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He knows, what should I do?

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1 month ago

Things happen so fast, I didn't even remember and I didn't know why I did those kind of thing. We drink so much until I didn't what's happening the moment I gain consciousness, I'm at a room naked next to a man I didn't know the name. I panic and didn't know what to do. He's still sleeping, he's still sleeping, I took my clothes and wore it. I then get out of the room and pretend nothing happen. It's humiliating for a girl to d those thing with the man he didn't know the name. I hope he doesn't remember my face.

I left him out hoping that he doesn't remember what happen this night. It's not that I'm not in love with him, but it's humiliating to do especially when my friends know about it. I pretend nothing happen and there I saw christine in the beach, she's having a coffee and holding his head (she sure has a hang over) when she saw me she immediately run towards me with a worry in her face.

Christine : what happen to you? Are you okay? Where did you go?

Me: chill, nothing bad happen to me, I just went to the beach concert last night

Christine: you scared me to death. You know that your parents gonna kill me if something happen on you?

Me: I'm so sorry, lol chill out. Don't mind it.

(Charles enter the conversation)

Charles: heyy heyy! Is there a chance you saw carl?

Me: who's carl?

Christine: wait, carl is also not here last night?

Charles:yeah, I'm looking for him for whole night, he's kinda introvert so I'm looking for him

So he's carl, what a nice name hehe. But, what if... Noo, he mustn't let's just wish he don't. After an hour carl then went to us, we were eating that time when charles drag my hand,

Charles: carl this is Jofralyn "lyn" for short and lyn this is Carl. Now get out of here and talk to each other

I was like, what the hell was happen?. But then, when I look at him he's staring at me like he saw a ghost. He remember everything...what? What now ? What should I do? I can't pretend that nothing happen. As Charles said. We seated near to the corner side. I don't know what to do, he's not even talking. He's a shy type man? Why that's cute! I love it. I then told myself that I should take responsibility for what I have done and continue what I started. He's not gonna start the conversation so I should. But the atmosphere is too tense. What should I do? I must start it in a funny way.

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Me: are we just gonna sit here and pretend nothing happened?

Carl: what? Wait, noo, I mean, I'm sorry about what happen last night gonna take responsibility on it.

(Did he just? Stutter? Lol 😆 I'm falling inlove with him, I like his type)

Me: hahahahaah you're funny. I just said few words to teased you but you messed up.

(He's very shy that he can't look at my face, after what happen? You can't look at me? Lol. )

Me: you're cute. Let's be friends, Kayyy?

He just nod at me then smile. I offered my hand for him. And we then hand shake. We just talk for the whole time. It's my first time being open to the boy for my life. I feel like all what I will gonna said even my secrets are safe with him. We talk to each others exchanging ideas, and even Identity. When he get silent in teasing him about what happen last night. He told me not to talk too loud about it because people will judge us. When I'm roaming my eyes I'm seeing charles and christine on the other side looking at us with a huge smile on their face. I bet they're shipping me and carl (louder!!! Make carl hear you voice!!). The vacation party ended so fast. We then gave farewell to each other with a last cheers! For us all.

While I'm riding at the van, I can't rid off carl in my head. Especially what happened that night. Am I really that girl? Aaahhhhhhhh get off get off get off my head. But I miss him so fast. I can't sit properly in my sit I kept on moving and changing position until christine talk to me.

Christine: you'll gonna stop moving when you started texting him

Me: huhh? Ehhh? Whoo? What? What??

(Christine burst in laugh)

Christine: no need to drop his name! We have the same braincells. It's carl!!!!

Me: ehhhh? What should I say? I don't know what to sayyyyyy

Christine: give me your phone!(he grab it before finishing her words) let me see it. Daheck? You took a picture of him when they arrive here?

Me: ahhhhhh give me my phone, give it back that's just an accident

Christine: accident or not, you still did and it's not even deleted. Let the master handle your problem Kayyy?

Me: okayyy, but don't make it bold that I like her please 🥺

Christine: trust me, it will work. (She then send all the pictures that I took ) and Said I'm looking forward to meet you, let's go out" 

Me: I told you not to make it bold(╥﹏╥)

Christine: you're questioning the master? Chill out.

Christine: I told you to calm down, he will not gonna reply to you right now. Wait till he get home. Maybe he's sleeping.

I don't know what happen, christine just did everything. I don't know if she have done, will gonna help me or it will gonna ruin the timing. I'm crying in here, please reply asap. My body is exhausted yet my minds still waiting for your reply. Unconsciously I fall asleep. When I wake up I immediately open my inbox yet no reply for you but just a seen. He have no feelings for me, he's not interested on me, maybe it's a karma for what I have done to a lot of boys back then. I then went straight home with a disappointment in my shoulder.

Closing Thoughts...

Helloo hello there my fellow readers and writers Its me Once again your lazy writer lazysnail.ahhhh I'm actually planning not to finish this episode 3 because you know? Today is 17 and that means it's my 3 month here in read cash. Yesss it is a 3rd Monthsary with him. I'm so happy. and that not only what to celebrate in 17th of a month. You know what you know what? Wanna know what? 17 is mahh badii and I monthsary day hahahahaha. I spend half of my day with her. Aackkkk. 17 is my favourite number.

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Written by   153
1 month ago
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Dami celebrations hehe. Enjoy and congrats!

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1 month ago

What? Did she just assume or Carl told it to her face? Nexttttt 🤩.

Anyways, Happy Monthsary sa inyo ni, road to 4 month then Anniversary na agad. Congratsuuu.

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1 month ago


Through her face, lol. I can't imagine their reaction in my imagination lol. Thank you po ate ruffaaaa

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1 month ago

This is the reason why other writers think that you're a female Snail because the way you write and express your feelings towards the story sounded like a girl hihi. I find it so cute omaygdaaahhhh! Happy monthsarryy to youuu and your baddii 💗

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1 month ago

Hahahahaha, that's one reason din po and I know it. Ang kyut lang po KAsi, and I feel more free when I write an article in this way. Unlike the male snail who's more formal and professional. Thank you poooo

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1 month ago

I was hooked on the story and I can't wait for the next part... congratulations to you on your 3months on readcash. Indeed there are good stories to tell..

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1 month ago

Thank youu thank you so much, unfortunately I can't publish an article today because of being so busy this whole day. I'm looking forward to see you on my next story

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1 month ago

Ouch it's hurt. The guy only seen her not even one reply. You are a great writer snail.❤️

Happy 3 months here in!🎉 Happy monthsary to your Badi!❤️ Stay strong both...🙏

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1 month ago

Funny arguments. Enjoyed it.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Naks! Double celebration, lodi Snail! Congrats!

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1 month ago