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BTC vs. BCH: You Haven't Heard THIS Before!

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1 year ago

Forget the usual arguments. Forget the low fees, no segwit, and all of those arguments you hear and read over and over again.

Today I bring you DEFINITIVE PROOF that BCH is superior and I don't need to quote the whitepaper.

Yes, you probably know by now the usual prayer:

  • BCH Scales On-Chain;

  • BCH Doesn't Have Segwit;

  • BCH is Usable;

  • BCH has Low fees;

  • BCH is Bitcoin.

I know it, you know it, it's our mantra in this community and what made us choose this platform in the first place.


I can guarantee most of you never heard this argument because it's an argument ahead of its time - it's an argument everyone knows but nobody mentions.

Well, today I'm going to DECISIVELY show you and remind you all of our most powerful argument of all - so read below if you are ready to get some fresh material that will further shame BTC Maxis everywhere.

Getting Out of the Tunnel: How Most Are Stuck in Tunnel Vision!

This is the biggest problem for most of us... heck, even I get tunnel vision from time to time and focus too much on the small things.

Not only that, we blockchain and crypto men are usually very given to technical stuff and forget that everything we love:

  • Life;

  • Economy;

  • Social Developments;

  • Quality of Life;

  • Freedom;

  • Enjoyment;

  • Voluntaryism...

...etc, etc...

These variables are all ORGANIC!

So, we should stop focusing too much on the usual arguments, and look beyond that - we should stop looking at the tools and look to the end goal...

...and this is where I started leaving my own little tunnel and saw beyond.

The Real-World Impact of BTC and BCH is Radically Different!

The Real-World Impact of BTC: Fattening Fat Cats, a Token for the System!

The BTC maximalist is a curious creature...

For all of his talk about being counter-system, he supports a token that aims to perpetuate it and moves to become an inherent part of it as well.

Why do I say this?

Well, let's look at the real impact of BTC:

  • It Keeps Poor People and Unbanked People Out;

  • It Enriches the Pockets of Whales, Titan Exchanges, and Elon Musk (among others).

  • It Promotes Blind Speculation;

  • It Is Becoming More and More Centralized: Making moves that are slowly making it the current system with extra steps (Lightning Network, etc...);

  • It is Used Worldwide... to speculate, and only by the rich (a retail investor gets better returns in other Alts - BTC being an alt and all).

So, what is the real-world impact of BTC?

What is it that BTC delivers to our organic values and the real world out there?

It is a speculating asset, just for the rich, which is enriching the rich and that is slowly becoming the same thing it was made to destroy... but becoming even worse by adding inefficiency!

Now, what happens if we look beyond again, but this time with BCH?

The Real-World Impact of BCH: Food, Banking, Freedom, Shelter, Survival, and Quality of Life for the Average Man!

If we apply the same system to BCH, we can clearly see everything that Bitcoin is doing for the real world.

Bitcoin Cash is helping people all over the world in real-life situations.

  • It feeds people;

  • It shelters people;

  • It provides liberty to people;

  • It connects people;

  • It provides quality of life for the everyday man;

  • It is walking AWAY from the current statism backed system;

  • It exchanges the culture of Scarcity for the culture of Abundance;

  • It saves lives!

  • It furthers education!

  • It helps people work their jobs!

...and much, much more.

The real use-cases are endless.

But do you know what?

I'm sure people will just say that what I'm writing is a load of crap, and although this article is long already, I'll spend my whole day here because I really want to drive these points across!

So, without further ado - I'll offer DEFINITIVE PROOF of EVERYTHING I'M SAYING!

Bitcoin Cash Feeds People: Nourishing the Starving

Bitcoin Cash is being used all over the world to save people from starvation and is feeding thousands of souls.

Due to the nature of the blockchain which is FOR the people, people who are less fortunate or even unbanked can access it and change their lives, sometimes getting help in life or death situations.

There are hundreds of examples like this, but after around 10 minutes of searching I found this:

In this post, @Charmy tells us that after a month in quarantine, she had nothing to eat and needed to resort to BCH to buy 10 kg of rice.

She did it and was able to feed her family.

A tale of how her hard work paid off and how the system had a real use case for her.

Well done!

If it was with BTC, I'm sure the tale wouldn't be the same... a BTC-based makes no sense due to the fees, and she wouldn't have her earnings - let alone the amount to pay the fees to withdraw them... but I did say I'd skip the technicalities.

Bitcoin Cash Shelters People: BCH is Home for Many

The Mexican BCH community is a fine example of this one.

The crisis in Mexico due to the financial system, corruption, and pandemic made it so that a lot of shelters aren't adequate for their inhabitants anymore.

Once again, BCH came to the rescue where FIAT or even BTC couldn't. BCH, the token of the people, was used in a lot of ways to provide shelter to many.

Recently, I even stumbled upon a post where this was evident.

