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2 years ago

This article examines something useful for some of you.

Initially I used it to erase mental television programming.

Eventually it began to demonstrate more interesting utility.

This article describes the design of "The Eye of The-One-Law",

...and brief introduction on how to use it.

A recent rendition of "Eye of The-One-Law"

The Design

This originally began as developing a more expressive logo
for material describing The-One-Law .


While investigating various aspects of The-One-Law
how to portray it became an important goal.

Real-life events that occurred beginning
with the arrival of the Covid crisis
hinted this would lead to something more than just a logo.

Events began to demonstrate this would be a way
to communicate the message of The-One-Law
without internet or other communications.

This is all just simple symbolic design
yet it can summon the power of the subconscious mind
within whoever chooses to live The-One-Law:

".No Being Shall Violate another Being."


The design is fabricated upon
a white rectangular media of no particular size.

The media has an aspect ratio "crudely approximating" 1.25

'Equi-centered' within one end of the rectangle
is a round yellow disc representing a 'portal'.

This 'portal' is the center of the 'eye'.

The 'portal' symbolizes the safe space
of welcome acceptance and collaboration within The-One-Law.

The yellow 'portal' is embraced by a

+ round green ring symbolizing life energy which transforms into

+ a thicker round ring of blue mental Power, fringed by

+ a final thin violet halo of Authority within The-One-Law.

It presents itself as a round 'eye',
slightly off center within its media.

Of particular importance is that
none of the color spectrum
ranging from black through brown, red, and orange
have any place within the design.

This description is neither a technical drawing
nor some ultimate specification.

This is simply a 'final design' guide arrived at
after weeks of consideration and revision
about how to symbolize a two-way portal I see.

Every rendition will differ individually;
there is no true version outside the mind.

Using the "Eye of The-One-Law"

1. As a Shield

A simple physical shield against undesirable influences.


I described how to block malevolent entities that use a portal (television) to program your mind inside your home and life.

{ The article demonstrated
how to end the endless social programming that
television inflicts upon your conscious and subconscious mind.}

Covering your television with such a shield
helps you focus only on intentions that care about you.

It is not about just disposing the 'bad influence':
- it is about symbolically silencing the 'bad influence'
and replacing that source with healthier thought processes.

When you dispose of a 'bad influence' you need to replace
the energy which you have become addicted to receiving from it.

( Otherwise you may replace one bad influence with something worse.)

This is the reason that you need to begin by leaving the
disabled 'bad influence' in the usual location until you have
grown accustomed to what replaces it.

What this visibly represents is a transformation
within your own mind, your behavior,
and, ultimately, your entire being.

2. Collaboration

As a way of collaborating with others within The-One-Law.

Just hang or drape it wherever you wish
and understand that whenever you look at it
that it has ghost images of itself in other places.

These other places may be anywhere that
others who collaborate within The-One-Law live.

Understanding that others also embrace your
collaboration in The-One-Law can transform
the way you think about your life.

If you seek to live among
we who acknowledge your Liberty to enjoy your Freedom
then you will understand that we support each other
in a "prosper thy neighbor" context.


It is only possible to use the "Eye of The-One-Law"
with a mind committed to collaborating with others
who live within The-One-Law.

Collaboration is a purely mental effort and
does not require any physical or other effort.

This is a two-way collaboration:

Anyone else looking at one of these is
also thinking about you and your collaboration.

The act of looking at this portal alters your mind
and prepares your subconscious to recognize
opportunities that you might otherwise never see.

That you use it this way also alters how you behave.

The influence of your simple act of connecting
with the Eye will affect how others treat you.

Their subconscious will recognize your connection
in ways that conscious observation can never see.

All of these effects
are simply the result of you taking a daily moment
to view the "Eye" with a mind to collaborating with
all others who are hoping to collaborate with you.

If it helps you visualize how it works,
you can think of it as a sort of subconscious internet.

When the electricity and communications fail,
this will still work from the power of your own mind.

3. Finding guidance and insight

It is a portal to seeking help from others within The-One-Law.

You can summon from within yourself
the ability to find the help you need to grow your life.

Understand that we all support you
simply because you choose to be one of us.

All that is necessary is to carefully
write down what help you need and then
read that aloud into the "Eye of The-One-Law"

(Do not murmur, mutter, or whisper - use your normal speaking voice.)

What you speak your subconscious will eventually actualize.

4. This Portal works both ways within The-One-Law

When you look at the "Eye of The-One-Law"
you are effectively looking out
from inside other images of "Eye of The-One-Law".

Also, your subconscious will perceive from those in turn,
as if you could see everyone looking to help you
from within the "Eye of The-One-Law".

It is a window into our universe within The-One-Law.

When you speak to the "Eye of The-One-Law"
you are effectively speaking out from
other sites of "Eye of The-One-Law".

Again, your subconscious will hear from those others as well.

Understand that this tunes your mind and being
to receive only those intentions which commit to never violate you.

This can only work if you commit to not violate anyone:

The-One-Law = ".No Being Shall Violate another Being."

The only way to participate is to accept that:
(outside of physical self-defense)
any intention to violate someone else cripples your mind.

This means you must find ways
to abandon any malice you intend toward anyone.

Understand the collaboration you offer
rewards you with collaboration
from sources you may never know.

Some collaboration you offer
may benefit those you may never meet.

5. Becoming a Sanctuary

Understand that this is
more than just an effort by you with a symbol.

This is a collaboration with all those who would help you
be Sanctuary of The-One-Law in your own locale.

6. Future

The "Eye of The-One-Law"
has yet another utility to empower a community site
which awaits a proper demonstration to describe.

Hopefully this can be documented for all, soon...

Eye of The-One-Law © 2021 by sanctuary.the-one-law is licensed under CC BY 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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2 years ago


Love it! Have been so damn busy the past days, I still remember I promised the spanish translations! I might just start by putting up the eye of the one law on a wooden sign at the upcoming BCH Beach! Gotta get these colors first! We have spectacular artists here, is it still as effective if someone else paints it?

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2 years ago

"been so damn busy the past days "

I certainly know the feeling,
like a trapeze artist trying to paint watercolors in midflight.

"I might just start by putting up the eye of the one law on a wooden sign at the upcoming BCH Beach!"

Excellent - That would be fantastic ✅ 🏅
I wish I could visit...

"...is it still as effective if someone else paints it?"

Absolutely - the design was created with the thought
that anyone can do it any way they can,
anywhere on the planet,
without worrying about being 'perfect'.

I have a new article brewing which might fit your BCH Beach scene:
When is the "BCH Beach" planned to happen ?
I have a thought to explore...

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2 years ago

its happening right now, but we will officially launch in a few months when everyone is well trained to give the tourists the best possible experience! I will definitely release an article here!

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2 years ago