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Free From Hell

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1 year ago

Thank you @bbyblacksheep for tagging me in this writing challenge. When I read her article, I went on imagining the debts that we have, our credit card usage, and so on. Our debts are for our family business, our housing, and our car mortgage, I felt like it would take a while before my husband and I could be financially free! However, I am also glad that at this point of life, we are insured as well as my baby so whatever would happen to us, we know that our baby will be able to live at least debt-free but with enough money to send him to school and get a good life. Having policies made us secured at least here on earth.

However, the type of freedom that I would like to deal with today is about being free from hell. It's not related to money but it is important for you, myself, and everyone living human. 

It may sound scary, yes hell is scary. Have you ever thought about how it felt like to be in that nonstop fire with undying worms crawling in your skin into your nostrils and ears? I couldn't even barely imagine, just the thought of a fly moving in my arm is very irritating, left alone a worm, the worst thing is that they won't die! And this is FOREVER!

But although it sounds so sad and fearful, there's a hope, a glimpse of light in that dark scary truth, but this hope is only for those who are living. I would like to be straightforward and real, there's only heaven and hell, nothing in between! So, it is most important to prepare for our eternity because our time here in this world is short, we are like a mist, we may be healthy today but dead in the next hour or minute. Tomorrow is not a guarantee, tomorrow is only a gift we hope we'd see but today, we have to focus on what's important, more than anything in this world, it is to prepare for our FOREVER, our ETERNITY.

Holy and Just

Let us first check, why is there a hell? Is this even real? Many people and even churches try to avoid the topic of hell.

Hell is true and many are somehow destined to go there. I was destined to. Everyone who sins as the Bible says, the wages of sin is death.

Do you know that humans were ought to live forever together with God to govern the world but because of sin, death came. But the second death is spiritual and if we miss preparing for our eternal life, we may experience the second death too!

While God is merciful and loving, He is also holy and just. He will punish sin and He had prepared hell for those who reject Him.


No one, not even a single one is perfect. Everyone sins, including the person you look up to, including your church leader, your parents. We live in a fallen world and no matter what we do, we sin every day.

Sin doesn't have a category. There's no small or big sin, every act that is contrary to God's standard is a sin. Our law in this land has been created by God, yes He is the base of everything, these laws have been made that we distinguish what is right and what is wrong, what is a sin.

We fall short in the glory of God, our presence is like a dirty rug compared to His holiness thus we can't survive when we face Him.

Someday, every one of us will surely face His judgment throne. How would we escape hell?


Again, thinking about hell is scary, most people refuse to think it's real. Most people neglect this truth but this is the truth. The Bible has everything revealed to us including this fiery lake. This huge place is set aside for every sinner. You and I are both sinners, no one is exempted and our destination is to this lake of fire, undying heat, undying worms, unending agony, we don't want to be in that position.

Thankfully, there's a way out. Yes, that is the good news! There's a way out of this penalty and that's Jesus. God sending His Son to take this penalty from us by dying on the cross of Calvary, saving us from the pit of hell and renewing us to be born again spiritually, our spirits are dead but once we believe in faith that Jesus came into our world, God incarnate, he lived, died and has been resurrected by God, we have skipped hell.

Does it sound too good to be true? 

Our God is full of grace, He gives hope and this blessed hope in Christ is what keeps us away from hell. Jesus frees us from hell. Once we get to face God in the afterlife, He doesn't see the filthy rug sinner that we are but the glory of Christ instead. He sees a righteous man, it is not because of us, of our doing, of our good works, of our righteousness but because of Christ and what He did for our salvation.

Free From Hell

Many might laugh at this and would feel this is only a legend but if this is not true, and hell is not true, then this belief won't hurt me at all. But if this is real and heaven and hell are real, then this decision affects my eternity, and yours too.

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the proving of things not seen. Believe today that you can be free from Hell through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. He is the only way, He is the only salvation. Jesus' coming into the earth to save us is good news that we must share with everyone.

Sooner or later, our time will come, physical death will take our physical bodies but securing our eternity, our spirits are what truly matters. So, prepare for your eternity. Choose to believe! Believe in JESUS CHRIST!


This is my article for JonicaBradley's writing challenge, Writing Prompt #1: Freedom.

I am tagging  @keeneek@CarlosAndJane@MizLhaine@jjeeppeerrxx143@LykeLyca, and @Fexonice1

Challenge rules:

  1. Write about Freedom

  2. Write 100% original content

  3. Write at least 600 words

  4. Tag JonicaBradley

  5. Have fun!


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Written by   324
1 year ago
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Thanks for the tag dai. Will try to join this challenge.

Thinking about Hell makes me shiver jud. But I believe in God, the Father, Christ, the Son -- the Savior, and in the Holy Spirit. :) Impossible kaayu na mahimu tang holy and dili makakasala, and we are all blessed that Jesus washed away our sins through His blood.

Reading your post dai, it reminds me of the recent two movies that I've watched: (1) Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds and (2) Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days. These movies, too, remind me of Inferno by Dante Alighieri. Ang movies dai, naa na sa Netflix. Makalook back jud ka ba sa mga nahimu nimu before anang duha ka movies.

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1 year ago

uy will check those movies sa netflix dai..salamat sa recommendation.. maybe nice sad na nga blog idea ang movie reviews...

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1 year ago

Aw. I'm speechless!

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

I do believe in heaven, hell and even purgatory. While I was reading this, I was reminded of Robin Williams, What Dreams May Come. Since the first time I have watched it when I was in college during one of our lectures, I cannot forget about it. That's why as much as possible I try to be a good person and always asks for forgiveness whenever I have done something bad.

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1 year ago


I was tagged first by bbyblacksheep and I thought it was about financial freedom, thanks that you have pointed out freedom from damnation, truly a very important message everyone must know.

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1 year ago

Looking forward to your freedom article. 😉 any kind of freedom that you want have or have achieved.

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1 year ago

Thanks so much for participating! I'm glad you are insured to ensure your children are well taken care of is anything were to happen to you. It is also good you are carrying for your spiritual selves as well.

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1 year ago