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Were you ever Britney Spears?

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1 month ago
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May 7, 2022. | No. 70

Hello, dear friend of Read!

Since last night I've been watching the statements of pop queen Britney Spears. About how her parents made her feel fat, or bad about her body. Also on how after her tutelage she regained her confidence.

And we were all Britney at one time or another.

I was.

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As a child I never paid attention to those vanities, I just played, jumped, chased ants and put them in drawers, played with my dolls and my sister. In short, I was a happy child. My drama began when I started middle school, or as they say here in my country, high school.

I didn't know how to comb my hair, my hair is curly, so it was very difficult for me to control it. I wanted to look pretty, to wear my beautiful hair loose, or with a ponytail. But I only wore the latter all through high school.

Not knowing how to style my hair and control the frizz in my hair, it looked a bit messy. So it drew attention to me in a negative way. I started getting bullied for it. I was always being teased, called names, criticized, and treated badly because of it.

So I started flat ironing my hair.

By that time it really affected me. And the worst thing: Boys didn't notice me. As a teenager your hormones betray you and start making you think nonsense. So for me that was a terrible thing, worthy of a catastrophe.

One of my current photographs, taken a month ago. As you can see I wear my curly hair very nice.

I started to feel pretty in my 20s. I am now 25 years old. And it all started in college, where the best years of study of my life began.

I remember once in class a classmate took a picture of me with an app, put makeup on me and told me I was beautiful. She told me that if I just put on a little more makeup I would look much more beautiful. That boosted my self-esteem like you can't imagine.

Also with a friend of mine in college we were always looking at hairstyles, makeup and that kind of stuff on the Internet.

In my first semester of Business Administration at the university I always wore my hair in a ponytail.

By the second semester I started to wear my hair the way it is: curly.

I bought creams, researched hairstyles and ways to control frizz. The result: I could finally wear my hair down, and it looked good!

I was so happy. However, the main reason I started wearing my hair curly is not that. It's because flat ironing my hair started to make my hair fall out. I had awful receding hairline, and I felt bad about it. So my solution was to stop flat ironing it, and it worked.

My hair started to be the talk of the college, everyone loved my long, flowing, curly hair. They were always complimenting me, touching it and liking it. The same hair I was bullied and made to feel bad about in high school was now being praised.

Strange life, isn't it?

From that point on I assumed that maturity has a lot to do with it. Because in high school we are not sensible. But in college, you are a young man starting adult life, and there you meet many adults who make you see things in a different way, a more mature and logical way.

I also understood that I must love myself as I am, and that I am perfect as I am. But above all, that whoever loves me will love me for who I am.

The love we have for ourselves is reflected in everything we do, in the love we give ourselves, in positive thoughts, in praising ourselves in front of the mirror, in not allowing anyone to humiliate us.

So, to avoid that there are cases like Britney's, or mine. We must be the person we want to be. That person who advises you properly, who supports you, who pushes you and makes you feel good.

There are already many harmful people in this world, let's make a difference, and then we will see great changes.

Zul Airan Mujica Frontado (@zulfrontado) | Venezuela.

❤️ I bid you farewell, with love and a big hug. thanks for reading!❤️

Original text by zulfrontado ©.

Original photos and images in the post by @zulfrontado taken with my BLU Studio J1 cell phone.

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Written by   87
1 month ago
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Hi, first of all thank you so much for the sponsorship! 🤗 Nice to meet you. 😊 We were all dissatisfied with some part of our body or face as teenagers, but later we realized that we are the most beautiful as we are, that our beauty is unique and over time we become proud of everything we did not like. Children can be very cruel and affect our feelings towards ourselves. You are beautiful, I like your hair very much! 😊

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1 month ago

Thanks to you for creating good content. :) Yes, that's right, in adulthood our mentality changes completely, we accept ourselves, and also others as they are. Advantages of adulthood

$ 0.00
1 month ago

this comment may not be relevant but thank you for the sponsorship. 😉

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Don't worry. I like your content, and I'm glad to support you. :)

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1 month ago

Me gusto mucho lo que has contado, y hasta me dio dolor cuando dijiste que se te empezó a caer el pelo por culpa del planchado. Sigue publicando, amiga. Saludos y éxitos.

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1 month ago

Gracias amigo. Si, fue duro, tuve que elegir entre "belleza" y salud. Pero mi decisión fue la mejor. Gracias, también tu. ¡Saludos!

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1 month ago

I think we've all been through something similar. Sometimes people don't realize the damage they are doing with their comments. It is very difficult to face them when you are a teenager because it is a stage of many insecurities. Your hair is beautiful, it's good that you left it natural.

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1 month ago

I did it a thousand ways in my teens, and nothing worked. By that time it was 2012, 2013, and those years. Not much attention was paid to bullying at school. Currently, if these cases are taken into account. I even saw a few days ago on TV that young people were put in prison for assaulting their classmates, and others were sanctioned.

At that time I didn't have that love for myself that I have now. Maybe if I had it that wouldn't have happened, I would have used more effective ways to neutralize it, I don't know. That's what I thought now that I'm an adult.

The positive part is that all that is behind me, and that with my story I intend to give a message.

Thanks for reading me. :) Since I changed the texts to English I get few readings, damn.

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1 month ago