In this post, @MexicoBCH goes over how they helped their local shelters and even stocked them up with:

  • 80 KG all-purpose detergent

  • 40 liters of bleach

  • 60 liters of Pinol

  • 200 shaving razors

  • 200 toothbrushes

  • 200 tubes of toothpaste

  • 220 packs of cookies

  • 184 rolls of TP

  • 550 bars of soap

What's a shelter without toilet paper, without cleaning supplies, without soap!

It really makes me smile, the generous BCH community is always alert, and they are showing everyone why people can be voluntaryists and capitalists while still helping - because they are humans, and because if you value your rights, you're going to value your neighbors'.

Bitcoin Cash Provides Liberty to People: The Ability to Evade Corruption and War

There are a lot of people in this world living under the thumb of tyrannical governments, warlords, and corrupt government officials.

Not only that, a big chunk of the population doesn't have access to banking.

Well, BCH provides liberty to these people and allows them to be free in a way people who didn't adopt this blockchain can't even dream of.

A good example of this is a really great writer here on this platform, @alberdioni8406 .

In this post, he mentions his struggles and how's life in his country, while telling us he owes a lot to the community.

Not only that, he tells us of a crucial thing: He lives without a bank, and carrying only BCH!

This is definitely a great way he found to stay out of financial conflicts with the corrupt or warring factions in his country and to make sure his funds stay safe.

Bitcoin Cash Connects People: More Than Communities... Families!

This one is easy to justify, and I'd start by pointing out that Bitcoin Cash has a lot of communities spread out throughout the world.

Not only that, but it also has a stellar community here on this platform.

However, more than all of these tightly knit communities, I need to mention that what I'm talking about here goes beyond that.

This time, I have an example to give you.

I have a friend in Venezuela, and he constantly tells me of his struggles there.

He's a really good friend who helped me out a lot in the past, and now he goes on about how people rummage the containers for food and how money is worthless.

It's true!

I've been helping him out. He earns a bit of crypto himself, but his access to technology and the internet isn't the best to work online - so sometimes I have to send him crypto for him to spend.

I send it and he cashes it out... and guess what low fee token I use?

Well, surely not BTC... it would be absurd!

Like me, many people throughout the world help each other and their families by using the peer-to-peer electronic and digital cash known as Bitcoin, the way it was intended to be used!

It Provides Quality of Life for the Everyday Man:

This is another simple thing to see.

Why is this community full of blog posts on how BCH allowed them to get this or allowed them to get that?

Why aren't these guys posting at BTC forums about it all the time as we see here?

Well, because the everyday man doesn't use BTC, it's far too cumbersome, inefficient, and exploited by whales, market manipulators, and execs.

People in this platform are mostly everyday people who are on this platform to earn some money on the side.

They are using the blockchain to increase their quality of life daily... and the impact is here for everyone to see!

It Is Walking AWAY From the Current Statism Backed System: BTC isn't!

There was a U.S. House of Representatives leader who recently said:

"Those who are in government that make policy, better start understanding what #Bitcoin means for the future."

Do you think governments suddenly started adopting giving room to BTC because it is diverging from them? Or because it is slowly creeping into the system?

Plus, here's some more on how BCH avoids becoming what it was meant to destroy, and a bit on why BTC is on the wrong path.

Packed and Bagged.

Let's go boys!


It Exchanges the Culture of Scarcity for the Culture of Abundance: Tone Vays Doesn't Even Move $30

BTC Maxis live in a world of permanent scarcity.


Reminds me of a certain fat guy from Game of Thrones leaning on a door.

They are constantly hard-pressed to hold because they know that sure as well that asset isn't meant to transfer, and that if they don't collectively hold, the bags get dropped.

Not only that, price speculation is all they have - and even Tone Vays who debated Roger Ver (and you can watch the highlights at @Pantera 's post here) inadvertently said he didn't move his funds.

There's the scarcity of BTC... it's static, it's limited, it doesn't flow.

Valuable, but stocked on everyone's shelves:


On the other hand, BCH lives in a culture of abundance.

BCH flows everywhere, BCH is flowing right here on this page. The tips on my articles, the tips I gave to the commenters', the transactions on the blockchain front and back...

...and everyone tips each other $0.01 with no troubles.

Plus... do you see the business model of the writers here.

EARN FROM TIPS - Meaning you earn from others' contributions, and the others contribute because we're in a gifting economy in a culture of abundance!

I bet the BTC Maxis are wearing their extra-large COVID masks over the eyes, as they sure seem blind to the fact that their BTC only flows on whale and exchange wallets.

It Saves Lives: The Lifeblood of Many

BCH saves tons of lives every day, and though I already went over food and shelter above, there's a whole picture of deeds around this blockchain.

There is even a group in Cabo Delgado that is helping refugees with BCH by using donations and earnings from Read and Noise.Cash to save lives.

Recently, they managed to provide 300 refugees with breakfast - do you see how voluntaryists are generous and don't shy away from giving?

Not only that, do you see how BCH specifically is one if not the most generous crypto there is?

Here's the group of Cabo Delgado.

