Be careful, you may have a time bomb in your mouth!

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For some weeks now, a severe toothache had been torturing him day after day! He had tried everything within his reach and nothing worked! That pain had become a kind of torture that was driving him to the brink of madness and as a sign of it his behavior already left much to be desired: he was running from one side to the other, while he was banging his head against the walls!

Everything just to stop feeling that sharp, piercing pain that was drilling his head and lacerating, little by little, his brain until it tore him apart! He only had one last and desperate resource left... almost when he was about to detonate the gun he had in his hand, a strong explosion knocked him to the floor!

Stunned by the impact, he remained motionless on the floor, while he began to feel the taste of blood in his mouth! The last thing he felt before losing consciousness was a trickle of cold, viscous blood flowing out of his mouth and slowly down his jaw. When he awoke he found himself bound with strong leather bracelets fastening him to a bed, while the doctors around him commented on his sad case:

- A suicide attempt resulting from a fit of insanity! Thank God, mysteriously, only a tooth in his mouth had exploded!

He tried to speak to explain that he had never detonated the gun and had now realized that his tooth had spontaneously exploded! Terrified, he realized that something had been placed in his mouth to keep his mouth shut, while the doctors continued their chatter and made their own conjectures:

-Maybe the bullet was in bad shape and after a small detonation it incredibly only hit a tooth!

-What luck for this poor wretch who, seeking death, is saved from it and only ends up with a broken tooth!

Dear readers, the exploding tooth is not an invention of my imagination, but the recreation that I have shared here is inspired by a real life event that happened in the 19th century, which was documented by a dentist named Atkinson, in an article for the Dental Cosmos magazine, in which he referred to an inexplicable outbreak of dental explosions!

If you want to know more about "The gruesome and mysterious case of exploding teeth" I share with you the link to the article published by BBD NEWS MUNDO.

And with this we start this article that only intends to make us pay close attention to our mouth so we don't end up carrying with us a time bomb that could explode at any moment!

I don't want to scare you about exploding molars either! A rather curious and particular case that, unfortunately, no one has investigated in depth and to this day there is no explanation for it. There are only a few conjectures among those that assure that the explosions were a product of the materials used at the time to make the amalgams, but, as I have pointed out, there is no evidence that determines that this was the reason for such explosions.

What is a scientifically proven fact is that our oral health has a great impact on our general health. That is why it is so important to have not only a good oral hygiene, but, what is equally important, to be very aware of any sign or manifestation that something is not going well in our mouth, because this will help us to take care of oral problems early and will surely prevent us from major problems.

Dying from a toothache is no exaggeration!

For this article I read several cases of septic shock generated by odontogenic infections which, when not treated from the beginning with the proper treatment, ended up complicating and causing the death of the patient.

Odontogenic infections are considered polymicrobial, which means that their treatment is aimed at combating the different bacteria that develop during sepsis.

Among the most common infectious agents are golden and white staphylococci, as well as streptococci, pneumococci, veillonellae, neisseria, actinobacteria, fusiform bacilli, leptot hrix, vibrios and spirochetes.

It is horrible to think that the breeding ground for all these bugs is generated from our mouth! And the worst thing is to know that if their proliferation is not prevented early on through basic oral health rules, our life could be at risk when all these dangerous bacteria and fungi, in one way or another, can reach the bloodstream and jeopardize the proper functioning of our body!

The enemy travels from the mouth to other parts of the body!

So it is feasible that infections originating from our mouth end up affecting other parts of our body and in the worst cases even cause our death.

Something like this can happen mainly because bacteria and fungi manage to sneak out of the mouth through the bloodstream either by a bleeding product of an advanced oral disease such as periodontitis, or, among many other causes, by a bad technique of extraction of a tooth that may already be infected with bacteria and fungi. In this way, when these bacteria and fungi are exposed to the bloodstream, they manage to find the necessary ways to reach other organs, which will end up bringing serious complications.

From the mouth to the head!

Dental abscesses, gingivitis, periodontitis, the latter is already an oral infection in advanced severity can result in a vascular accident due to sepsis or blood contamination. Cases have been detected in which dental infections have become extreme to the point of advancing to the head where the infection can lodge accompanied by suppuration.

Endocarditis is an inflammation of the inner lining of the heart chambers and valves (endocardium) that can be life-threatening. It is usually due to infection. Bacteria, fungi or other germs from elsewhere in the body, such as the mouth, spread through the bloodstream and attach to damaged areas of the heart. If not treated quickly, endocarditis can damage or destroy heart valves. Source: Mayo Clinic

It is not only what we eat that ends up in the digestive tract!

