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Why We Should Not Treat Noisecash Like Twitter

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2 months ago

Why We Should Not Treat Noisecash Like Twitter

If you are new to NoiseCash, you will see its resemblance to Twitter. And if you Google (or search using Duck Duck Go) for reviews on NoiseCash, most review authors would describe this platform as similar to Twitter! 

Even my first post about was titled "Why Tweet When You Can Make Noise!" 

However, as I continue to use the platform, a lot of changes and improvements were implemented. 

And a question popped up in my mind…

Should we continue treating noise?cash like Twitter? 

Hello, noises and readers. It's the 11th of July. In my post, "5 Gigantic Mistakes People Are Making In Noise",  the number 1 mistake in my list was "Noise is NOT Twitter"

  • In the first part of this post, I will explain further Why We Should Not Treat Noise.Cash Like Twitter.

  • The next part is a list of suggestions on What You Should Not Post, And What To Minimize from Posting. 

  • And the last part will contain some suggestions on HOW TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR POSTS.


Before I continue, a little disclaimer first. The content of this post is based on my experience in Noise and my understanding of the rules on the quality post. This is purely my own opinion. Thus, Noise.Cash admin may agree or disagree with the contents of this post.

I- Why We Should Not Treat Noisecash Like Twitter

°Noise.Cash pays us for our content while Twitter EARNS MONEY from our content

We all know that we get tips for our content in while we get nothing from Twitter. On the contrary, Twitter earns millions of dollars a year from our content and we get nothing.

Noise is receives tips from their content. Image source: unsplas

Noisecash requires original and quality content, Twitter does not.

Twitter doesn't seem to care if your post is original or copied. It doesn't even care about quality. You can post about anything that crosses your mind. Why? The more you post, the more you tell them about yourself, and they make money out of that information.

In, users receive tips for their content. From what I have seen, the more informative the posts, the higher the tips they receive. This, noise cash rewards the original and informative posts better.

Short and effortless posts are considered low-quality in short posts like

  •  "Good morning/ afternoon/evening", 

  • " listening to my favorite music" is effortless and has no value at all. 

  • Photos, no matter how beautiful they are, with very short descriptions like "beautiful sunset". " a flower from my garden" is also considered effortless and of low quality.

Copied content is not welcome in Did I mention the platform requires ORIGINAL content?

II- What You Should Not To Post, And What To Minimize from Posting.

What NOT to post.

  • Copied content. This includes photos, articles -part or whole. Even if you credit the source but you don't add any thoughts of your own, that is still plagiarism.  (Read: What You Should Know About Plagiarism)

  • Never post content from Wikipedia! We all have access to Wikipedia.

  • Quotes WITHOUT crediting the original author and without adding some thoughts of your own.

  • Photos with no or very short description.

  • Short text like greetings or posting what you are doing at the moment. 

  • Posting the same content again and again.

  • Anything that can be done within 10 seconds. Specifically, anything that can be done with - CTRL-A, CTRL-C, CTRL-V, sequence. Wait, did I say don't post copied content already?

  • Anything that violates the platform's rules.

What You Should Minimize From Posting

There are posts that would look interesting at first, but if more than 80 percent of your posts are of the same subject and you post ten of them per day, chances are, your followers/subscribers will leave you. Here are some examples.

  • Your breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning snacks, afternoon snacks, midnight snacks, post-midnight snacks, etc… This is the reason why I try to avoid logging in to during lunchtime, more than half of posts that I see are food with a description "lunchtime, let's eat".

Source: unsplash
  • Photos of the same flower that you have already posted, yesterday, the day before, and a month before… (err… can a flower last that long?)?

Anyways, I think you get the idea.

III -How To Improve The Quality Of Your Posts.

Note: These are just my opinion. And as one fat orange cat once said:

" Everybody is entitled to my own opinion" - Garfield

  • Exert more effort in each post! 

  • Be creative in each post.

  • Give your subscribers something of value, like something they can learn, or something that would at least brighten their day.

  • If you are posting quotes, add some reflection or your reaction to that quote.

  • If you want to share content for another site,  share the link, not the content. And add your reaction to that content.

Read more of my suggestion here: What Makes A Good Content

Final Thought

Before you make your next post, please think first if you are giving something of value to your channel or subscribers.

Don't just post for the sole purpose of earning tips!

Exert some effort on each post!

Stop Tweeting in Noise! 

Thank your for reading.

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Written by   85
2 months ago
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Wahahahaha! The food. Guilty! Pero minsan lang naman kapag maganda yung pagkakakuha ko sa pagkain namin. Natawa ako sa flower. Napaisip ako kung same flower ba ako pero alam ko naman hindi. Very well said Kuya ArtBytes. Pero sasabihin ko lang ulit eh nangati buong katawan ko after doon sa higad na post mo kanina tapos nagkataon tinitigan ko pa pati yung higad ko. Argh. Ayaw talaga. Feeling ko gang ngayon may gumagapang sa balat ko. 😖

$ 0.05
3 weeks ago

Ngayon ko lang nabasa comment mo. Heheh. Sowwyyy. Ok lang yung mag post ng foodie paminsan minsan. Nagpopost din ako ng pagkain once in a while. Pero me kasamang kwento. Hindi yung 'eto lunch ko ngayon, kain tayo' hehe

$ 0.00
3 days ago

Nung shinare ng kapatid ko samin yung, the goal is just to earn. But I realized that I've been spending some time in kahit browsing lang with other posts. It's less toxic than Twitter and Facebook noh.

$ 0.00
3 days ago

True. Ako bihira nang mag FB. Ang twitter ko, im slowly cleaning up my "following"

$ 0.00
3 days ago

Great advice. I would add don’t post too much. If someone posts too often, I unfollow them. I want to see and hear from different people, not just one all the time 😅

$ 0.00
1 month ago

That is true. I would do that too. And I think I will start unfollowing also those who keeps posting foodies during mealtime. Hehe

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Yes, not my favourite either. It’s nice to see a nice special meal once in a while, but every day is too much 😅

$ 0.00
1 month ago

True. Once in a while I post some foodies. But not every time I eat. Usually I post only those food that I think others would find exotic... Or if I have a story behind that food.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Great approach! I do the same ☺️

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Actually Noise cash is better because you can post more than Twitter character limits and you also earn from your posts. Haha. I love Noise cash!!! :D

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Among username mo dun?

$ 0.00
2 months ago

This is true. is very much different from Twitter, but many people misunderstand it. Thanks for the tips on quality posts.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I like the thoughts especially the first on the list. You have a point.

$ 0.00
2 months ago