Our community rocks, but this is only possible because it was built over sound fundamentals and the idealism of Nakamoto.

It Furthers Education: Education is a Human Right, BCH Provides!

All around the web are success stories of schools that are getting funded with BCH, and there are even schools that aren't in danger that look upon Bitcoin Cash as a funding option.

What's more important is that BCH is helping students stay at school, preventing drop-outs.

There are hundreds of cases in which BCH was used to get books, Bitcoincash project earnings were used to stay in school...

...but what's more intriguing is that even 1st world countries are organizing and preventing drop-outs that would otherwise be unavoidable due to the high costs of education.

Pathways to Education is one of these projects.

If you want, you can hop on there right now and donate via BCH to help students finish High-School.

Told you I'd get proof on everything - even though it's 1 A.M. now, much later than I anticipated since I need to be working at 8 A.M. but meh, what the heck, it's to spread awareness to how life-changing Bitcoin can be.

It Helps People Work Their Jobs: Buying Tools and Supplies

We leave the charity work for a bit and go straight back to everyday life, in which BCH shines once again.

Average Janes and Joes are using BCH to work for themselves and to further their professional and financial goals by using their earnings in the BCH blockchain to upgrade their gear.

@Idksamad7869 is a prime example of this.

He bought a new laptop and learned illustration in 7 days, proving that he was serious about improving his skills and getting more work.

He did this thanks to his hard work and by providing value to the blockchain through content creation for months...

...and BCH gave back.

Everyone's life can be impacted by Bitcoin Cash, as you can see by these continuous cases that personify the goodwill of the community, the usefulness of the token and that prove - beyond any doubt - that this isn't a token to sit on a shelf collecting dust waiting to value.

In Conclusion:

I told you I was going to get you the proof you need, and I think I backed my arguments up with solid evidence and a lot of justifications.

BTC doesn't care about the real world, the real use-cases, or about improving the system.

It is a token for the rich, approaching the current system with interest and in an opportunistic way, and it is basically an overpriced collectible.

BCH is humane, it's for voluntaryists, it breaks with the system, it feeds, it nurtures, it shelters, it connects, it saves lives, it educates, it takes care of you, and improves the prospects any man or woman can have in several different fields.

Overall, it increases the world's quality of life - and it is life-changing.

I told you, most people have tunnel vision and never stop to appreciate all of this.

Well, this article is here to get you out of the tunnel every time you need it, so bookmark it for further reads.

About This Article: A Post Scriptum of Sorts

I took a lot of time to research all of this, to find evidence to all of my claims, and to establish a sound piece...

It is now 01:30 A.M. and I spent a HELLA lot of time pouring my heart into this, so I want you to show me some love by upvoting the piece and sharing it everywhere!

Can you do that?

I think this article deserves to be read by everyone regardless of any blockchain he is on or what token he or she supports.

It shows that crypto is more than technicality and that the systems are merely a tool to provide value to HUMANS.

Never forget that the good things in life are ORGANIC and that we have the tools here to make a better world in our generation.


BCH can be the tool to leave a long-lasting legacy to our children.

Oh - Oh... by the way, now I get to spend another eternity formatting all of this, so yeah - SHARE IT!


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Written by   780
1 year ago
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Now, Bitcoin Cash is normal hill and Bitcoin is Everest. 👈

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4 months later... Currently reading this article and I must say, this is a greate eye opener. I agree with what you've said. bch is indeed a life saver, a life changer, and is for everyone.

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I am astounded by the amazing amount of proofs of all the arguments you presented! What is more beautiful than earning easily and helping others as well? Without problem of too much charges that leaves a little actual amount in your hands. I love how you used others' experiences as a living proof of how BCH has helped a lot generously and is still doing it, right now; as of this moment!

I maybe one of those who just started recently in digging about cryptocurrencies, and BCH is what I always try to learn about.

Of course, I will save it, I know I can use these as my proofs too if I want to encourage someone.

Thanks a lot!

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Possible typo here: "Overall, it increases the world's quality of life - and it life-changing."

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1 year ago

Yeah, I fully understand what you're trying to say and I kind of agree. It's mostly due to the emotional attachment we make to those psychological triggers like greed and whatnot. Thanks for the callout on the typo, going to alter it now.

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Very bold, detailed and practical explanation on the importance of BCH. Mr. Cryptomax has really echoed my thoughts and experience on BCH. I'm new in the system actually. I'm less than 60days old in the system but I'm also a living proof of a life changing impacts of BCH. Life became really tough for me after loosing my job since the emergence of covid 19. I've tried many other things unsuccessfully to bounce back until I joined a platform called where you get free tips in BCH by posting quality contents and other important information about BCH and cryptoworld generally. For instance, I got introduced to this platform by a member of platform. Then, things began to change positively for me. I can say that I'm now stabled. Things can only get better. BCH is soaring! Kudos to cryptomax for this article!

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Thank you for stopping by and letting us know of your opinion. I'll be seeing you around and have the best of luck in your Read.Cash journey. Cheers!"

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