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Ah! Senpai... (TNSPW)

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A love letter was stuck into Jeremy's locker and he received it early in the morning. He was so excited and he was so flustered since it was his first time to receive such a gesture. He experienced sending one but he never experienced receiving it before.

The letter instructed him to go to the park after school so as soon as the bell rang. He was out of the room and he chose to the club meeting.

At the same time, Mari also decided to skip the club meeting and was also rushing to go out of the school.

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With the note in his hands, he was nervously walking towards the mentioned park. He was at a loss on what to expect but his creative imagination could not even relax for a single second.

The wind blows cooly around the park. The girl was standing against the nearing sunset and she tucks her hair on her ear with her left hand while her right hand was promptly fixed supporting her chest.

Her face could not be seen as she was only like a sillhoutte because she was not facing the light. Even without the details of her face, her figure screams of feminine features and a lady with style at that.

Gently and cautiously, he takes a step towards her and a gust of wind comes between them.

"Jeremy..." she says.

He listens earnestly as he stands in a few steps in front of her.

"Uhm... ahh.. Wi..will you go out with me?" she utters as she reaches one of her hands towards him.

He smiles kindly and says "Sure." as she takes her hand.

He stopped in his tracks when he was about to enter the park. Because there, in the middle of the ground a girl who looked like his age with a timid posture and a body of a high school girl was standing as if waiting for someone. Her short hair dances with the wind along with her skirt.

Jeremy looked at the note and then at the girl and then vice versa. He can see her figure and she's on par with any of the school stars but she was on the cuter side of the height scale. In a rough estimation, she was just about as tall as Jeremy's shoulder. She then turned to Jeremy.

She lifted her right hand over her head and waved at him while her left hand was behind her. Her head was also tilted over the left as she was smiling very fondly at him.

Her gesture and her beauty were just so inviting that Jeremy just waltzed towards her unconsciously.

He stopped when they were just about 5 feet away from each other. Jeremy gave her a long hard look and he could not find anything that's wrong with her. Her face was as pretty as a doll and her expression so classy. He can compare the smile to Elucia's, her piercing eyes to Mari's, and the overall look to Alice.

"Uhm. Hi!" Jeremy awkwardly said. He didn't know what to say. Again, it's his first time. He did not even know her name. Sure, he played a lot of dating simulation games, but unlike in the game, there are no choices below the girl that he could select. A simple 'hi' was all he could say considering.

The girl looked up politely at him and when she opened her lips, it seemed like the dark clouds hovered over them and the surrounding was swathed in a heavy and dark aura.

"Say, Senpai..." the girl said. The smile turned from sweet to a murderous grin.

"Won't you just ... drop dead?" she continued.

Her eyes, her words, everything about her send shivers down Jeremy's spine and he was stunned in the manner of how she changed demeanor all of a sudden. Where was the cute girl waiting for him earlier? And who was this homicidal maniac in front of him?

He was so shocked and absorbed in her facial expression that he was just petrified right there and then. He didn't even notice the sword she produced with her left hand from her back.

Jeremy was so confused and did not know what to do. Is this normal? Is this how a confession in real life goes? Were all those simulation games lying? What is this?

"Die~~~!!!" the girl screamed at him as she swung back the blade over her head and brought it back down in front of her aiming at Jeremy's head with such ferocious force.

Jeremy could not react at all to all the things that are happening and he just watched the blade fall right before his eyes.

Before the blade could make contact with him and cut him in a bloody half, he was pushed away with a quick and numbing kick to the side with a matching "get back!".

He was sent flying down to the ground and as he made a thud against the Earth, the clang of the blade striking another metal rang all throughout the park. He winced in pain and he held the side of his waist tightly. When he recovered, he lifted his head up to see Mari with her baseball bat fending off the sword of the other girl.


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What is up? I hope that you are doing well today, even better than yesterday. That's the only way to go, isn't it?

What do you think of the story so far? How do you find this bit? Did you like it? What didn't you like about it? I would really be glad to hear from you, whatever it is you want to say. I will be waiting down the comment section below and let's play a game of catch up.

B.T.Dubs, if you want to read the whole series you can find the related articles here for your convenience. :

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Published : 29-Nov-2021
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Written by   528
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Feel ko talaga si Mari yung secret admirer🙈

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1 month ago

Waiting for the next part hehe. I love ready such fictional character and story.

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