For You Peers within the Realm of The One Law

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You may be a Peer within the Realm of The One Law

If you live according to The One Law:

.No Being shall violate another Being.

then you are already a Peer.

Becoming a Peer within the Realm of The One Law is exquisitely a personal commitment to yourself to live within The One Law.
When your commitment to yourself is true then your commitment will begin to reward you accordingly.

There is no

  • joining or subscription required

  • email/phone number required

  • KYC or identification necessary

  • pledge of allegiance

  • secret handshakes or rituals

  • forms to fill out

  • fees to pay

  • ceremonies to attend

  • goofy clothing to wear

  • or any other requirement.

There are no restrictions on

  • when you were born

  • where you were born

  • who your parents were

  • what color your skin is

  • what gender you are

  • or other circumstantial trivia.

As Peer,
you have the same authority as any of us within the Realm of The One Law.

You already have:

all the Freedom

all the Liberty

all the Authority

that comes by not violating other Beings.

What does it mean, becoming a
Peer of the Realm of The One Law ?

It means you have a perspective that differs from most people.
This difference changes the way you act and that alters the way others will act toward you.
Just being someone who will not violate others at whim transforms you from being just another human into something more like a celestial being from another galaxy.

Understand this:
Every society on this planet earth
violates Beings at whim and then justifies their acts by opinion,
often using governments or other entities as proxies.
Being a Peer within The One Law means you have internally committed to not participating in any of that violence.
You may not recognize what others perceive intuitively.
They can see you as someone who

  • brings hope though the door when you arrive and

  • leaves gratitude hanging in the air when you depart.

It also means you have transcended being just another mind:
You are part of a collaboration than spans more space and time than you may imagine.
The impact upon your own awareness this realization brings defies description.

Your awareness will affect the behavior of others around you.
In the same manner that emotions can be 'contagious',
so can behavior by others be affected by your presence as a Peer.

.No Being Shall Violate another Being.

What can Peers of the Realm of The One Law do ?

Our imagination is the only limit.

First, we can help ourselves to free ourselves from circumstances of violent events. This at least can strengthen our abilities to reach out to help others we care about.

Let us explore what we can do.

If you want help and support for your needs

you can collaborate with any of us Peers to find solutions.

Although we can chat here there are many other places and methods to communicate.

We embrace your collaboration.

What do we want ?

Simply to prosper all of us as a 'diaspora' community

exploring the wonders of our universe in voluntary peace.

Because we are anywhere, many of us may never meet physically.

This is, however, not a barrier to collaboration.

In some instances this can make collaboration easier.

How can we best do this ?

First, simply be the best example of being yourself.

Others will come to see your manners as leadership.
They will adapt from your patience and wisdom they witness.
At this moment in history your actions speak louder than you think.

There are many more ways which we can discuss.

Thank you for considering all this content.

Your questions are welcome, of course.

Previous content particularly relevant to this post: unpacks what The One Law means regarding Freedom, Liberty, and Authority. Understanding what it means will liberate you to achieve beyond what you may have imagined possible. peeks at how easy anyone can feel about this.
We are all just ordinary people from anywhere.

This unleashed a string of realizations:
Beginning with this I began to see more clearly a path toward describing what is the Realm of The One Law.

Eye of The One Law, later fabrication uncompleted.

The Eye of The One Law is a canvas for the mind.

You can use it to focus your mind away from circumstance toward what you wish to inform yourself.

A large Thank You to @BeardedCake

for providing a Spanish Translation of this article at


The bitcoin whitepaper recognized us first: 😇

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

Satoshi Nakamoto

Abstract. A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online

payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a

financial institution.

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It is the first time I read about you or better said about the unique law and I find it very interesting, because, to achieve the spiritual path and the connection with our Supreme Self, it is necessary to be full and clean of all discordant energy or vibration. Above all to make a cleaning of all those false beliefs that we handle and that come as an annex to ourselves since childhood. It is not difficult to do it, we just have to work on it. I will be very attentive to your publications.

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2 years ago

Thank you for your beautiful accuracy.

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2 years ago

Gracias por crear estos documentos tan importantes. Santuary.

Sucede cuando conoces a personas en el trabajo y deseas darle una mano quedan sorprendidos por que no esperas nada a cambio, de igual forma sucede cuando ves un problema que puedes solucionar y aportas a llevarlo a buen termino, tambien se da cuando algun vampiro de tiempo eta absorviendo la vida de otras personas y haces un frente o le enseñas a las personas para que no sean exclavos , gracias por tu contenido :).

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2 years ago