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"Chicken Kiev cutlets with papillote"

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What is a poplitee? - you ask? It's a decoration for this delicious dish. By the way, when I saw it, my husband exclaimed - how did you come up with the idea of making a rocket😂 out of a cutlet? Yeah... It's been a long time since my husband and I have been to a restaurant. He must have forgotten. I wanted to make it beautiful, but it turned out "as usual".

Good day to all and good mood my dear readers

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I continue to publish recipes, menus,and other stuff,that solve one problem:"how to make sure that at home there is always a healthy, delicious homemade food, and you spend a minimum of time, effort and money.

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I was so happy when I saw the sponsorship notices from you, it means a lot to me and I am grateful for it. Any cooking shows.Once again, when we wstumbled upon a show called The Master chef, they were making a cutlet..."Chicken Kiev"... And we were like.Why don't we try to try and make it?"...

This is probably the most popular dish in restaurants of the last century. So to speak - an indicator of the quality of cuisine and the level of skill of the chef.

One chicken would make two cutlets. As a rule, they came with an elegant peeled bone from a wing, on which a tissue tissue was wrapped. The curlers were cut by students in their free time - you have time - you cut the lace :) In view of the popularity of this dish in restaurants, the question arises - what did they do with the rest of it? We made stuffed legs, fried chicken.

Juicy tender meat with warm butter inside - how delicious it is, friends! And, indeed, very festive. And it's easier to eat than a whole duck ;)

Chicken Kiev cutlet attracts culinary gourmets with its appetizing crust, delicate flavor and juiciness. It belongs to the restaurant dishes, as cooking the cutlet requires certain skills. It is a pounded chicken fillet, which is wrapped with a piece of butter.

The finished cutlet has an unusual shape resembling an ellipse. In the classic recipe, a chicken bone is attached to one end of the cutlet, on which it is customary to put a curler.

Knowing certain subtleties, it will not be very difficult for you to prepare an exquisite treat at home.

I honestly tried to make Kiev cutlets the way the way the great cooks write about it,but I ended up with something unimaginable, falling apart into pieces, and the main thing is that they were enormous "lapti", because clearly.In the days when the recipe the recipe was invented, there were no broilers did not yet exist. A few times experimented a few times, I found the perfect one for me, both in the way it was cooked and for eating.

The capital of our country is Kiev,and our local cuisine has already become our business card). Kiev visiting card are the following sweets"Kiev evening", "Kiev Cake", and of course "Kiev cutlet". That's the last one, and I want to talk about it today.

We need:

This time I took a chicken (two), so that the cutlets were not warheads, but still turned out great.

So what we need:






Breadcrumbs (make it yourself, don't be lazy!).


Soften butter.

Dill is washed, dried and finely chopped.

Add to the oil.

Salt, pepper.

Stir, divide into 4 portions and place each portion on a piece of clingfilm.

Roll this piece into candy and send it to the freezer.

In the meantime, we strip the chickens. First, wash and dry them.

Cut off the thighs and save them for better times. Remove the skin from the breast.

From the wings, too. Cut off the first phalanx from the wings, leave the second one untouched under penalty of death!

Well, cut off everything unnecessary, too. Leave only like this. And neatly cut the breast from the bone, dividing it into two parts by the middle bone.

Separate along with the remaining phalanx from the wing. Separate the small fillet and set aside separately. Peel the bone of the phalanx. The meat can be cut off, or you can stuff it inside the cutlet. So that one cutlet is enough for two dinners.

Now what? Salt and pepper the fillets. Bury between two layers of cling film (and a small fillet, too).

And flatten it with a hammer. Careful! So as not to tear! Small fillets can even be beaten off with one blow.

Now in the middle of the big filet we put a piece of our butter.

Cover with a small fillet.

And in general, we wrap it up for safety.

Shape a cutlet. And wrap it in clingfilm. Bone out. Put this cutlet in the freezer for a while. While you're making the next one, this one will have set.

Beat the eggs with a little water.

Prepare breadcrumbs.

Take the cutlet out of the freezer.

Dip it in the egg.

Then into the breadcrumbs.

And again in the egg. And again in the breadcrumbs.

Heat oil in a frying pan. A lot of oil, so that it reaches the middle of the cutlets. And fry on low heat on all sides.

For frying, it is preferable to choose refined corn oil, olive oil, peanut oil or sunflower oil. This affects the taste of the finished dish. Often I use poultry or pork fat.

If you're worried that it's not cooked, you can finish it in the oven. I roasted for about 20 minutes on low heat - it was fine!

Now for the curler. Since I did not take a picture of the manual, and to explain on your fingers is difficult, then you'd better look on the Internet, how to make it. But in general, you should roll up a sheet of paper in 4 layers, cut it into thin strips till half of it, twist it around your finger and fasten it with something. You could use a stapler. And put it on the bone. And just this curler was so in the frame and climbed, I could not otherwise conveniently place the cutlet on the plate.

Anyway, that's it.


While the meat is cooking in the oven, make fries or country-style potatoes in this stir-fry. Serve it as a side dish to the cutlet.

For lovers publishing recipes. Why,not, in fact, if someone like it?

Chicken Kiev cutlets what can I say... it took me a lot, but the result It was so delicious,and all I can say is...that my suffering was justified.The trick is to get the melted butter comes out only when the melted butter comes out.The cutlet is cut on a plate...

I want to know your opinion.

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Wow. I have to say that looks amazing. Definitely one worth trying I think. Luckily I can save a ton of time by just buying boneless, skinless chicken breasts at the grocery store.

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1 month ago

Dear Belozoriana, I love cutlets, wow, your recipe was great today, how stylish and classy this food becomes for a party, I especially fell in love with shaved paper, you are the best, my dear friend... 👌👌👌

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1 month ago

I am so happy for you sis, wow, so many sponsors now!! And your chicken looks so yummy again..

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1 month ago

О! Это было деликатесное блюдо советских домохозяек! Естественно, среди тех, кто умел его готовить)))))

$ 0.10
1 month ago

Yumi yumi, how delicious that looks, I've never eaten chicken that way, I'll save your recipe to try to make it haha It looks very tasty that food.

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1 month ago

It's time to eat, can I come over now... I will like to have some too. Thank you for the exposure.

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1 month ago

I love it, almost same the one will make before but I use it some mash potato and chicken then mix together with some ingredients and make like a leg of chicken then put the bread crumbs

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1 month ago

Homemade Chicken Kiev cutlets are made from chopped chicken fillet stuffed with butter and herbs and fried in thick breading.Thanks for the interesting recipe))

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1 month ago