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2 years ago

Recently I bought a book about productivity. The first time I saw the advertisement for the book, I instantly wanted to have it. So after checking if my budget allows me another book purchase, I closed the deal with the seller. 

My new book!

For more than a year now, I have been writing a manuscript about finding purpose in your daily routine and how not to get bored with it. I have this hunch that this book might be a good reference for the manuscript I'm working on. If not, at least I can apply the hacks to my personal life. 

So after reading a few pages from my prized possession, I'd like to share some of the hacks I find most helpful, so far. Allow me to elaborate the points based on how I see it:  

Plan your week on a Sunday night

A productive week starts not on the first day of work but the weekend prior. Before you face Monday, decide what you want to accomplish the Sunday night before it. You may even schedule how you will do and divide the tasks you have for the rest of the week. It will be better if you have your weekly goals written so you are guided and better equipped.

Prep. Prep. Prep.

Each night before you take a sleep, prepare all the things you need for the following day. Arrange your bag and have it hanged near the door, prepare your essentials and pack it early. Decide which food you will eat for breakfast or you will bring to lunch. Have your clothes hanged and ready. This will not only save you time in the morning but will help you focus on much more important things such as breakfast and exercise or even your morning meditation. 

Start the day with water

Instead of rushing right to your morning coffee, start the day with water instead. While we are sleeping, we lose our body fluids and we are unable to rehydrate since we are asleep. This is why sometimes we feel parched and dehydrated when we wake up. If we drink coffee right away, then we are not refueling our body, because caffeine is a natural diuretic that dehydrates us more. So drink water first. Rehydrate. Afterward, shift to your favorite coffee.

Eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kickstarts our metabolism, helping our body think that it is time to do serious work. A good meal in the morning makes us more productive and keeps us from thinking about food until lunchtime. There's even this saying that at breakfast, we should eat like a king; lunchtime as a prince; dinner as a pauper. I guess this makes sense. At night, we have no physical activities to burn our excess calories, unlike in the morning.

Keep your alarm clock away so you can't hit that snooze button

This practical tip spares us from the dangerous "just another five minutes" sleep. We think that we get that extra sleep when we hit the snooze button, but we are just resetting our sleeping pattern, that's why we feel like we are tired when we wake up. Those extra minutes can be used for our morning routine and breakfast, which we do not usually have time for. To get those extra sleep, might as well sleep earlier and refrain from watching movies or playing mobile games through midnight. 

Create a visual chain of consistency

Monitor your progress towards your goal. Each day, you tick off your checklist that you are doing something productive. It helps in conditioning your mind to success as well as in developing a much-needed habit of being productive. For example, your goal is to be consistent in your blogging, then create a habit by monitoring your progress daily. Mark each day on the calendar that you are working towards that goal.

Kickstart the morning with exercise

Exercising in the morning sets up your body, keeps your blood moving and your mind awake and ready for action. You don't have to have an intensive workout - a simple fifteen-minute walking or jogging will do. Doing this will set your mood for a productive day ahead!

I'm just a few pages on my book and I already am gleaning practical gems from my book. I'm looking forward to more hacks I will discover soon.

Do you have any productivity hacks to share? Comment down below!

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2 years ago


Finally, nakita ko rin sa Shopee Mall yung libro na yon. By the way, thank you for sharing those productive hachs and some of them are useful to my eveeyday life.

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2 years ago

Magkano sa shopee? :)

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2 years ago

200 sa national bookstore na seller

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2 years ago