Earn ONE MILLION DOLLARS In Bitcoin Cash With Cashrain!

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4 months ago

Cashrain will soon start raining millions of dollars as the platform grows, Kim Dotcom announced!

As the social media booster platform Cashrain expands, it will begin distributing vast amounts of Bitcoin Cash to lucky participants each month.

The best part is it is all free! The users of Cashrain are getting paid with rains of Bitcoin Cash for following and participating in communities.

Get ready, create your Cashrain account following my invite (no referral), and begin your adventure into the most exciting platform of the decade!

And who knows?

Maybe you will be a millionaire one day by just reading Tweets and subscribing to people on YouTube!

Cashrain will be GIGANTIC. Follow my invite  or sign up on the website directly.

We briefly explain Cashrain in our story and examine the details of Kim's massive announcement regarding the million-dollar payouts!

What Is Cashrain?

(Example of the power of Cashrain, Twitter)

The next big thing is Cashrain which will revolutionize social media and platforms.

The killer app works for everyone to help expand our presence on the internet. Cashrain strengthens community bonds between content creators like YouTubers, Twitch streamers, or social media influencers with their followers.

With CashRain, community creators (and anybody else) can RAIN small or large amounts of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency on their followers either for just following them on social media and CashRain, or for performing simple tasks such as likes, subscribes, and retweets.

And the best part, it is all powered by peer-to-peer, instant transactions with low fees only Bitcoin Cash delivers.

Enter the cryptocurrency realm and start earning your way into even a million dollars.

And the best part is we need no investment. CashRain does not ask for money from anyone. It is a utility platform to support online communities.

We have previously explored Cashrain and the effect such an app has on social media, YouTube, and Twitch. Cashrain allows anyone to build a community from scratch and encourages established influencers to increase loyal followers, with support for several platforms and social media.

For more information visit these articles:

Cashrain is massive right from the beginning.

The proof is the number of views my Cashrain-related articles received so far:

The same stories outperformed in views and reading time in all platforms I republished, indicating that CashRain is indeed a killer app that will do wonders for Bitcoin Cash adoption.

Kim Announces $100k And $1 Million Payouts!!!

It will be possible to rain millions of dollars as the network effect increases.

We should expect steady growth in the number of users and communities.

Clearly, this is the beginning, and while CashRain is still building the first thousands of communities, it will need a push forward.

This stimulus will be the growth of the user base.

Having explored Cashrain since the first day of the beta, I can tell everyone reading this, they are learning early about a platform that will dominate the internet.

Within a few days after the official launch, the number of views, likes, tweets, and follows doubled since the beta stage when using Cashrain.

If this trend continues, soon we will be talking about different dynamics.

Like Kim Dotcom or not, the guy knows about network effects.

In 2012, Kim's Megaupload accounted for 1% of the total internet traffic in North America.

People needed storage space, and Kim was the first to offer it massively. Megaupload was the first internet cloud service with a vast capacity to facilitate business and retail use.

Today with Cashrain, Kim discovered another need that emerged with the rise of influencers, content creators, and their communities of fans.

Once again, it will be massive, and it is only possible with Bitcoin Cash, the censorship-resistant cryptocurrency with LOW FEES (less than $0.01) and INSTANT TRANSACTIONS.


Besides the rising userbase of Cashrain, it is important to note that Kim has more plans for the future of the platform, such as fundraising and partnerships with top influential personalities.

Closing Thoughts

CashRain is free for everyone.

Already 431 BCH have been rained to participants.

The purpose is to allow online influencers, content creators, artists, and anyone with a community to engage with their fans, provide all their links so their followers don't skip any of their platforms, and Cashrain some Bitcoin Cash as a token of appreciation.

Moreover, anyone planning to create a community of followers will get a boost when using Cashrain. Absolutely anyone can begin from scratch and reach 1,000 followers on YouTube, Twitch, among other platforms, within a couple of days.

And this is just the beginning. Soon, these numbers will grow exponentially as hundreds of thousands of new Cashrain users arrive.

Get in Cashrain now, it's risk-free, and maybe one day you might get lucky and win a $100k weekly or $1 million monthly payout when the platform grows!

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4 months ago


Joined vis your invite, - twitter - medium - cashrain. Now trying to do something.

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4 months ago

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.... Nice work

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4 months ago

Pantera, that's great that you write about almost any aspect of BCH ecosystem but why to exaggerate so much? I checked cashrain and even though it changed a bit since my last visit, it's still possible to earn cents, or with the best luck few dollars as jackpot

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4 months ago

I didn't exaggerate at all. if you want to tell that to someone you can tell that to Kim Dotcom. I didn't announce anything.

Also, where exactly did I exaggerate? Really didn't expect this comment.

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4 months ago

Maximum users are facing huge problems to joining new communities. cashrain.com administration should update policy regarding to community.. I hope that you will help us Sir.

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4 months ago

level up to level 5 and you will be able to join infinite communities

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4 months ago

Oh I see? Level up will allow us to join infinite communities? What are the requirements to be in level 5?

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4 months ago

So sad that I can't join new active communities😢but I don't loss hope ,hoping to win the jackpots🙏

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4 months ago

If you are persistent you will slowly level up. At level 5 you can join infinite communities. With time you will get there. The platform will also add tasks and missions soon and you can get XP to grow!

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4 months ago

Thanks for the info 😊I am joining your community 😘

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4 months ago

Thank you!

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4 months ago