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Kamal Hossain is ashamed to sleep in the same bed with his wife.

He also faced such a situation on the night of Basar. But this time the situation is a little different. He returned home this morning after spending 20 consecutive years in exile.

In these long twenty years, he has only talked to his wife on the phone a few times. When he came to the village this morning, he saluted his feet and just said, 'Are you all right?' That's all there was to it!

Since then he has been busy in the kitchen all day, never coming to the front.

Guests admitted to the house on the occasion of Kamal Hossain's arrival. The people of the village are coming and going after a while.

Jahanara, the only daughter of his collar piece, has not come yet.

He moved to Dubai when his daughter Jahanara was two years old.

That little girl is now studying at a public university. Even though he thought about it, Kamal Hossain felt calm in the midst of hundreds of sorrows.

What kind of exam is going on in Jahanara varsity. So he could not come. He said he will come in a day or two.

I know how Kamal Hossain is feeling uncomfortable. He has been sitting alone ever since. His wife is still fidgeting in the kitchen! He called his wife in a soft voice, Julekha?

After waiting for a while, Julekha Begum entered the room with the veil and said, 'Sit down for a while, there is a little work left in the kitchen, I am coming to finish.' Saying this, Julekha Begum went out again.

Kamal Hossain was worried and sat on the bed this time. His mind is confused and wondering if his wife is still arrogant or ashamed to come forward after so long !!

20 years is a lot of time! I thought to myself that it may take some time for Zulekha to become normal.

Kamal Hossain's mind goes back many years to the past. How old will Zulekha be then! Sixteen or seventeen big force! Then she became the wife of this house.

The shy teenager's immaculate face started getting dirty day by day when she came to Onton's family due to lack of money.

Zulekha gave birth to a baby girl in the year of marriage.

The old mother used to say, 'In the unfortunate world, the burnt forehead gave birth to Maya? From the day this burnt forehead became a wife in this house, Saturn has been in this world. '

Kamal Hossain tolerated his mother's words. The mother's head is gone due to lack of money. This woman has worked hard in her father's family.

Even though he is a boy, he is still not able to give peace of mind to his mother. What could be a bigger trouble than this?

Daughter Jahanara had to pay for her father-in-law's house till Akika. One day Zulekha was crying and saying to him,

  • -'How long! Do nothing yourself? Maya is growing up in front of her eyes, does she have no future? '

  • - 'Even if my wife sells my blood, I will make her human. Don't worry.

  • I have made a difficult decision, I will know when the time is right. '

  • That night Kamal Hossain had a long talk with Fazlur.

On the day of going to Dubai with the help of Adam businessman Fazlu, Kamal Hossain started getting closer and closer.

But Zulekha is adamant that he should not go abroad.

One day Julekha was crying and saying,

- 'Please don't go abroad.

I fall on both your legs. I don't need anything. '

But Kamal Hossain sits with his head down. He does not answer Julekha's words.

Zulekha wiped away the tears and said again, your tears can make your journey unlucky. When the intention is done. All right, go. '

On the day of his departure, his mother bids him farewell, weeping. He caresses his daughter like crazy.

Zulekha was lying in the room with the door locked, but the door did not open even after shouting.

As Kamal Hossain was leaving the house, he could hear Zulekha's belching and crying from outside.


Even though the fathers and grandfathers worked hard, they never saw the face of money.

But, Kamal Hossain came to Dubai and saw the face of that money.

But there was a deep problem, he could not come to the country due to lack of proper paperwork visa.

The hard news of her mother's death was heard over the phone.

Zulekha sometimes gets depressed while talking on the phone.

Little girl Jahanara Tao has also learned to speak. Wants to talk on the phone all the time. As the girl grows older, the way she speaks also changes. Dad will bring it, Dad will bring it.

Turn around and just ask, when will you come, father?

The mother and daughter did not lack anything. Sent everything more than needed.

His target girl has spoken,

His daughter is studying at Chittagong University where some of the clans could not set foot in the college. What could be more satisfying?

At one point, with the help of the Bangladeshi embassy, ​​the right visa passport came to hand.

After settling all the problems, he set foot on the soil of the country in the morning after a long 20 years.

While reminiscing, Kamal Hossain fell asleep for a while.

Wakes up and calls Zulekha. The hurricane was burning inside the house. Tears welled up in Zulekha's eyes as she looked up.

Kamal Hossain took Zulekha's hand and asked,

  • 'How are you?

  • - 'I'm fine.'

  • -'Why were you hiding like that all day? '

  • - 'Nowhere! I have to do all the work alone at home. '

- 'Then why are you keeping a working woman? When you have to do so much work alone?'

- 'These are not working daughters! Each one is like a Nawabzada. After the evening he went to his house with the excuse that I have to handle everything alone. '

Kamal Hossain is smiling when he hears about Zulekha. Zulekha has been talking to him like this for a long time, which makes him feel very good.

Kamal Hossain opened his suitcase and started taking out various things for writing.

Julekha said in a wet voice, 'Why was it necessary to spend so much money to bring these?'

Kamal Hossain then took out an expensive sari and said, 'Do you know how much it costs in Bangladeshi rupees? Twenty thousand rupees! '

Zulekha was a little surprised and said,

It's so expensive! ' Immediately his face became a little grumpy, 'What will happen with such an expensive sari in old age?'

Kamal Hossain remained silent for a while and said, 'Will you keep one word?'

Zulekha replied in an embarrassed voice, "What did you say?"

'Will you just wear the wedding sari again for tonight?'

After hearing the strange plea in her husband's face, Zulekha's face became 'th'.

Kamal Hossain said again, 'Julekha, I will not get the previous colorful times, now at this age there is nothing wrong with finding it!

Zulekha blushed in shame and started to open the cupboard. I know why a flood of joy is flowing inside her after so long!


Jahanara came home in the morning. She got on the train at ten o'clock last night without telling anyone. Shortly after the Fajr Azan, the train came to a halt at its destination station.

  • Inside the house, two human women are sleeping hugging together!

  • Jahanara's screams woke them up.

  • Zulekha Begum hurried out to the Bible and saw her daughter standing in the yard with a bag on her shoulder.

  • Jahanara is his mother

  • Seeing the red sari of the wedding, he stood at a distance and smiled.

Seeing such a secret smile on the girl's face, Julekha looked at herself and fell into great shame. When she enters the house to change her sari quickly, the door knocks on her husband's chest! Seeing that, Jahanara flinched and laughed.

Kamal Hossain is staring at his daughter. The girl looked as beautiful as her mother. What a beautiful smile on her face, just like her mother. Then Jahanara came running and hugged him.

Tears came to Kamal Hossain's eyes with joy. Today is his day of great joy.

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