My New Game Plan this 2021

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3 years ago

I was busy for the whole day packing up my stuff so we're about to move out to another house. I thought we'll be staying here for a few months and just like from our previous home, there were a lot of defects around this house and the owner is quite a loudmouth. Anyway, tomorrow in the afternoon we'll be moving out so here's my new game plan.

No more Job Hunting. Go Full Time here!

The moment I got demotivated from using this platform for the past few weeks, that's when I decided to hunt for job openings that suit my experience, even in content writing. Also, I wanted to go back to the BPO industry. I was having second guesses will I go back to my first company? Or find a new one?

After countless applications sent to recruiters and clients, all of the jobs that I applied for are still pending. It's been months, or weeks now. So, from this day forth, I'll continue to write more. I was able to do it for the past 6 months, and aside from using this full-time, I'm going to find another source of income.

Don't place your eggs in just one basket

I'm not just going to focus on using this full-time, but there are a lot of ways to earn more income. It can be 2, or 3, or maybe more that I can do to earn more. I remember when I used this, it became my side-line while I was working at Teleperformance.

I am overwhelmed with my salary, and I can't remember how much was it every payout. If I need to tighten my belt to save, then I don't have to worry since BCH is always there to the rescue. The moment I left my previous company, this became my lifeline as of today.

Save from my Emergency Funds

I remember when I was able to save from my other bank account as for my emergency funds. The moment I left the company, I don't have a place to stay, that's when I visited my best friend last year and witnessed how the pandemic changed their lives. The following day, I was roaming around in the City of Makati the whole day and decided to sleep outside.

But it was unrelaxing for me when I experienced it for the first time. From endless honking to other distractions, luckily, my emergency funds were transferred to my digital wallet on the next day, but the hotel I'm staying they don't cater any digital wallets as a payment method, but still, I have a few bucks to check-in and have it transferred to my bank account.

My current emergency funds from GCash - CIMB

It's very important to have a back-up account that serves as for your emergency funds, now I'm able to get back the amount that I previously spend (that's P1.5K or P2K from my previous trip). If you're currently working, then you'll need to have another one or create a new one that serves as your emergency funds.

It can only be used for when you lost your job, you lost profit from your business, or you had an accident but hopefully not to happen. You can save up to a few bucks that are either 10 or 20% off your salary. Whatever the situation may be, your emergency funds will always be around for you, and they can only be used for the time being.

The funny story is, I now have 2 wallets. One's connected from my smartphone and the other is from my laptop, so whoever has that highest amount, that's where I'll send my money to my digital wallet, and the lowest amount goes to my other wallet, but it can be vice versa, so my next plan is.

HODL (Hold for Dear Life!) Bitcoin Cash

Hold the Door! I mean... Hold your earnings!

For the past 3 months, I've tried different applications where I can hold my earnings. was my first digital wallet when I started using this website. Months later, my friend introduced to me another wallet called Celsius.Network, which I didn't know he's now also investing in cryptocurrency.

I tried using Celsius for a month, and unlike there's a deduction fee, and it will take me hours to wait for the transfer to be completed, but in Celsius, it took 20 to 30 minutes and I'll be notified that the transfer is complete. No deductions. Another best feature in Celsius, you'll get earning rewards from your crypto or token of choice, depends on how many APY%.

This is where I'll do my HODL-ing at Celsius.Network

I've read a lot from different members here that are HODL-ing their BCH, and I would say that this crypto would shape the future of cryptocurrency. It became our source of income, whether part-time or full-time and let's say it became a problem solver for us in this current situation.

I'm challenging myself from this day forth, I am going to HODL my earnings, by transferring the funds I earned on my wallet, and check my progress once a week, hoping it would reach 1 BCH. It will not be easy, but the road ahead will be very tough for me.

Indeed, life is very hard, I've been on that tough road and I thought that would be the happiest days of my life and these people will try to pound me into the ground, but it is time for me to saddle up, dig in, and fire as I face each obstacle.

I'm not going to give up, and now that I'm back, I've told this many times now. My life doesn't end here, there will be new opportunities to come with endless possibilities.

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3 years ago


Nice. I learned a lot here. Anyways, about the Celcius app... what's the difference of it compared to the wallet?

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3 years ago

Haven't used wallet yet. Comparing this to other wallets like Coinbase, Binance, and, Celsius.Network's transfer/deposit works only a few minutes instead of waiting for hours, and you'll earn a weekly reward depending on your choice of crypto.

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3 years ago

Nice. I wanna try it too. Gonna download that app. I am using wallet and now as it was the recommended wallet by this platform. 😊

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3 years ago

Goodluck po for your game plan, sana maging successful at maayos ang lahat ng nasa plano. Do your best po and keep writing here on Again Goodluck!!😃 🙂

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3 years ago

Salamat, paps!😁😄

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3 years ago