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Dumplings with cheese🥟

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Good afternoon my dear readers comes the weekend.Yes, time flies fast and it does not stop.I want to remind you that I run my own cooking blog and everything associated with it.I see that the topic of food interests you and this is proof of that:

I think that my last post about blood sausage has caused confusion in some people, this time I decided not to confuse people and write about the most simple - about family values and the connection of generations. Gggg, just kidding. Almost. I think no one will be confused by such words as "dumplings", "grandmother", "multivark", they are all familiar and understandable, almost everyone has a multivark and grandmother, well, and home steamed dumplings with curds sure all love!

This was not my first time cooking something with steam, so I was not surprised how fast and convenient it is and there is not much steam.This time I liked it best that I was able to make dumplings exactly as my grandmother from the village cooked. She made big dumplings with homemade cottage cheese dough with sour milk and baking soda, steamed them, where they were so bloated! One or two dumplings were enough by the eye. I guess I like it all so much now because it's part of my childhood, I don't know if everyone likes puffy dough in cottage cheese dumplings, but I do. And steamed makes it special - very tender and puffy. By the way, the idea of steamed dumplings immediately occurred to me). But back to steamed dumplings.

We love dumplings, molded by hand, with different fillings, with different gravy, thin-walled, medium-sized. In our region traditionally cook dumplings on Sunday, I cook when I have the desire and time (I make a lot, freeze - very helpful).

And today I will be waiting for guests into the house to show off their skills in cooking dumplings.

I want to thank my sponsors for their faith in me and their support. thanks to you a lot of people found out about me and my content, who became my friends. with my sincere hope for further cooperation

I have a new sponsor @Jeansapphire39 I want to thank you and wish you and your wonderful content: Inexhaustible energy, to be always useful for so cheerful always!!!I am very pleased with your friendship with me.💞

Yes, varenyky is not for those who are on a diet. It's strange that I have not yet published on my blog the recipe for my favorite dish, varenyky, a national Ukrainian dish.

Since childhood I have a great weakness for them, to say the least - I adore them... I love them, I like them, I can't help it! My son, by the way, also fell in love with them:)

For the dough:

250 gr. sour milk;

500 grams of white wheat flour;

1 egg;

½ tsp. soda;

pinch of salt;

1 tsp. sugar;

For the filling:

250g homemade cottage cheese;

1 little egg;

1-2 tbsp. sugar;

2 tsp. butter;

pinch of salt.

Knead the dough: mix the egg with the sour milk, add sugar and salt, sift the flour and baking soda, mix everything to make a dough.

We mix the cottage cheese with the egg, sugar, salt and melted butter (I whipped it in the blender).

The dough is divided first into large pieces, then into smaller pieces.

Roll out a piece and put in the middle 1-1.5 teaspoons of cottage cheese filling.

We protect the edges, lightly sprinkle with flour, put the dumplings in a steam basket of the multicooker (I froze half of the portion).

Pour half a liter of water into the multicooker, put the basket with dumplings on top and select the program "Steam".

Set the duration of the program - 20 minutes (in the photo, I have not yet figured out that you can set the duration of the program, there avomatom is 10 minutes).

I don't remember exactly, 20 or 15 minutes later, the dumplings were ready, they had visibly risen and were puffy!

We put the hot dumplings on a plate, add a piece of butter and sour cream.

There are also rules of eating steamed dumplings. The main thing to remember that there is a lot of juice inside and bite very carefully, otherwise the juice will be on you. We also whip sour cream with sugar or powdered sugar for these dumplings.Steamed dumplings with cottage cheese

They're delicious! Puffy,light,tender! You can eat them with sour cream, cold strawberry jam, or just as pies.

Well, the guests came to us.We were sitting with friends, at our modest little feast.And one girl from our company said:

-Let's sing something, and then there's our neighbors as a Sabantuy, and overlapping voices from the yard sound. It's so beautiful and heartwarming.

We tried: where the verse could remember, where only the chorus. We could not get the chants and overtones. We planned to pull up our knowledge for the next meeting and sing, not karaoke, but from the heart.

I think the next time we will be able to, must..... and this is our history, which we are slowly forgetting. And as a result, somewhere a verse, somewhere the refrain of history we remember, and not so that would be heartily and from the heart.

On the table dumplings "lived" not long, we did not compete in the speed of eating, just they were so juicy and delicious that it was difficult to stop.

And to you, my dear, I wish you a good appetite! Thank you for reading me, have a nice weekend👋

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Wow, how interesting that you steamed with a multi-cocker, it must be great, I love foods with dough, and the fact that we always fry such stuffed dough in oil, the recipe was great and perfectly healthy, I will definitely make it. 👍

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2 months ago

Blessed are those who dearly love cooking and skillful for they can outburst the stomach and heart of their love ones. Stomach because it always satisfied with fullness to the highest level. Heart because of the joy you bring.

$ 0.01
2 months ago

Oh my, seems like I'm going to love this one. I haven't try this actually.

$ 0.01
2 months ago

I love also dumplings.. Makes me hungry even its my bedtime now. Have a great day today my friend.

$ 0.01
2 months ago

I love dumplings sis because I love Chinese food in general. I wish I could, again, taste your dishes. Wow, they look so tasty.

$ 0.01
2 months ago

Who does not know - steam dumplings are much healthier than dumplings cooked in the usual way (boiling).In those days, our old people had to cook in a pot, but now come to the aid of modern steamers, which greatly facilitate the work of any housewife.

$ 0.00
2 months ago