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Crypto Benchwarmer No More!

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9 months ago
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I first heard of crypto back in 2013. The technology was slowly seeping in. I officially became a crypto benchwarmer when my husband bought his first bitcoin back in 2019.

Allow Me to Give You Some Backstory.

About four years ago, prior to becoming a crypto benchwarmer, I had jumped into the idea of wanting to become a content creator. Mainly, for the creative side of it, as a creative outlet. Sometimes, as a parent, it is easy to forget that we need hobbies to help us relax and be creative

I had subscribed to YouTube channels such as Think Media and Video Creators etc.

And I learnt so much about niches, social media marketing, content creation, monetization, etc. but I never got around to publishing my half hearted creations and I will tell you why in a bit...

Now I had also been learning about crypto from my husband. As he researched more and more, we would talk and talk and talk about crypto technology.

Well one day, my husband brought up that he had been writing on and had been earning crypto. He encouraged me to start writing articles on and although a bit hesitant, I took his advice.

I began to write essays for the first time since highschool, though I had forgotten a lot of essay writing I had learnt in communications class and when I did start writing here on, that is when I understood what I had been missing in my content creating journey.

Later I'll write an article explaining's developers' true motivation in creating this platform. It's actually an interesting story. Subscribe to be notified!

My Introverted Dichotomies.

There were problems that prevented my creative projects from fledging.

Lack of niche relatedness. I simply had a hard time combining niches that would allow me to be comfortable writing evergreen content for years to come.

There was the "Mom" niche but I did not really want to make my content solely on mom stuff. There is more to my persona than being a mom.

The "Art and crafts" niche but it was too much work. Plus I needed money to buy the supplies. That is money I did not have.

The "Culture" niche did catch my attention but I did not know how to stand out in a way that I would be comfortable with and I am kind of culturally all over the place. I'm neither from here nor there metaphorically speaking.

I kept putting off creating videos because I was afraid of burning out. Anyone who is familiar with video editing knows that sometimes video editing can be painfully meticulous. I am referring to logistics like the editing, the music, the props, etc.

Not to mention that monetization on youtube is overwhelming. Getting sponsored can be tough right at the beginning.

Yet, what I really wanted was to create content that I myself would enjoy consuming. Content that portrayed my experiences while bringing value to the people, and if I got paid for it, that would be an extra, it would be a bonus.

But first value to the people!

Setting Aside Video and Diving Into Writing.

After having encouraged me for like a week to start writing articles. On thanksgiving day my husband gave me a topic to write about and get me started, "12 Things You Didn't Know You're Grateful For".

So, I grabbed a notebook and pen. I sat down and wrote down deep thoughts, feelings and experiences that I had been holding on to for a long time.

And then I realized...

Writing should precede videos.

Writing should precede videos because writing is easier and it gives statistics of what topics are successful and which are a flop. It also serves as a transcript for a video.

Since I have started writing on, I've become aware of the benefits of organized thoughts via essay structure writing.

So yes, in the future, I am planning on making videos. Maybe a year from now.

I consider myself a open to all cryptos, which means I am open to projects that have potential.

This has opened me up to a niche that I have been wanting to enter but did not know where to start: The crypto world. Most of my info on crypto came from a second hand source and now I want to dip my own toes and get my own hands on experience.

Posting in a crypto writing platform has allowed me to give back to the community via upvoting and by writing content that will encourage the people I live with and interact with to dive into crypto technology too.

Join me! Subscribe!

This quick intro about my benchwarming is to show that while I watched the crypto community grow for the past two years, I learned a lot by observing to the point where I wanted to join myself.

Gratefully, I finally chose to join when I started writing in crypto funded blogging platforms like, Hive, LeoFinance.

Organizing my thoughts has helped me locate niches for me to write about and possibly (in the distant future) create videos too.

I would like to put out ideas that I myself enjoy consuming and that'll also help others out there with the added value I hope to include.

I will be branching out, meeting new people and also trying different platforms so as to reach more people. I want to change lives in a positive way.

So if you like Lifeservations, Culture Shocks and Cryptomom content join me by subscribing!

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Written by   55
9 months ago
Topics: Life, Cryptocurrency, Blog, Story, Writing, ...
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Thank you so much for that huge gift. I got it, yes. Hahaha.

Anyway, I love how you wanna change lives in a positive way. I'll surely support you on that. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of you here. Let's just enjoy writing and stay positive. :)

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9 months ago

CONGRATS! Thanks for the support! :D

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9 months ago

you're welcome! you got my support, always. :)

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