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Hello Read Dot Cash family, how is everyone doing around here, hope everything is so fine. I never wanted to write any article today, but on seeing the great articles in this community brought a fresh energy on me, haha, that's why i decided to write. Since January has ended, i will be making a summary of all the articles i have made here for the month. Hope you will find some good lessons in it.

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The Uncomfort Zone Where The Magic Happens:

This was my first article here on the platform, until today i don't know what gave me the boldness to come up with such a great article. In this article a young lady was so afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone into the uncomfort zone. She was so comfortable where she was not knowing that she was limiting herself from growing im every aspect of her life. Comfort zones will always have all the luxury we would ever desire, but if we stay long there we will never realize who we truly are, what we can do, etc. I was forced out of my comfort zone bacause i needed to find my passion. It was a thing that scared me but i never worry because i know exactly what i wanted to achieve. Moving out of our comfort zones may seem impossible, but be bold enough to take that first step into the uncomfort zones, and the experience you will get will help build you into a better version of you.

Read full article here: The Uncomfort Zone Where The Magic Happens

The word i thought of "Strong":

Everyone here have had ugly moments that made us sad in one way or the other, moments that will make us want to give up on ourselves. As long as we are still staying in this world some days won't go as we planned, an know this that after a teary night comes a joyful morning. Sometimes this setbacks are there to make us stronger than what we were before. No matter what happen, keep believing in yourself, have this confident assurance that everything will be alright. And above all, love yourself the more as this will make you more stronger and confident enough to without any situation.

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This time, I won’t let fear win - Pejudear:

At some point in our live, we've always given3n fear the chance to rule over us which is not suppose to be so. And if we still allow fear to enslave us, we will never realize the great opportunities that lies beyond what we are afraid of doing. If because of the fear to fail we are afraid to try out something then we are loosing a lot because in every mistake there is always a great lesson to learn from it. Like i said in my other article, staying in our comfort zone is a sign that we are afraid to try something new and extraordinary, move out of your comfort zone and start working towards achieving your dreams, and stop allowing fear to limit you. Lets be bold enough to challenge fear starting from today, it can never win again. Take this into consideration and you will be glad you did.

Really full article here: This time, I won’t let fear win - Pejudear

Celebrate small achievements: Growth mindset:

As a writer here on the platform, i celebrate myself for every article i write. Though it may not be the best around here but i still celebrate myself for it knowing that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. My tomorrow will always be better than now. No matter how small our dreams may be, we should celebrate it, because the more we celebrate it the more it grows into something huge. Take a look at your life and see how far you have gone, friends our lives is worth celebrating. Always be happy for the little you have friends.

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Love who you are:

Loving who you are sounds like a very difficult thing to do, but as you are growing everyday learn to love yourself as each day passes. Remember a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, start from somewhere. There are days when i fill like giving up on myself just for nothing so serious, and there are days i love myself for everything i do. It won't just happen so easily, but when you have mastered the proces with time, loving yourself for who you are will worth everything. No matter who you are, the mistakes you have made in the past, what you are capable of doing etc shouldn't stop you from loving yourself. Friend will always disappoint you the very moment you need them the most, but the only person who will be there for you is YOU. When everything seems ugly and dark, be your best friend. You can only stay positive and happy always if you love who you are.

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I Hope You Dance:

I see dance as a best way to express ones feelings. It is so full of lessons to learn from. If we love dancing then we will know a lot about life itself, our self-confidence will be strong. Dance has so much in it that if i want to mention them, the list will never end. Some people say it's another way of doing exercise, but i see it as an incredibly spiritual phenomenon which has the ability to mend a broken heart, heal the body and soul and the mind. Get on your feet and start dancing now if you need a change in your life.

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Have a dream:

I define dream as that one thing you love doing so easily without stress you are so passionate about it. Everyone of us have dreams, very few know exactly what is their dream even from a young age. But if you've not come to the know of knowing what your dreams are, find something and start doing, those things that makes you happy when you do them. You should never settle on one thing if you want to discover your dreams through this method, try doing different things to see what you like and what you dislike. It is likely to take a longer time before you realize your dreams, don't give up, continue and at the end you will be happy you did.

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I owe a lot to and BCH:

This is a personal one here. has really impacted my life in so many aspects, it is given mean an opportunity to discover my writing skills, and also giving me the opportunity to earn the best crypto BCH. I know very well that even moment i spend here is not wasted as i am learning from other writers here. I am not up to a month since i singed up here, but i am feeling like a year old in the platform. The love and acceptance from other members is nothing to be compare to other platform. I love this community of Bitcoin Cash lovers. I owe a lot to read dot cash, and i hope that through out my stay my contents will impact the community on a positive side.

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Just a simple and true fact: Bitcoin Cash is the future:

I won't say much here as we all know that BCH has all the potentials to becoming the world currency. If we really want to enjoy true freedom, lets fight to make Bitcon Cash achieve its true purpose to which it was created. Freedom is all we need, lets make it happen.

Read full article here: Just a simple and true fact: Bitcoin Cash is the future

I can do this | You can do this | BCH can do this:

No matter how it seems now, lets just keep our focus straight. A lot of discrimination will come by in all of this lets derive inspiration to even fight the more. We are heading somewhere, so we shouldn't allow what people say to make us doubt ourselves or what we believe in. We will all get to out destinated point in life. BCH will fulfill its purpose no matter what. We are made to win and winning will be ours forever.

Read full article here: I can do this | You can do this | BCH can do this

This is just a summary of all the articles i made for the month of january. I hope i will do better this month. Thank you all for the inspiration. I love everyone.

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Thank you for reading!!!!

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Sometime we gone to to a very long way in overthinking point and when we preach to our exceed limit then we start overthinking

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This is just an example of a good writer...I wish I can learn from your works... anyway nice write up

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Thank you for that. But i am still hoping to get better at writing better articles

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I can see that you're a good writer. Just keep on going and keep interacting with other users so they can read your work:)

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Thank you for the advice...

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