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Did you know? A couple of fun facts about Bitcoin ABC which will shock you!

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1 year ago

- Did you know that Shammah Chancellor has an email?

Why present him as "CTO of Stamp" while you can practically list him as an ABC employee, Cain?

- Did you know that the aforementioned Cain - the writer of the above article - is a listed sponsor on the website?

Why not announce your sponsorship of ABC and affiliation when writing the previously linked article?

- Did you know that Sean Ballard is a sponsor of the aforementioned Cain? Sean is also the proud contributor to the afore-aforementioned Shammah's meme competition.

Notice Sean's shout out at the bottom of the meme article: "..huge shout out to Edward C Kelsi & CoinSpice for keeping me somewhat in touch with their news"

- Did you know Edward C Kelsi came out writing articles in support of the new Coinbase rules and is now actively translating his IFP propaganda to mandarin.

This is known as shilling and manipulation. This is what ABC is engaging in.

- Did you know that ABC listed the above-mentioned shill, Edward C Kelsi "Coin Fugazi", as an organization on their roster for the BCH: SCALING THE GLOBE event?

It seems they also listed their own Employee Shammah Chancellor as an organization "Stamp Chat" too - Trying to gain relevance much?

- Going back to Sean Ballard's article above, he also gives credit to Vin Armani for the NPC Meme and #TheDimAge in his latest article - You know who Vin Armani has been calling NPCs? Us, the folks against ABC's IFP tax/theft. Vin also calls us Bitsheviks, the same term exactly used by the first-mentioned ABC shill, Shammah Chancelloer, and by the occasional hobby shills.

Reading from the same unified modus-operandi script much?

- Did you know that Tobias, the ABC contributor, is also a full time ABC IFP shill now? Maybe not on a payroll, but take a look at this, and he's of course retweeting the Bitsheviks narrative from Shammah and others.

- And for the final cherry on top, check this out . When Amaury first introduced the IFP in its initial form earlier this year, when it had a "known address" and "miner voting" criteria - Guess who he suggested should help decide where the funds are spent? Fucking Vin Armani, and three other names on Cain's list of "ABC Supporters" from the article above!!! and Read this comment defending this early position by Tobias the "neutral non-ABC shill BCH ticker follower" Ruck himself.

I mean, if the above is not a perfect fucking circle, what is?

ABC and its shills and its proposed IFP Tax/Theft are headed to the garbage can of history.

And it's a damn good riddance.

For fun, this will be a living breathing article and will be expanded upon. Stay tuned!

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Written by   30
1 year ago
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