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"Savarin (French classic or rum dumplings our way)"

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Do you like to look at windows and shop windows?

I love it, especially the evening ones))

In them, reflections are intertwined with reality and everything becomes somehow mysterious and inexplicable to keep counting on warmth and colors. We're happy and enough.Already trees do not stand in bright clothes,and golden carpets underfoot. It's getting colder by the day....and it's getting colder every day.

To all good day and good mood my dear readers👋

I want to say that I write about cooking and cuisine, as well as everything associated with it.

I want today to offer readers a new recipe: "savarin" (French classics or rum babka in our words).Were rum babes in your childhood?

Tender, juicy, well yeast-soaked biscuit just melted in your mouth, and the icing on top was always the most desired and tidbit. And you know,that's exactly the kind of rum babka you can easily make right at home.Yesterday I bought a new silicone mold for this miracle.

I've been wanting to make this dessert for a long time, it's been bugging my eyes))) Especially since there are a lot of recipes, and what to choose and did not know. In the classical variant Savarin is prepared as a ring cake, soaked in sugar syrup with rum, and the empty ring is filled with whipped cream and served with fresh berries (traditionally with strawberries). It looks so pretty))). 

But unfortunately I do not have the ring((( want to buy, it was decided by me to bake portions of "Savarin" in one "Savarin".

Next time I will definitely make Rum babka according to the classic recipe from the Soviet times.Well, now back to what I cooked))) It turned out pretty tasty, juicy and fresh, because this time I twisted)))) and combined green basil (I didn't have any mint, and luckily)))) with fresh raspberries. Ahhh, and it turned out (for me) to be such a magical combination, the fresh flavor of green basil with the most aromatic raspberries is BOMBA!!! Even my husband appreciated it, and he's not a fan of mixing things that don't mix)))

I can eat flour, I'm not overweight, I move a lot so everything is normal.And I'm happy to watch as I try my new culinary product with appetite.

Maybe my friends will come over and help me eat my grandmother))) I have already sent them the pictures.

No wonder Ukrainians do not consider rum babka an exquisite dessert to serve to guests - because here it looks trivial and unattractive! For school canteens, they make it without rum - with regular sugar syrup and gooey fondant on top!

My son and I often make different kinds of baked goods. We already have a tandem of sorts. He likes to work with the dough, and I like to eat it all afterwards.

To be honest, it's already a kind of tradition. And the initiator is almost always my little boy.

We've already made Jewish babka with him, and we often make tiramisu, and a variety of other recipes.

Usually it goes like this: we sit on the couch with a laptop and he chooses a dish by picture. And the next day, having made the purchase, we cook it.

And this time his choice fell on this wonderful rum babka. A wonderful dessert on Christmas Eve. It can be enjoyed with a nice bottle of wine (just don't give it to the baby, okay?).

The syrup plays a key role here, as the dough itself, is nothing special. It is quite dry and uninteresting. But how it transforms afterwards! Everything changes - its texture, its taste, its appearance, after all. Every piece is worth its weight in gold.

When I worked with the dough in the recipe, I involuntarily recalled my childhood. The time when you're not afraid to get your hands dirty up to your elbow, let alone your shoulder :)) in the mixture of swamp, sand and dried grass. You knead and knead, try to mold something, pour from one hand to another. And it's not scary. You do not have to worry about your nose in the swamp or your parents' reproaches for a stained white bow or a polka-dot dress. 

It's the same now. My hands are all covered with a layer of vegetable oil. Somewhere flour, somewhere the remnants of sticky dough, and in front of you an immense layer. Is it dough? Liquid, sticky, and shapeless...And you run your hands in there without any fear.Maybe not the most perfect shape, but you put and put them all in the prepared cell. A little more patience.

And then...the rest is better. Good rum, orange zest and juice. Still hot, steaming with all the smells. The baked dough soaks it up so greedily, not leaving a gram. You look and it's so small, how can you fit so much into it!

But take your time. Right now, it's like an empty jug filling up. Filled with flavor and enchanting smells. Wait a little while. Hold your breath, cork the lid, and wait...the minutes of reward will come very soon. Delicious rewards - rich and succulent, fragrant and spilling all over your body with the warmth of alcohol. Just a little more. Be patient...


All ingredients and containers (right down to the hook with which the dough will be kneaded) must be very well chilled! You can't overheat the dough so the butter doesn't start to melt and change its texture. I put all the ingredients and tools in the refrigerator a few hours "before". 

Flour - 250 g

Butter - 100 g

Honey - 25 g

Yeast (fresh) - 25 gr

Salt ( in the recipe fder de sel - 8 g) - 5 g

Eggs - 8 ( 390 gr) 

Orange peel 

For the syrup :

Water or orange juice - 500 ml

Sugar - 250 gr

Vanilla String 

Rum - 150 g (you can without it, because I will try a child!!! And for yourself, it is desirable to add, because not for nothing it is called "Rum baba").


In a bowl pour flour, honey, salt, crumbled yeast, orange zest and 3 eggs.

Knead on medium speed until the dough starts to come off the sides of the bowl. The dough will be firm.

Add three more eggs and mix again. Don't worry, the dough will be very, very runny.

Add 2 more eggs and knead for about 10 minutes until smooth.

After 10 minutes, introduce the butter in very small portions. At this point I changed the hook attachment to a spatula.

