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"Olivier by Olivier or my three experiments"🥉

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1 month ago
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Good day to all and good mood my dear readers I would like to say that I write about cooking and cuisine, as well as everything related to it. I continue to publish recipes, menus, and other stuff, that solve one problem: "how to make sure that at home there is always a healthy, delicious homemade food, and you spend a minimum of time, effort and money.

Before approaching this salad, I dug through a lot of recipes from old chefs to the vision of this salad by modern chefs in such restaurants.

To be honest, I still don't understand a few things, in particular, should I mix this salad, or cook it in layers? Some people suggested to mix it, others to layer it. As a result, I made it in several versions - mixed and layered - portioned, and on the table in bowls. The second point is the layering. What to there is no consensus about the order of the layers, that's why I relied on my intuition. But for myself I realized why the salad is so transformed in our time. And in fact, if you look at the basis of it, you'll understand it, too. In a salad that is considered a classic. В in addition to the usual set the usual set of products - lettuce, capers, crawfish necks, caviar, but all of them are essentially used for decoration only and do not affect the main taste in particular.

Although in some recipes crayfish shakes are included in the salad itself, but I still do not like the combination of crayfish and poultry, for me it is dissonant. I tried it a little bit, and I was strengthened in this thought.What else... yes... In some recipes there are eggs in the salad itself, but I didn't put eggs in the salad, and I liked it. The salad, surprisingly, turned out to be easy. As my husband said - you want to eat it and want to eat it.

The only thing I do not understand what influenced the appearance of carrots and peas in the salad. Apparently, someone saw it that way. If you take them out of the modern Olivier, you get the basis of that Olivier. That's the whole secret. The only thing without the lanspeak. Here lanspeak, by the way, plays a very important role, makes the salad tender and fresh, do not be lazy, make it.

Here we go.

We need:

I took chicken legs for the lanspeak, you can take other suitable parts from beef or pork.

Veal tongue.



Quail eggs.

Quails. The original recipe had grouse in it, and I decided to get grouse, but it was the holidays and the stores were bad, so I decided to make do with the quail.

Apples - as many as you want, I needed them for the roasted grouse.

Parsley for coloring the lanspeak.

Beet juice also for coloring lanspeak.

Turmeric to color the lanspeak.

Lettuce leaves


Pickles. The recipes go either fresh or pickled. I've been loving this salad with pickles lately, so I decided to have them, and I liked them. I like this caviar, which can be very successfully substituted with halibut caviar. Costs a little bit too much, but it is bearable for the sake of experiment.





I didn't forget anything

For the sauce:

Olive oil


Worcester sauce (instead of kabul soy sauce).

Vinegar or lemon juice.





Boil chicken feet, tongue together with onions and carrots. Salt just a little bit, because the broth can boil a lot, and we need it.

Simmer for 3-5 hours over low heat, so that nothing bubbles but simmers. Take off the first foam. Boil the eggs, potatoes also Boil the potatoes in the jacket.

Season the quails with pepper and salt. I decided to bake them with apples, because apples give the meat quail meat with a very interesting flavor. The apples will not be used in the salad. Apples will not be used in the salad. quail. One of the quail can then be eaten plain, using the baked apples instead of gravy - it's very tasty. I cut the apples into thick slices, and I put a slice or two in each quail a slice or two in each quail, and then I put the rest between the quail.

The quail turned out very tender and fragrant. And the bird was not lean at all, but rather fatty, so much fat came out of them that I later collected it and and used it for frying.

Cool and peel the cooked tongue.

I strained the finished broth and beat it with an egg. I won't do it again, because I don't think the egg makes the broth any lighter. Or maybe I'm blind. I strained it again, corrected for salt and divided it into three parts. You don't have to do this (divide), because you don't have to dye the lanspeak. But I thought it would be boring not to do it, so I decided to dye the lanspeak with whatever I could get my hands on.Wash the parsley. Chop it with a blender, squeeze out the juice.

And then I thought, why on earth did I drag out that broth if the dyes made it muddy for me anyway? Whatever. But when I... cut it into cubes, it turned out to be quite transparent after all. So I added parsley juice to one part of the lanspeak, turmeric to the other, beet juice to the third, and sent it to freeze in the fridge.

We make the sauce.

I add seasonings to taste, mix them with a blender and an egg into a foam, followed by olive oil until the desired consistency. For one egg may take a cup or two of oil. The more oil, the thicker the sauce will be. This makes homemade mayonnaise. It is really very easy to make. Now the quail. I separated from them The meat, I cut it up into big chunks. I cut the tongue in strips. Cucumber and potatoes in cubes. And there you have it, homemade mayonnaise. It's really very easy to make.

Now the quail. I separated the meat from them, tore it into large pieces. I cut the tongue in strips. Diced cucumber and potatoes. Started to assemble the two salads at the same time. As a reminder, I made two portioned versions to try. One layered, the second mixed. At the bottom of the plate I put lettuce leaves. You can have any salad you like, I took a red one, hoping it would spice things up. Then I thought, green would be prettier. Okay. On top of the potatoes, I spritzed the potatoes with mayonnaise.

