How to overcome a termination?

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How many times have we found ourselves in a hopeless situation when we were betrayed and abandoned, when love turned its back on us, not knowing how to get over the breakup?

It's the feeling when you fly with your wings spread wide and suddenly you hit the ground, so you don't know what happened to you. Surely each of us has gone through that bitter experience of breaking up, but we have also learned a life lesson: how to suffer as little as possible when the end comes. If you are in that whirlpool and there are no lessons yet, we offer you a few tips on how to get over it.

Every breakup is difficult, painful, unbearable, but it mostly depends on how we accept it. However, grief also has its duration. The solution to the problems lies there, perhaps just around the corner.

There is no mathematical formula or magic wand with which we can solve how to get over a breakup, whether the love lasted for a short time or was in the long run.

The end of a love affair is difficult especially when a huge amount of emotion is invested in it when we give 101% of ourselves and in the end, we get nothing. No wonder this topic is so often sought after! That is why, in order not to fall into a state of depression and lilac tears for a hundred years, we offer you a couple of practical tips on how to get over the breakup of love and make the scars less or completely invisible. Because everything passes, even the pain because of the end…


Before we practically explain how to get over a breakup, let's see why we suffer so much when it's over.

When love happens, especially if it is real and mature, a miracle happens in our head and body. In fact, it’s just infatuation! Suddenly we can do everything, it seems to us that we could fly if we wanted to. In our stomach, a million butterflies are doing a show, their legs are kneeling, and the reason is no longer where it should be. There is complete chaos, but the good one - the one that gives you fuel for everything.

When the end happens, then all the boats sink, all the butterflies leave you, a collapse occurs in your head. Suddenly the picture becomes different, we are hurt, often betrayed, angry, indignant. The following questions follow: “How to proceed, how without him, how can I forget him, what exactly should happen to me? "Then we need to know how to forget and forgive and what to do after the breakup.


We were all abandoned, mourned, believed that the world was over, and eventually got over it.

Breaking up can make you a stronger, firmer, and more determined woman is just a matter of how much you want it.

So turn off the emotions, and turn on the little gray cells because there is a solution in them. Read a couple of tips with which every break will be a cat's cough for you.


Instead of sitting at home and despairing over your destiny, try to spend your free time in the fresh air with your friends. You see, time will pass quickly, and you will use your day wisely and forget about the breakup. The good company guarantees you a good time, so do not hesitate to use it.


Pride is what will help you find a way to get over the breakup, you just need to direct it to the right side. Keep to yourself, don’t call your ex-boyfriend, don’t send text messages, text messages to friends or God forbid you to follow him. Focus your emotions on something useful for you. For example, read a good book or train, visit friends you may have neglected because of it. In any case, in order to overcome the breakup, use all possible means. Show yourself and others your strength and power, activate your pride, be above yourself.


Never think about why the breakup happened. It happened because it should have happened! Maybe your story was part of karmic love. You do not look for the culprits in yourself or in him, because the real reason will not be clear to you. Don't waste time on questions: What, how, why? ”Instead, ask yourself what's next after the breakup. It is best to tell yourself that this is exactly how it was supposed to happen and in time that sentence will be etched in your memory, and you will forget that you once loved it.

If you have been made clear that the relationship is over, reconcile with destiny and move on.

There is also a variant when you are told in a twisted form that there was a split like "I need space", "I'm not for you" or the worst "The problem is in me". In any case, be realistic and understand the essence - your relationship has come to an end.


If you’re the type of woman who likes to feel sorry for yourself, maybe he was right after all so he broke up. Self-pity is not good!

Never feel sorry for yourself, because in that way you will not find a way to get over your ex, and the surroundings and even himself will look like some poor thing to you. The feeling of self-pity is for the weak, not for you.

People lose people or some other important things, so they are not brought into a state of pity. My dears, turn off this feeling of lamentation completely. That's not the way to get over a boyfriend! If you happen to fall into this state, press the RESET button immediately.


It is very important that when a relationship breaks down, you realize that you are at again, not at a loss. Don’t exaggerate your ex, his looks, traits, your love, or whatever you already have, but be realistic, because if it was good it would still last. The essence of that sentence is very important when breaking up a love affair! The sooner you understand it, the sooner you will forget it. You are not the only one who was left behind, and the others survived, so will you.

Don't let the breakup disturb you both mentally and physically. Take a deep breath and step with your heads held high into a new day, into some new love, because sadness lasts only as long as we allow it.


Don't rush into a new relationship and don't try to find a replacement for him at the first party, because love has no reserve. It will happen when the right moment comes, maybe where you don't expect it. For example, on the Internet.

Relax after the breakup, enjoy your solitude, rejoice in each new day, the little things that surround you and you were not even aware of them. Spend time with your family because they will understand you best. Cool your head, don’t think about it, open your heart and let all the sadness go away. Create a healthy foundation for some other loves.


