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"Tklapi sour pita."

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Good day to all and good mood my dear readers

I would like to say that I write about cooking and cuisine, as well as everything related to it.

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Today I want to touch on the subject of condiments.The recipe for tklapi, sour pita, lavashana.

This is all the name of one spice that is added to oriental dishes. This stuff is very popular in the East. You can also buy it at markets in the oriental spice department, but if it is not there, you can make it yourself. It adds a sour flavor to dishes.

I wanted to make stuffed eggplants, and this stuff is very necessary there, and there is no way without it. But the nearest market didn't have it, so I bought about 2 kilos of sour plums and got to work.

Basically, this stuff is made from a variety of sour fruits, but the most correct one is made from cherry plums. I can't find them at the market either, so I took what was there.

The composition is simple - just plums, just alycha, just cherries, or even just some sour fruit - a pomegranate, for example. Even sour apples can be used as well.

Oh, yeah... how do you use it? Oh, sure. But that's at the end. That makes more sense.

So we take sour plums.

Wash them, tear off the sticks and cut them into slices (I had eight slices), at the same time picking out the pips.

It turned out that they didn't sell me plums that sour (they cheated me), so I used two more lemons to make them sour.

From which I squeezed the juice. It turned out about 200 ml. In principle, citric acid is added for acidity, but I somehow do not want to eat it, I prefer natural lemon, although it adds us to the recipe extra liquid, which we do not need, and which must then be steamed, but what difference does it make to suffer with two liters, or two hundred?

I put it all together with the plums in the pot. And I put it on low heat. I did not add water, the lemon juice will be quite enough, so that at the first stage, nothing will not stick, and then the plums will give juice.

I brought it to about a homogeneous state. It should not boil, and it is better not to cover with the lid, so that excess moisture evaporates. You can stir it from time to time.

And then she started rubbing the whole thing through a sieve.

This, I tell you, is a complete madhouse. I was not able to get my muscles pumped, but I did not have such a task in mind. But for some reason, I naively believed that my skins would stay there. No way. All the skins went through the sieve.

The only thing left from the whole pot is this, and that's because I'm already tired of kneading the whole mess. And so, tell me, please, is it worth it to spend a few hours shaking all this stuff on the sieve, pumping biceps, when it's easier to grind it all for half a minute in a blender and get the same effect - an absolutely homogeneous puree?

In general, if you do, do not rub it through a sieve, use the achievements of civilization - tooth-crushing device like a blender.

And now pour all this mashed mass on a baking tray with a layer of 5-7 mm. We put the tray in the oven at a low temperature (not more than 70 degrees) to dry.

We need to get a thin, dry sheet of this stuff, which can be stored. They say there should be 1 mm left, and they say we should either dry it in the oven for a while, or three days without the oven.

Here, I'll tell you, another hassle, because I was almost a day chasing this stuff in the oven, but it does not want to finish drying out.

Well, maybe I made it too thick, although I thought it was okay. But, anyway, by the time I finished drying it out, I was going crazy, and there was no way I got 1mm out of it.

I just didn't want to dry it at room temperature, because I had to cover it with something to keep the dust off, but I couldn't figure out what. If you cover it with tinfoil, it won't dry at all. I don't know what kind of three days it would have dried in a room temperature when it was barely dry in the oven.

So if you do it again, spread it thin - it won't be any worse.

This is about what I got after all the hassle. It separates easily from the baking tray, don't be afraid. I was afraid. You shouldn't have been. It's true, it's easy to detach and clean up in no time.

I rolled it up like this, wrapped it in parchment paper (just in case it didn't dry out, so it would get there and not get moldy) and put it in the spice cabinet until I had a better time.

Now about why I needed it and how to use it. However, for what, I wrote above. And how to use? Now, when you urgently need to add something sour to food, you break off a piece of clapi, tear into small pieces and pour boiling water over it. You let it stand. After a while, you have a homogeneous sour mashed potato that you can work with. It's indispensable for lovers of Oriental cuisine. And sometimes it's worth enduring all this hassle just to have something you can't find, but sometimes you really need to use it.

Yes, I wrapped it while it was still hot, otherwise it would have become quite brittle, and tied it with elastic bands so it wouldn't unravel and strive... When it cooled, I took off the rubber bands and wrapped it in parchment, so I put the rubber bands around the parchment and that was it.

I hope that someone will find it useful.

I want to know your opinion.

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$ 0.01
1 month ago

This time your recipe is quite unique and its looks delicious.. I never try this one😉

$ 0.02
1 month ago

I have never made it, and even haven't tried. On your pictures it looks very tasty, so I think some day I will try to make it, thanks for sharing.

$ 0.01
1 month ago

О, у нас примерно так же яблочную пастилу делают! Правда, я её в специальной сушилке сушу))

$ 0.01
1 month ago

What an interesting and useful idea, we also make this model with fruits, especially with plums, it tastes best, and we put some salt in it while cooking, then we put it in a tray and dry it in the summer sun, and it is also true as a snack. We eat in autumn and winter, it is very sour and delicious...

$ 0.02
1 month ago

Amazing may dear your really creative i like it even first time I saw like this, After that you will cut it a circle or what ?I just confused what's the next

$ 0.02
1 month ago

In the villages, marshmallows used to be dried in the summer sun. It had time to harden to the desired consistency in one day. Now, if you have an oven at home, the drying time can be reduced to a few hours.

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1 month ago