The Way you Look into my Eyes makes me Smile

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The way the eyes move seems like it's glowing. The lips look fixed in an upward curve at the moment. Several reasons may come into your mind, but no, I'm not crazy just by smiling alone. I have reasons, and here's what they are.

"Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts." - Paramahansa Yogananda

Have you ever experienced smiling because of an unknown reason? Or just let me put it this way. Did you ever suddenly smile out of the blue, and then someone noticed it? Others might think something they should not think about, but yeah, it is something strange, right?

There are just those times where I can't help but smile. Which in turn becomes a giggle then turns into a laugh that becomes louder and louder. For some reason, it may usually happen when we are watching a comedy film or something on social media that are indeed funny. Other people around you may laugh at you because you seem to be going crazy because of smiling or laughing alone. But hey, that's normal, and I think you've done it once or more!

But what are the reasons why it happens?

Before laying down my own answers for the given question above, I want you to know that the reasons I am going to share are partly based on my experiences. It may or may not be related to your own experience. 

First reason: Smile is Contagious

Whenever I see someone smiling, especially at me, my lips automatically form that upward curve. I think it is one way of showing kindness or making the serious atmosphere a little bit lighter.

Second reason: Memories from the past suddenly popped up in mind

I believe that all of us, no matter what kind of circumstances or challenges we have gone through, have had experiences in the past that have really given us joy in our lives.

Sometimes, I just remember something in the most unexpected time and situation. There is also a time where a very funny memory enters into my mind in the middle of a discussion. My classmates laughed at me as if they think that my mind traveled to another place. But I just pretend nothing happened. They also smile if they want to, lol.

Third: You see your crush

You've probably shivered a bit as well when you see your crush, especially if you are a girl. And if you were a man, you put a big smile on your face and told your tropa that your crush has just passed by in front of you and even wave a hand at you with a very sweet smile on her face. Even if a person does not admit this thing, their eyes can't lie.

Fourth reason: Watching something funny on a phone or any other device

Sometimes when I'm watching something on my phone, especially when browsing on social media, there are those short clips that catch my attention. I can't help but watch them, and I really can't stop smiling or laughing, especially if the clip is a funny video. Sometimes I look like a fool, but hey, it is one of my definitions for happiness. 

Closing Thoughts:

Just because you smile alone doesn't mean you are crazy. There may be just things that bring a different feeling, where you will suddenly just smile due to the reasons mentioned above or other factors. As long as you don't step on anyone, just keep going. Don't give in to what others have to say because they don't know much about your real life. If they find it something crazy, don't mind them, lol.

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isang bagay lang umagaw sa atensyon kong tinitigan ko talaga kahit nasa social media. kada nakikita koyun nakangiti rin ako saka tatawa na parang kinikilig. HAHA weird

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I was very busy but I managed to finish it hehe. Just leave it here your thoughts. :)

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