I want to say for myself that this is not a quick process. Butter, you really need to enter a little bit at a time. Until the previous piece is completely dissolved in the batter, do not add a new one! The temperature of the butter is about 15-17 C. The ideal density is when you squeeze a cube of butter, but it does not crack in the middle, but flattens out.

When all the butter is in the dough, cover the bowl with foil and leave for 30 minutes at room temperature.

Prepare the mold. I have a silicone one.

Do not grease the form. As I said before - this dough is very liquid. Even more liquid than for pancakes. Pour the batter into a measuring cup with a spout (this is the easiest way to pour it).

Fill 1/2 of the cake tin. Allow to proof. Look not at the time, but at the state of the dough. When it has almost reached the top of the mold, bake in a preheated 200 C oven until tender.

Important: While the dough is baking we need to make the syrup. I have to tell you that up to this point we just made an airy yeast bun in a muffin mold, but this bun will become a rum baba only after soaking in the sugar syrup.

Prepare the syrup as usual.

Pour the water, add the sugar.

Stirring, bring the mixture to the boil. Cook the syrup for a few minutes, turn it off. The amount of sugar in the syrup can be reduced according to your taste, but remember that a real rum baba always has a rather sweet impregnation.We cool the syrup, add a couple of tablespoons of rum, cognac or fruit liqueur, if desired. Although the baba is called rum, it is not necessary to add alcohol.

Important!!!  You can impregnate the pastry only after it has cooled completely, better the next day. Another thing is that until morning this airy and incredibly fragrant bun will not live, forever not enough.😂

There are different ways to soak rum babes. You can prick the rum baba with a toothpick and then dip the baba in the syrup for a few seconds. But I don't really like this method because the surface of the baba gets soaked and then you have to wait for it to dry out.

Before serving, place the savarin on a plate and soak in rum or simple syrup.

Literally bathe in this syrup!!!!You need to soak our savarin very, very well.

Rum baba is an exception to the rule. If we are used to soaking any cupcake or biscuit according to the principle of "temperature contrast," then another rule works here. Both the syrup and the batter must not be hot! I did the same thing with savarin.

Sugar icing for rum baba:

Instead of the classic sugar glaze, I recommend making a quick icing based on powdered sugar. It takes exactly 30 seconds, I'm not kidding.

So, in a small bowl pour half of the powdered sugar, a little bit add water. Stir and we get the icing sugar.


The frosting should be quite thick, so that it is a thick layer. To adjust the density of the frosting is very easy. If it is too thin, then add more powdered sugar. If it is too thick, then add a little water.

We spread the frosting. If desired, we paint only the tops of the rum babes, or apply icing with picturesque streaks.A simpler and faster way to impregnate is to use a regular medical or special syringe for impregnation. This method soaks the baba from the inside, while keeping its surface dry.

You can try both methods and choose the one you like best. The amount of impregnation is individual: some like it lightly impregnated, and some with a lot of impregnation.

Leave our product to cool for at least 12 hours. Let the syrup spread over the dough and soak it completely. The flavors will unite and become one coherent cake. As a cream, you can use whipped cream, or cream + sugar. You can also make berry confit and fill the middle with it. On top of that also put whipped cream.(Optional)

The structure reminded me of sea coral. Because of it, the savarin absorbs an incredible amount of syrup. If you take and squeeze a piece, the liquid flows off of it. In taste, I'd say it's a lot like the "pasta babka" my mother and grandmother used to make when I was a kid. It has the taste of eggs in it. If this fact is confusing - be sure to flavor the dough with orange/lemon zest or vanilla. You can also use orange juice as syrup, or follow the recipe and make a simple sugar one. 

Or you can go even further and make a salty version. Prepare a good meat gravy. Flavor the batter with your favorite spices and serve with a good piece of meat :))

Dear friends, I hope you enjoyed this recipe, it turned out perfectly. Be sure to put your opinion on it and share the recipe with your friends.

If you still have questions, I'm always happy to help.

I would like to thank my sponsors for their faith in me and their support.Thanks to you a lot of people found out about me and my content and became my friends.With sincere hope for further cooperation

I hope for further cooperation and respect to you🤝It's very nice to be read on too! Thank you! 💝

I want to know your opinion.

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Hey my mouth is watering again hehehe. Once I drop here, im sure ill gets hungry😅... Its yummylicious again, good job my friend.

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2 months ago

I remember this pastry from my childhood, but I never ate it) You made an excellent babka!)))

$ 0.00
2 months ago

It looks very yummy, it makes me hungry, maybe one day I should try this recipe, thanks for sharing.

$ 0.01
2 months ago

Dear Belozoriana, Like you, I am very interested in looking at windows and shop windows, it feels very good, each of them tells a different lifestyle. Good for you that don't gain weight by eating, and you can eat all the delicious things you make. The cake recipe was so great and professional, I love wet cakes, they look so delicious... 👌👌👌

$ 0.05
2 months ago

Gimme some of those please!! Hehe really do you gain weight because you are tasting the food? It doesn't matter, you are beautiful for who you are just like your recipes!

$ 0.00
2 months ago

For a long time I wanted to remember the old days, namely, to try rum baba again. From the first bite I realized that it was exactly what stuck in my memory, what I had wanted to eat for so long.

$ 0.00
2 months ago