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What You Need To Know About The Coming Waves And Airdrops!

With the CashTokens upgrade, Bitcoin Cash opened up new possibilities enhancing on-chain smart contracts, allowing decentralized finance and tokenization (FTs and NFTs) and other financial activities smart contracts enable (DEXs, DeFi, Ticketing, Prediction markets, and more).

BCH Guru turned out to be the flagship NFT collection of Bitcoin Cash as immediately the community noticed and supported the first wave of sales (2000 out of 10,000 total).

On TapSwap, the Guru NFT with the number 1 was sold for 21 BCH, while many more Gurus sold for several Bitcoin Cash!

After the successful first wave of sales (2000 NFTs for 0.1 BCH each), we anticipate the following four waves and the development of a prediction game that will be the use case for BCH Guru.

Furthermore, the project recently announced an airdrop of tokens for Guru holders.

We explore the tokenomics of the FURU token (Furunomics) and the upcoming Airdrop.

The BCH Guru Schedule: Next Waves And Airdrops

The schedule for the following months:

  • Wave 2: 2000 NFTs Gurus (August 1st)

  • Wave 3: 2000 NFTs (October 1st)

  • 1st Snapshot and Airdrop of FURU tokens (November 1st)

  • Beta launch of BCH Guru Game (Q4, 2023)

  • Wave 4: 2000 NFTs (tba)

  • Wave 5 (final wave): 2000 NFTs (tba)

  • 2nd snapshot and Airdrop of FURU tokens (tba)

The first snapshot is scheduled on November 1st, 2023, and the beta release of the game is for Q4 2023.

Addresses holding BCH Guru NFTs will receive an amount of $FURU tokens to collections finished and various traits.

Furu Token Airdrop


FURU tokens will be airdropped exclusively to BCH Guru NFT holders only, there will be no other direct way to obtain FURU tokens (unless FURU token holders themselves actively trade them).

Owners of FURU tokens will be the first ones to use the price prediction game on BCH Guru during its beta testing. The beta testing will be available exclusively for FURU owners.

One NFT qualifies for 10,000 FURU tokens. Still, a multiplier is also used, that will reward collectors by increasing the amount significantly.

Once the game is released, both FURU and Bitcoin Cash holders will be eligible.

On the BCH Guru stats page, we locate the multiplier of our collection and the total number of FURU tokens we will receive during the snapshot.

The multiplier table also describes the total number of FURU tokens BCH Guru owners will receive.

NFT holders who completed collections get better multipliers than the rest.

NFTs listed on TapSwap will probably not be eligible and will not receive the airdrop.

You receive more FURU tokens the stronger your collection is under one address (up to the first 200 Guru NFTs).

This detail will also matter since the rewards from the airdrop will be much better when holding the Gurus in one address.

The multiplier is valid for up to 200 NFTs, so BCH Guru whales will need to split their collections into addresses containing 200 Gurus each if they plan to fully utilize the FURU airdrop to their advantage and receive the maximum tokens.

FURU Supply:

It is still early, so we can't have the exact data on the total supply of FURU tokens since the total distributed will adjust to the multiplier of each address.

While theoretically, as BCH Guru suggests, the supply could be 1,294,960,000 FURU, the actual amount will be much less.

After the end of the second airdrop (Q4 2023), the Guru team will burn the remaining amount, with all the FURU tokens distributed as an airdrop (the team will not maintain tokens). 

The total fixed supply of FURUs will be revealed at that point.

The token will be tradeable, so we should expect a listing on a DEX (perhaps Cauldron DEX).

BCH Guru will not provide liquidity on the marketplace. However, other FURU token holders may choose to trade their tokens and provide their own liquidity should they wish.

The market will decide the price of FURU.

FURUs use case will be in the price prediction game. The use of FURU tokens will apply with no blockchain fees in the Guru platform.

How To Participate

The first wave ended within 22 hours, but we should expect Wave 2 of BCH Gurus to end even faster.


  • Create a CashTokens address from supporting wallets:

    Paytaca Wallet

    Electron Cash,


    - Zapit

    (currently these wallets support CashTokens)

  • Buy NFTs at nfts.bch.guru/purchase (On August, 1st - Wave 2)

  • Use your Cashtokens address to receive the NFTs

  • You can pay using any Bitcoin Cash wallet (Do NOT pay from exchange)

So, what you got to do is create a new Bitcoin Cash address, but it has to be for CashTokens, as not all wallets support the upgrade currently, use this address as the receiving address on BCH Guru when the next Wave of NFTs begins, and pay using any Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Your Gurus will appear instantly in your CashTokens address, and you can browse them in various ways (Cashonize, BCH Guru's explorer, TapSwap, etc.)

TapSwap.cash also contains rarity stats, although the rarity of Gurus depends on several traits and combinations, so these stats may not be indicative 100%.

The floor price on TapSwap.cash is currently 88% higher than the first wave, at 0.188BCH, while volumes are steady and increasing.

In Conclusion

Hold Gurus on your CashTokens address to receive $FURU tokens airdrop.

Four waves remain of 2000 NFTs each, with the price increasing by 0.02BCH every wave. In total, 10,000 Guru NFTs will exist.

We don't know if any NFTs will become as valuable and popular as Crypto Punks, BAYC, or Azuki, as something like that will require tremendous support and extremely large trading volumes.

Still, we can assume that within the next few months, we will have a project on Bitcoin Cash showcasing the capabilities of the CashTokens upgrade.

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