Also the presence of dangerous bacteria from oral infections that reproduce in the mouth can reach the stomach which could cause gastritis and stomach irritations.

Our kidneys are also exposed!

It has been proven that nephritis can be caused by bacteria from oral infections.

Joint pain can be caused by poor oral health!

Septic arthritis is a severe form of rheumatism that may be due to bacteria and fungi from our mouths

Diabetes and dental health care!

Diabetes is a disease that attacks a large part of the population on a global scale with a prevalence of 463 million people by 2019 , estimated to increase to 578 million by 2030, according to the International Diabetes Federation.

Evidence suggests that severe periodontitis is an important risk factor in the progression of diabetes, and control of PD is essential for long-term diabetes control. Source:

Pregnant women should also take care of their oral health!

Both premature labor and miscarriage can be caused by infections in the placenta caused by oral bacteria present in the blood.

Now, my dear readers, beyond getting paranoid about our mouth, what we have to do is to be very attentive to the possible signs that something is wrong in order to prevent any complication!

So if we present any of these symptoms we should immediately visit our dentist!

  • If you feel a throbbing toothache, persistent and with an intensity that can radiate to other areas of the head such as jaw, neck, ear...

  • If when eating you feel special sensitivity to cold or heat, as well as when exerting pressure when chewing or biting.

  • There are swollen areas on the cheeks or areas near the mouth.

  • Swelling and tenderness to palpation of lymph nodes under the jaw or in the neck.

  • Oozing abscesses with foul-smelling discharge.

  • Difficulty in breathing or swallowing

  • Fever

Although many of you have probably already heard the usual dental recommendations, let's repeat them one more time just in case!

  • Brush your teeth after eating, as well as when you get up in the morning and when you go to sleep.

  • It is important to change our toothbrush at least every three or four months, or when we see that the bristles are worn out.

  • It is advisable to use a toothpaste that contains fluoride.

  • It is also recommended to use dental floss to deeply clean the spaces between teeth where food debris usually accumulates.

  • Please watch what you eat and try to limit as much as possible those processed foods with high levels of sugar.

  • Try to visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and general checkups of your teeth.If when eating you feel special sensitivity to cold or heat, as well as when exerting pressure when chewing or biting.

I hope with all my heart that this article has helped you in some way or another! Beyond dental explosions💣🦷😆! on our blog: AMA-T, we want to empower every day the health of our readers and achieve their total wellness from the tips of their hair to their toes! 🥰

Before I go I'd love to leave me in the comments what you thought of the information shared!

🤔 By the way, to me in particular now that I know that it can be so dangerous to let a dental problem go I think that there are people who suffer from halitosis to whom we should look for a polite way -that does not hurt their feelings- to make them see the importance of examining this oral health problem and, look for a solution that avoids greater evils!

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I hope to see you next Monday, of Challenges and Changes 💪😃! where we will tackle another interesting topic that will make us reflect on those things we should change to be that better version of us!

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For the moment I say goodbye, but not before telling you that here I will be writing articles about wellness, physical, mental and spiritual health, and all those topics that can help us to fall in love every day more of these avatars🕴👯that we had to be in this Matrix 👾 🤖 so fun and unique in which we live!

Greetings to all, an online hug from Venezuela🙂✌️🇻🇪 !

...and remember first of all just love yourself!

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I would recommend the use of xylitol as well. You can reas about that here:

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La verdad es que desconocía totalmente ese tema de las explosiones dentales, aunque siempre he sido conciente de que nuestra salud bucal es determinante para nuestra salud en general. De ahí que cuidarla sea una tarea tan necesaria y ante el primer síntoma lo mejor es acudir con un odontólogo. Aunque no nos gusten mucho ellos son nuestros aliados.

Muy buen tema para cuidar nuestra salud. Gracias por compartirlo.

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1 year ago

¡Hola Lady, gracias a ti por leer y comenter mi artículo! ¡Sí lo de las muelas explosivas son de esos extraños casos que a medida que pasa el tiempo y nadie los resuelve se quedan ahí en la imaginería de la gente dando vueltas! ¡Esos casos acontecieron en el siglo XIX, y luego cesaron inexplicablemente! ¡Lo que sí no ha dejado de ocurrir, lamentablemente, son todas esas enfermedades vinculadas a una mala salud bucal. Por eso es tan importante darle la atención que se merece a nuestra boca! ¡🥰Gracias por tu apoyo Lady, te envío un gran abrazo desde Caracas!

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