For the second salad, I just threw chopped potatoes in the salad bowl.The first salad was cucumbers on potatoes.

The second is cucumbers in a salad bowl.

The first one was tongue on cucumbers and again I put mayonnaise on it.

The second is just a tongue in a salad bowl.

The first is quail on the tongue mayonnaise.

The second-just quail in a salad bowl.

First, I diced the lanslick and put it on top. I forgot to put the green lancic on this salad, and I only noticed it in the pictures. I got distracted, man! Don't distract me when I'm cooking!!!!

The second one is lanspeak right in the salad, added.

The second - in the same mayonnaise and mixed very carefully, so as not to smear the lanspeak on the salad.

Decorating the first one. And yes, I bought crayfish already boiled, so I just peeled, got the tails, left the shell on the ends - for beauty. I put the salad through the ring, decorated it with fresh cucumber slices on top, and I put a caper. Salad leaves around for beauty. On the egg halves I placed caviar. The caviar, contagious, constantly tried to fall off the egg, well, I did not persist, left as is, and the husband and my husband wanted to eat it. Crawfish necks arbitrarily, lancic also I threw around arbitrarily.

Second option. On the lanspeak I put the already peeled crawfish necks, capers, eggs with caviar around them.

We tried the top two options. It was something like this. My husband didn't like it very much. He was used to the regular olivier, he wanted it. I liked the mixed version much less than the flaky one. I found the puff pastry more interesting.

And then I made a third version for the table. Here it was either because I had it for another day that I finally tasted the salad, or because I had it in a different layout. As I was putting it in a slightly different order - laying a few layers of meat. I didn't take a picture of the process, I'll just tell you. At the bottom - quail meat, mayonnaise, potatoes, mayonnaise, tongue, I did not pour mayonnaise on cucumbers, in general I suggest not to pour everything tightly with mayonnaise, but to sprinkle a layer with a syringe, it makes the salad lighter. And some of the authors suggest pouring mayonnaise on everything, I am afraid of such a prospect. Again, quail, mayonnaise, lanspeak, crawfish necks on it. I didn't add capers and lettuce this time. I don't need it here. And then I put eggs and caviar around it. I didn't see them on the picture, because the salad was going to be shipped (it was a cooking order 🥗), I covered it with foil and pressed it on the edge of the plate so it wouldn't roll around and made sure nothing moved! I laid the eggs on the spot. I forgot to take a picture, but my imagination will do the trick. This is where I really got into this salad. I loved it. I mean, I was so excited about it. Well, the colorful lanspeak looks really spectacular. Mine have long wondered what it is. When I told them it was olivier, their faces changed a little bit because they were expecting something like that, I guess. When I said olivier, their faces changed a little, as they were expecting, apparently, something magical, and here in a moment they decided that under the lansnik the usual set of foods and they got discouraged. But I explained to them that this was an attempt to make Olivier from Olivier and you won't find anything familiar inside. And so it turned out. They 😁 Yes! I got paid for this salad 💵

It's a lot of letters, I'm sorry, but I gave them as much in as much detail as possible!

And I wish you a good appetite, my readers!!! And it turned out to be not terrible at all!

Try it!

I thank God for his help in writing this article, and you, dear readers, praise him if your reading has been helpful to you.

I would like to thank my sponsors for their faith in me and their support. Thanks to you, many people have learned about me and my content and become my friends. Thank you!

I was so happy when I saw the sponsorship notices from you, it means a lot to me and I am grateful for it)

I want to know your opinion.

If you are interested in my content,then I invite you to read my other articles:

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Written by   128
1 month ago
Topics: Nature, Home, Blog, Art, Humanity, ...
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So tasty! I never cook it this salad)

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1 month ago

Love the food preparation my friend. So creative and makes me hungry again.

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1 month ago

Wow this salad recipe is great, it can be both diet and very nutritious for the body. This salad can be very good for the body, and I also fell in love with your decoration... 😍

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1 month ago

They look like a savory cake sis :) Do you always have a feast in your house? Could I come in? Lol and I want to bring my family with me lol

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1 month ago

We always welcome guests! 💜 We never stand still.I think you would be most welcome in our home.I won't scribble, but sometimes our friends come for something-- something tasty😁

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1 month ago

Hahah I wish we could fly to your house tomorrow or ASAP lol. Thank you sis :D

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1 month ago

This is so Great My Friend. You never fail us to crave. I hope I will taste that.

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1 month ago

I love it my friend. Why you're always make me craving?😁 It's really mouth watering.🤤 It's really delicious my friend. I want to taste it.❤️

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1 month ago

A very special this one ,I think the taste so good but very difficult to make it a lot of procedures

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1 month ago

I fulfilled the order, well, I think I'll try myself again since such a case. Thank you for your feedback))

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1 month ago