The Uncomfort Zone Where The Magic Happens

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2 years ago

Looking at my blank screen like a baby before i started typing, immediately i was overwhelmed by my own thoughts. Until now, i never thought to myself that i will ever write, or that i will ever share a piece of article, or that i would ever sign up to a platform that will demand me to write.

Over time, i couldn't recount how many times i had to force myself out of my comfort zone. As a person i never liked or welcomed the idea of writing long form articles. But each day that passes, my desire for writing grew stronger, i needed people to read my own work, have a feel of what i've got on the inside of me through my writing. Oh! I am beginning to feel more bold enough, and this feeling is hitting fear off me.

If i was ever told that i will have this passion one day, i would never listen or believed such a fellow. I was so relaxed and comfortable in reading other peoples work, and it's making me feel bad about myself. But now i have come to realize that i need to bring out the writer in me. I never thought i would have this passion one day, that i will desire to change from being just a reader to a writer also. The change is finally come, and i need to give it way.

Other personal issues of life have made me face a lot of challenges, causing me to step out of my comfort zone to do something extraordinary. But yet, this is another one here, making me to move out of my comfort zone of always reading other peoples work to writing mine. After finding enough comfort in congratulating, and upvoting other peoples publications, i am now being moved to also put my own out there for people to read.

Writing scares me, haha, but i have no other choice than to do it. I hope throughout this period, i will be creative with great topic ideas, making people feel safe, entertained, and relaxed throughout. It will shock you to know that our comfort zones has everything sweet in it, the joy of staying there is out of this world, everything feels comfortable. BUT FOR A REASON!

If we feel we should stay more longer in our comfort zones, we will never get to realize the kind of precious contents we carry on the inside of us, how talented we are, and how creative and knowledgeable we will be when we opt to trying something new entirely.

Right now, i have been sent out of my comfort zone, haha. It is not a problem to me as it will allow me to discover my passion, and i desire to be sent into more new uncomfortable zone. I will be shaken and scare at first, but i have got nothing to worry as they will help me to grow in experience, wisdom, and also put me in a good position to become a better version of me.

Know this, each time we come to a conclusion and take that first step outside and beyond our comfort zones, we are automatically telling ourselves without say a word that we are so ready for any challenge that comes around, give ourselves the opportunity to yearn for growth and change on every side.

Everyone of us reading this has comfort zones, that place where we feel so relaxed, and comfortable, you don't want to stress out your brain in thinking of new ideas. But have we ever thought of what will happen if we move from the comfort to the uncomfort? I have my own answer to that, and i guess you do too.

Here i am now, i have been pushed out of my comfort zone, i was so scared at the start, but i know my life will never remain the same. I have opened up myself to great opportunities i would never have dreamed of. And trust me, my life will change for the better.

We should never be afraid of getting out of our comfort zones it might look tough at the start, but the experiences you will get will change your life for good, it will have the ability to make you into a better and more stronger you.

On the outside of our comfort zones lies a beautiful space for growth, and everyone of us so deserve such an experience.

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2 years ago