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Recitations and Roleplays

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10 months ago

"So class, what's your reaction to our story of the week? Anyone?" Miss Erika was looking around the room and there seems to be no one interested to answer her question. And just to keep the ball rolling she decided to pull out the attendance record from her desk. She opened it up and flipped through the pages.

All the students fell silent and all of their attention was gathered in front, all eyes were on the attendance record Miss Erika was holding. Since no one was raising a hand to volunteer to answer her question, she opted to pick a name out of the attendance record for the day. It has been her go-to technique when the class seemed uninterested in participating in discussions and recitations.

She moved her finger on the page up and down without her looking at it. The name that will be pointed at when she stops will be called.

"And the lucky one is..." she paused for the dramatic effect and it seemed really effective because everyone inside the classroom was anticipating whose name Miss Erika will call.

"Jeremy. Can you please share with us your thoughts regarding the story we have for this week?"

The tensed air covering the whole room disappeared when Jeremy's name was called because everyone else was relieved that they weren't the one who's called. As for Jeremy, he was just staring outside the window and into the clouds when he was called upon.

Jeremy stood up and gathered his thoughts for a minute before he began his answer.

"It was very deep. It was a heartwarming story of love and sacrifice. I was moved at every scene and I could relate sincerely to the main character. The overall tone of the story is quite touching but it's not that overwhelming that it would make you drop it at any moment."

"Alright Mr. Jeremy Goldstein, enough of that. I know you're just saying random things." Miss Erika interrupted his monologue.

"But Mam... that's just..."

"That's just the same thing you said about the story last week. I'm not that old to forget things."

Jeremy scratched the back of his head smiling, feeling a bit ashamed that he was caught in something silly. Everyone in the class was also laughing.

"For your punishment, you'll be the leader for your class project. The whole class will be participating. You are to come up with a simple play due by the end of the month. That will be your grade for this grading period on this subject."

Miss Erika waved a piece of paper and explained "here are the criteria in which your play will be graded".

The bell then rang and the commotion started.

"I'll give you the next period for your meeting. Class dismissed."

Jeremy collapsed onto his seat looking defeated and out of his wits. You can literally see his soul fly out from his head sucking every bit of life from his body.

Momo turned to him as she tucked her pink hair on her ear she smirked at Jeremy. Jeremy was too out of it to even retort or react to her teasing.

Elucia was gripping hard on the edge of her book fidgeting. She was trying to think of ways on how she could tell Jeremy that she wants to help with the class project. She was shooting glances over her shoulder as she was looking back at Jeremy.

"I'm home!" Jeremy announced as he entered their house. He held on the side of the door with his left hand while he tried to take his shoes off with his right hand. After he was able to free his feet from the confines of his shoes, he ran towards the couch in his slippers and tossed his bag on one side and he grabbed the remote from the center table and he sat down on the couch in front of the TV set.

He turned it ON and tuned in to his Anime shows. He was watching Nisekoi then. In the middle of the show, the characters portrayed a different version of Romeo and Juliet, and Jeremy was inspired to do something like that. Suddenly, being a leader isn't so bad of an idea as it was before.

Somehow, picturing Momo playing Juliet across his own Romeo, he felt excited and was really into it. He was already planning ways to pitch the idea to the whole class the next day.

He just continued imagining Momo as Juliet on the balcony and him as Romeo calling upon her from the ground.


"Group projects" am I right? How many group projects did you do back in school that turned to be a one-man project, wherein the only contribution of the other groupmates is monetary support?

Also, have you ever been a victim of the "leader" title in such projects? Ideally, the leader is just the person to organize the team on how to move forward with the said project, but most of the time, the leader is left to do all the works. Who can relate to that? Raise your hand!

Anyway, I really appreciate your visit here in my humble profile and I hope that you enjoy this episode of the series "The Not So Perfect World". If you aren't aware yet, this is already the 41st episode of the said series and you can read the previous articles by clicking on that link above.

Thanks for dropping by, any comment will be appreciated, and until we read again...


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Series    : The Not So Perfect World
Episode   : 041
Title     : Recitations and Roleplays
Published : 18-Jan-2022
Author :  © RB

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Written by   709
10 months ago
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This article is beautiful

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10 months ago

I'm always excited having role plays and acts on school hahaha because it's not academic related just your talent and creativeness. But sometimes it is stressful cause some group mates didn't want to participate.

$ 0.02
10 months ago

I hate group projects because it wont be finished unless all of the members participate which is really a problem because everyone could have alibis not to attend on practices or rehearsals.

$ 0.02
10 months ago

Really didn't start with it from scratch but i've seen about two of Jeremy now,i hope it continues

$ 0.02
10 months ago

Hayss natatandaan ko tuloy yong time na Group project namin for final, ehh kasi aminado ako at yung mga kaibigan kong kaklasi na hindi kami yung type na student na, achiever peru in group project kami yung naging ka groupo , eh sa groupo walang gustong maging leader kasi alam namin bawat isa na nakoo wala talaga hahaha. Hirap talaga pag dika masipag na studyante hahah

$ 0.02
10 months ago

Ohhh!!! How I missed reading Jeremy. It feels like years gone from the last time I visited. I know I missed a lot of episodes but I will surely catch up soon. Happy to know Jeremy continue to behave himself in school. Such a good boy. I missed him especially his dirty little mind 😉

$ 0.02
10 months ago