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"Salted Lemons."

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Good day to all and good mood my dear readers

I would like to say that I write about cooking and cuisine, as well as everything related to it.

Before we begin, I would like to thank my sponsors for their faith in me and their support. Thanks to you, many people have learned about me and my content and become my friends. Thank you! 💝

I was so happy when I saw the sponsorship notices from you, it means a lot to me and I am grateful for it).The correct term is called leavened, not salty sour lemons.

If you understand them and "unlearn them"- one always wants them as an accompaniment to a dish.I confess: I took the recipe from a video review on YouTube channel.I decided to try what kind of dish is this Moroccan recipe.

So I decided to make a quick note a recipe for pickled lemons...I made them in early september, and I'm running out of them, and today I'm suddenly afraid I might forget the recipe. Salted lemons are a Maghreb dish.Cuisine. It's one of the most used ingredients for tagines, and it's also used to make salads.

And they're actually quite good with fish and chicken... and I just gobble them up, although that's not do it that way :)))

I haven't been to Morocco, but they assured me in the video that it's a purely Moroccan recipe.And they use salted lemons as a topping for well, it's kind of like a pickle in Ukraine.

I remember getting a little squeamish-salty lemons ???? But then I remembered the delicate taste of salted lime and I wondered...I thought about it, but I couldn't bring myself I thought I wouldn't like them and I'd throw them away.

So I went to the market and got two kilos of lemons, and they're still yellow-green, but...but it doesn't affect the taste. I chose the yellow ones for this dish. These tangerines are still sour, but they they're on sale, too.I wanted to buy another jar, but I forgot.

let's cook!!!🍋

It's better to take a jar with a clamping lid, like mine. Because, when you try to close the jar. Those lemons try to pop out of the jar out of the jar. And we have a few more times to open it a few more times and shove the lemons until the jar is full of lemons and juice.


Lemons (I had 9 in a jar).

A couple or three hot peppers. I added them not so much for fermentation, but for some kind of conditional preservation, so I feel calmer, and probably will also be tasty.




Dill (you can do without it, and you can do it all for the same fermentation enhancement).


Wash the lemons. Cut out the attachment point to the branch.

With a sharp knife we make two punctures crosswise. Not all the way through. Only cut the flesh.

Pour sugar into the pits and use your finger to press it in (I had about half or a whole teaspoon).

We put the lemons in a jar, as well as peppers and dill.

Dissolve salt and sugar in boiling water. At the rate of 100 grams of salt per liter of water. And one tablespoon of sugar for the same amount.Crimean. But definitely not imported.

Pour the hot brine on the lemons.

We pour the brine right up to the neck and do not close the jar, but only cover it. If you close it, it may explode during the fermentation process. So do not overdo it.

To prevent mold once every few days, close the jar, shake it and leave it open again.

We wait a long time... two months... Let them sour.

Basically, the process of the end of souring can be seen - the brine stops bubbling and becomes transparent again. I was afraid that I would not be able to determine the moment of the end, but no... everything is very clear. I also put a glove on the neck instead of the lid, it bloated funny, and when the process was over, it got sucked in - some kind of reverse process went on.

Here's what happens:

How to use? Like any sourdough - make salads, serve as an appetizer.


Lemons are salted, the rind is soft, all even yellow color.It's fantastic, I'll buy another batch tomorrow, I'll pickle it. Just need another variety, thicker and friable.

For salads and appetizers only peel, well washed with cold water. The pulp absorbs salt, in pure form can not be consumed.But, with it you can and should cook! I have become a fan of boiled rice, where slices of this very lemon are added in the final. In addition to the completely different flavor of saltiness, not like after regular salt from the salt shaker, something magically perfumed from the lemon is also added. After rice with salted lemon, regular rice seems dull and bland.

Store-bought lemons do get moldy. But, because the medium is sour-salty, all the mold collects in a tight circle on the surface, removed in one go. There is no need to do any manipulation to catch it.

You can start eating after ten days, but it's better to wait a month. Lemons should always be covered with juice, so don't get too carried away with that ragweed that you just want to top off another salad.

They keep for a very long time, even without refrigeration, until they're disappear. There are lots of recipes, you can experiment. Just as an appetizer, as a salad dressing, as a It's also great with tequila.

I want to know your opinion.

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Love the lemons but I put that on my water tumbler. Its good for the health.

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1 month ago

Oh lemon pickle, so unique, I actually don't like pickles but for lemon I really do.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

This is amazing I will love to try this some day😊

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I could literally taste its sourness in my mouth just looking at it. But it has sugar so it should also be sweet :D

$ 0.02
1 month ago

I love it friend.🥰 It's my first time to encounter this one with the lemons.🥰 I want to try it this one. I love your articles always. ❤️

$ 0.02
1 month ago

Very good way to use lemons, this way lemons will last for long and useful too. Thanks dear friend for wish this awesome way to make lemons more useful.

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Great, how delicious the pickle should be, doesn't the lemon peel add a bitter taste to our pickle?

$ 0.01
1 month ago

The skin of the lemons became almost transparent and edible, and the pulp acquired a completely different taste, and the usual aroma of citrus has gone somewhere. Only a moderate bitterness is allowed. There is nothing wrong with it! I mean, olives and real olive oil are bitter too, right? And those lemons aren't for replacing potatoes, they're just an appetizer! What is an appetizer for at the table or as part of a meal? Just to perk up the taste buds.Thanks for asking that question))

$ 0.00
1 month ago

It goes great with food... 👌

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I like this one we buy only a ready made ,but my father boss always make this one I see in his house

$ 0.01
1 month ago