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Few of my favorite things...

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2 months ago

July 24, 2021

Hello readers!

Rain is making a lovely sound again on our roof and I remember one of the scene in the movie "The sound of musics" where the kids runs into their nanny's room because of the thunder and lightning. And then they started singining this song. You may play the video for you to understand what I'm blabbing out here... LOL

And since the weather is still gloomy not that I'm complaining because I love it when it's gloomy and cold, let me share with you some of my favorite things just like what they did while singing.

But hey, I'm not thinking of this because I am sad or anything it is just that the song inspired me to write about few of my favorite things and it will also lift up my mood though honestly that bed of mine that I just made keeps on whispering to me that it would be nice if i'll hopped into in and cuddle with my pillows.

Let's start listing down and get over with this

Coffee and tea

I love coffee in the morning. I love it brewed with cream and no sugar and if I'm lucky I want my brewed coffee with hazelnut. When it comes to tea I like the ones that are fruit flavored. What I have now it the passionfruit, mango and orange tea of twinings.


I love pancakes. I loved the fluffy type of pancake with maple syrup and some fruits. what kind of fruits? It can be banana, strawberry or peaches nope, no apples I don't like apple that the least that I'll put in my pancake if ever. I also love it with sausages.

colored pencils

I love to color ever since I was a kid and I don't like just primary colors, I want all the varieties of color that can produce so many shades when you use it. Right now I have 127 colored pencils but its a combination of prisma colored pencil and faber castell and yes I still want to buy that prisma color that has 150 colored pencils. That's how I like colored pencils.

Dark chocolates

I can give you all the milk and white chocolates but not the dark chocolates LOL and you can even have that big toblerone, that big kisses but not that Ghirardeli dark chocolate with mint, not the Lindt 95% cocoa, not the timtam dark chocolate and not the Whittaker's Dark Ghana. You can all have the other chocolates except for the dark chocolates.


Just like with chocolates, I can give you all those bangles and necklaces but not the earrings. I love earrings so much that you can only borrowed it but you cannot keep it. And yes, you can have those stud earrings but not the dangling ones. If you want to know how much I loved earrings you can check it in this article collections

Of course the wonderful people on these block are part of my favorites too if you want to know why check out their articles and you'll know why


I love sweets that's why stop being sweet to me unless you want me to fall in love with you. LOL I really do love sweets especially cakes any kind of cakes except for sansrival. If you want me to remember you all my life give that moist chocolate to me or that burnt cheesecake. If you want me to forget you as soon as you give me that cake give me the sansrival LOL. I don't like buttery taste cake and one of my ex loves that sansrival so much that's why i don't like more. Oh and because I love cake so much I also do baking my own cake if you want to check the no bake cheesecake that I made you can check it here My version of no bake cheesecake


Any kind of flowers. Flowers never fails to make me smile whether I'm happy or sad it can make me smile. You want me to have a good day? send me those flowers and my day would be filled with smiles.


Beach calms all the noise in my mind. It relaxes my body, it frees me from daily stress. Just a thought of going to the beach makes me happy, it thrills me and it releases all the happy hormones in my body.

These are just few of my favorite things that can make me happy and can make me forget all the worries in life. I still have a long list and I think I'll never finish tonight if I'm going to put it all here. And yes, I love watching movie, i love reading, I love traveling, I love being with nature and I will never finish this article if will keep on adding those things that I want.

What about you? What are your favorite things that can make you forget all the worries of life? Share it here and let's get to know each other more. And maybe someday if we'll get a chance to meet in the real world we can spend some time doing or sharing those things that we love.

All images and words are all mine unless source are stated.

Thanks for your time reading this article, if you enjoy reading it hope you're gonna click that button to like and subscribe. You may also drop a comment down below so we can talk for a bit. By the way, hope you can also visit the articles of my amazing sponsors they have wonderful articles that you'll have fun reading.

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Written by   238
2 months ago
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