute young lad.

But anyways, my $CATS journey didn't stop there because I'm seeing that this token is very volatile like one moment it will pump and then suddenly the price will go down, like he's playing with us so why not ride with it right? And that's actually a good advantage for us. Playing with it is that's a good thing to do like buying and selling or in simple word Trading. The safest kind of trade. But we're not doing it in Binance or whatever exchanger there. We just have to use the Swapping feature of Benswap and that's just it.

And you know what's more exciting? Swapping won't even cost us a huge fees because you know we're using SmartBCH here so expect for a low fees, you won't even feel it folks, hihi. So the same day that I sell my $CATS, I also buy it back because it dumps again, UwU. But I only buy 60,000 $CATS that time which cost me with only 0.222 BCH. So I hold it again, just waiting for another pump. But unlucky me coz it didn't happen that day. But it's okay, I know it will move again. I just sleep that night and then wait for it to surge up again.

And it happened, so early in the morning or 6:32AM the next day or just yesterday. I immediately open my Metamask and check the price of it. And to my surprise, am I really surprise? I think no, so that day I sell it again and as you can see in the above screenshot I got 0.274 BCH for 60,000 $CATS. What I mean sell it is, I swapped it from $CATS to BCH and that it. You just have have to confirm it and pay some fees after a second it will arrive in your wallet. And I gain a total of 0.052 BCH that time by just swapping it. I can't earn that in a day to different platform to be honest.

I think yesterday is my lucky day coz I was able to buy $CATS again. But this time the price is much more lower. If in my first purchase that day that 60,000 $CATS cost me 0.222 BCH that afternoon or 12 something PM I bought it for 0.212 BCH. If dumps really hard that time but that didn't last kong because it started to pump again. Good thing I check the price of it from time to time before it started pumping. That's why I was able to buy $CATS.

Oh Good gracious, luck is really with me yesterday coz later that day, or 10:25 PM $CATS surge up and the value of 1M $cats reach until 4.3 BCH and that's the time for me to sell again yayy. And as you can see in my screenshot from 0.212 BCh investment, I was able to sell it for 0.27 BCH. Yayyy, a big profit again yayy. I got 0.058 BCH profit so overall I earn 0.11 BCH that very day. Imagine 0.11 BCH in a day, wahhhh the power of Cryptos and it's volatility, wahhh.

I should have 0.43663 BCH in my Wallet but I use my 0.07 for AxieBCH token. So, right now I'm waiting again for $CATS to dump so thay I can enter again, hihi. But I'm waiting since yesterday but it's not moving that much, so hmm.

Just waiting......


This article has no intention to brag or what. I'm just sharing to you my trading journey in Benswap using their Swap feature. And also, how awesome SmartBCH is because I don't have to think of the huge fees by doing it over and over.

And I'm not encouraging anyone to do it too, but if you really want to try it know that DYOR is Important - DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

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September 19, 2021


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Written by   1001
1 month ago
Topics: SmartBCH, Trading, SEP2O, Tokens, BenSwap, ...
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