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Back to work(stress + workload + OT)😌😌

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1 month ago

September 20, 2021

I actually can't seem to be blessed to have a very nice sick leave because when I came back to work I was bombarded with so much stuff to do.
Happy to be back? Yes partly but mostly not because I miss my son already lol!

And my day start the earliest and I can't slack of the whole day because of too much work and the endless telephone calls. I wish to cut of our telephone wire but glad I managed to control myself before doing so.

On the road at 4am

My Ate woke me up earlier like 3am because we need to be go early, so my son stands in the comfort room with close eyes. I didn't wake him up but my Ate's voice is loud enough for him to be startled. So I had a security guard while taking a quick bath lol!

I told him to go sleep next his grandma because Mama needs to go, kiss him goodbye and we went off. It is really effin cold out even if I wore a jacket the coldness of the early morning still sinks in my skin especially that my hair is still dripping brrrrrrrrrrr.

And since I left my keys in my workmate and I arrived in the office earlier so I doze off a little than 10 minutes. I also get to make some noise in noise cash earlier.


I was amused actually, because the moment Lady Boss came in the office , she never stop talking about her rants and her struggle last week since I was on leave. I know she can't do some of my work but sometimes she just can't get the work done fast because she's old as she say and she's not a multitasker. I kept laughing while she's telling me all the events that happened last week. She even told me not to make a leave longer than a day because she can't do all the things I do on a daily basis. Aigooooo... can I just say that sometimes Lady Boss loves depending on people, maybe because of her age or she was just used to be around the people who can do things quickly.

And so I had a very very very ....ghaaaaddd..a lot of work to do. I guess I might regret having a leave for too long, these stacks are killing me honestly.

struggle yarn????

So since we have some evaluation and a site visit tomorrow we need to finish these stuff of connecting the papers to make it big since the key plan is very important on every site visit as your guide.

We just break the whole drawing and expand it print it in an A3 size paper and then connects it.

outcome of the connected paper drawing

This is the outcome, actually we kept on redoing it because the printer sometimes missed a single printed drawing that's why we can't arranged it properly. And after and hour or so, it was done. And time to go home, oh time for them to go home.

laundry time

Since I am done with one quartz of my work , I put my hand and eyes to rest and brought my dirty clothes to the laundry. Guys! it's not my idea but Lady Boss', she told me to let my dirty clothes to be gone into the laundry than do it myself since the comfort in the office is so small and I can't move freely and that is the reason why I brought my clothes to laundry and get it after an hour, the laundry shop is just in front of our building so it's convenient and fast and no hassle at all.

sotanghon for dinner

While waiting for the laundry to be done I grabbed some cup sotanghon for my dinner since the worms in my stomach is shouting for food, good thing I have some stocks from last week so as easy as putting hot water in it and then dinner is solved.

coffee with whipped cream on top

And since I missed coffee so much, I ordered some through foodpanda, courtesy of Urbanica. It really did taste good and I was satisfied and might order again if given the chance, and it's free of charge in delivery. And while I was savoring my coffee my BFF called so we talked for two hours long ack, and now I am it's late already hahahah but good thing I get to talk to her and talking with her is not boring at all ..

Hello, I just shared how I managed my first day of going back to work from a long break after my vaccination. I was actually happy to be back to work and be like me again, the busy body and running always out of time. This is the normal life I had and being at rest makes me uncomfortable honestly, since I only had minimal chores at home. So yeah I'm back again...yay!

Thank you for reading.

Keep safe & God Bless!


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Written by   238
1 month ago
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