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Own team A hard adventure

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5 months ago

That's right! I already have my own team of axies bought with my own effort in scholarships for almost 4 months. Although as usual, happiness is difficult to achieve, hehehe. I tell you all the problems I've had in these times.

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WOW!! How long have I not been here?! I have been super loaded with work and other things and have been neglectful with my life on this platform. I'm sorry about that.

Work with scholarship

As I have told you before, I was working with a scholarship for approximately 4 months and with the money generated with it, I was able to buy my own team. During half of that time the scholarship was 25%, which is quite low, but I couldn't get any better. Then they raised me to 30% and in the end I spent the last few weeks at 40%.

First I spent some time with a team (plant-fish-fish) and it went quite well. This team allowed me to stay roughly between 1100-1350 MMR. Then my manager changed me to a plant-terminator-backdoor team that was actually much better.

With this new team and 40 daily energy, I generated good profits always staying above 1550 and going up to almost 1800.

Everything was fine, but the problem was that I didn't have enough time for everything I needed to do between work, scholarship, family and other things. So when I made about $140, I talked to my manager and dropped the scholarship. I was happy with it, but I couldn't really take care of everything anymore.

Start my own adventure

Since I already had some money saved in SLP and taking advantage of the moment that it rose to $0.03, I decided to buy my own team. For a while the axies have dropped quite a bit in price so it seemed like a good time. Having my own team would no longer have the pressure of playing every day. When I had the scholarship I couldn't miss a day, because I risked losing it.

For some time I already had in mind a team that according to my analysis should be quite good. With the money I had and the lower prices, I was able to buy a team almost as planned.

Keep in mind of course that this is a low level team. With $140 total there was no money for much more.

The idea of ​​this team is to use the front plant as a tank for the first few turns while saving energy with the "0 cost" shield of "Bidens" and with the "Carrot" (which returns energy). Meanwhile, generate as much energy as possible with the “Leaf Bug” and take away as much energy as possible from the opponent with the “Serious”. Basically this plant is about energy management while tanking 3 or 4 turns. All this energy saved or generated is to be able to attack heavily with the remaining axies.

In the backline is the bird, the fastest in the game and therefore very likely to be the first to attack almost always (Unless there is another bird with the same speed and less life or lower ID on the opposing team). The birds also have a lot of damage because their cards are almost all high attack.

The purpose of this bird is simple, do as much damage as possible to the opposing team before dying. You see, there are two tricks with this bird. The "Double Talk" that hits directly to life ignoring the shield and to top it off leaves the opponent with "Sleep", so the next attack goes directly to life as well. This alone is pretty strong, especially in the late game.

The other trick is the combination between “Egg Shell” and “Pigeon Post”, both of which have great attack. The former leaves "Aroma" (makes all subsequent attacks go to you) on the bird and the latter passes all of your debuffs onto the opponent. This combination allows you to attack with "Egg Shell" without fear of keeping the "Aroma" while later in the same combo you use "Pigeon Post" to pass it to the enemy. But more importantly, if it suits you, you can also leave the “Aroma” and draw all the attacks towards the bird, to sacrifice the bird to save another axie that is more in front.

So the strategy is to attack as much as possible and then sacrifice it and end the battle with the middle axie.

For the middle axie I bought a plant that is quite strong, especially at the end of the game. Quite a shield, "Bidens" 0 cost and removes debuffs (very important especially for stuns) and also allows you to play more cards with few energy. In addition, it gives enough life with the "Zigzag", disables the opposing mouths with "Hot Butt" (VERY important) and disables the enemy horns with the "Kestrel". This is a plant that survives a lot in one on one.

This team should be pretty strong against poison teams (all 3 can be debuffed) as well as terminators. Which are the most common in ranges between 1200 and 1600.

The problems begin

Despite the fact that in theory the team promised a lot, very quickly some problems began to appear.

Problem #1

The same situation that allowed me to buy this team cheaply also means that there are now A LOT of very good teams in lower rankings, because they are cheaper. Now there are teams between 1,000 and 1,200 that used to be around 1,800. And of course, that pushes those that were in those ranges even lower. The result of this is that there are now strong teams from the lower ranks.

Problem #2

The beasts and the Mechs are rampaging this season. The critical attacks are more out of control than ever and having two plants in front puts me in an awkward position against that. I could handle it if the bird had a backdoor like the Little Owl for example, but those birds are more expensive and I didn't have access to them.

Problem #3

If you look closely, there is not much damage on the team against tanks (Plants, Dusk and Reptiles). I don't have any card from the group (Beast, Mech, Bug) which are the ones that do the most damage to them and I also have a lot of bird damage, which does less damage. I was planning to handle this with the “Double Talk” and a lot of bird damage, but in the end it proved to be not enough.

I lost many battles because I had to spend a lot of energy and cards to defeat the first and sometimes even the second axie, being plants or Dusk. Meanwhile, enemy beasts or backdoors were finishing me off.

Conclusion, the team was not good enough. Maybe at some point it was good, but not now. The result was that little by little I went down in the ranking until I even reached below 600. HEHEHEHE, 600 MMR, it's hilarious.

Solutions without giving up

It is true that at this point I was below or close to 600 ranking and earning like 10 SLP a day, hehehe. And to top it off costing less than $0.02 each SLP. Nothing, I work so hard to earn $6 a month.

However, the world belongs to the brave. I can't just give up and do nothing, so it was time to rethink things. Change strategy and start finding solutions.

In the next post I will explain the changes I made and am still making to get a better team that allows me to climb and reach the desired goals.

If you want to know how I have managed to return to the 1200 ranking, I invite you to subscribe to my user and be aware of my posts


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Thank you all….

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Written by   123
5 months ago
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