The role of ego and self-confidence is very important in moments of a breakup, and that’s why to work on yourself. Love your selves, emphasize your virtues, love your flaws, because if you love yourself enough, others will love you. Very simple and easy - the most important thing is what kind of image you send to others about yourself and therefore just be brave.

9 proven methods on how to get over an ex-boyfriend

After a breakup, it is always the hardest thing to realize that life goes on. Nothing stops because our relationship "broke", we just need to accept the fact that we didn't like it for free and that we have a long and beautiful story behind us. When the end of "hundred years" of love happens, there is usually a period when we feel lonely, abandoned, less valuable, occupied with the question of how to get over our ex-boyfriend.

The example of a girl who was abandoned after ten years of love, and who bravely moved on, convinced me that the breakup does not have to be catastrophic, but I learned a lesson from it. When I asked her how she got over the breakup, she replied:

"I convinced myself that it wasn't my luck after all and that I should look for it at another address."

After breaking up a long relationship, the most important thing is to repair the consequences of the end of love, see where you are now and find out what happens after the breakup. Here are a couple of tried and tested ways that are very important for the moment when you are left alone:

1. Focus only on yourself, take care of yourself, your health, your appearance, and your mind. Try to reconnect with yourself because this is an ideal opportunity for you. Love yourself again and discover what you really want. Change your hairstyle, become a shopaholic, change everything you want, simply do everything to please yourself. And even lying on the couch all day if that helps. Be selfish.

2.Forget and forgive, because that is one of the healthiest ways to get over it. If you don't do that, breaking up will be a nightmare that is hard to get out of. The worst that can happen to you is a feeling of contempt. You don’t do that at all because that way you despise both your past and your love. Pull yourself together and gather all your strength to forgive, so your heart will be able to love again. Don't argue about it with others, do it with yourself.

3.Dodon't look for him, don't call and don't ask him to come back, because if he rejects you again, your grief will be even greater. Trying to "patch" a relationship is the worst way to get over a breakup. There is probably no help here because once it bursts, it will burst again. GIVE UP THE IDEA OF ACTING SELOT TAPE.

4.Do does not communicate with him or his close friends. Isolate yourself from him. Try to forget him as soon as possible, if necessary, delete his phone number, do not go to places where he is, avoid meeting for a while, because that way you will easily forget him.

5.Dododon't count the days of loneliness, don’t count the days of a breakup, rule out the possibility that you’ll be together again.

6.Dododon't force the story of memories! It will only make matters worse after the breakup. Erase all memories of him. It’s not as easy as wiping something with an eraser, but it’s something you have to try to find a way out and a way to get over it.

7.Be optimistic, believe in a better tomorrow, in a new love. You should never become caustic and jealous of someone else's happiness because that feeling will completely "fry" you. That feeling is most common after a breakup, so be careful not to fall into the trap.

8.Seek the help of a friend or professional if the breakup has left deep traces. Don't be ashamed - and it's for people.

9. Feel free to repay which round. Don't hide your feelings, if crying will help you get rid of your pain and find a way to do it again after the breakup. Remember, you are not a robot. However, that love lasted, so he deserves to shed a few tears.

Get over the breakup with a new love!

A new relationship as an antidepressant

The break-up is like a signpost towards gaining maturity and preparation to love again, to surrender again, but this time to the right one. Sadness, pain, disappointment, hurt pride, anger - everything disappears when a new love appears in your life. Then the breakup of the previous relationship is seen with a smile, and the question "How do you get over the end?" Is replaced by the question: "God, where were my eyes?"

Believe me - some new guy will wake up all the volcanoes in you again, make butterflies cause chaos in your stomach, turn your brain so that you won't know your name and you will be nervous before the first meeting. It is the solution to all women's problems and the best way to get over a breakup. New love is like an antidepressant! So learn in time to recognize signals that someone likes you!

Indulge in new love, do not build it on the remains of the previous one, do not compare, do not measure. Let him love you, raise you from the ashes again. Believe in yourself and in the new love and give it a chance.

When everything passes and when you find a way to get over the breakup, when you forget your ex and cure yourself of a disease called "the end of love", you will realize that nothing is eternal and impossible. Like that love, sorrow has its duration. Dusko Radovic said it nicely:

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Since it has been holy and eternal, and of course man, that question has been on everyone's mind. You need to learn self-control and that everything has an end. Find comfort and value yourself more.

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Interesting article by you

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Time heals painful wounds ... Preoccupy yourself with other things, try to stay in a correct relationship with your ex-loved one and the wound will heal ...

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How to overcome the breakup - difficult. You just have to keep in mind that it will pass. Time heals everything, doesn't it.

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