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My Elegant Tauros Crypto Debit Card Arrived!!

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10 months ago (Last updated: 9 months ago)

As time has incredibly winked past us, gracious venture capitalists are providing us with practical crypto integrations that are assisting us with our ordinary, day to day, shopping experiences.

A long way we've come in the endeavor for crypto mass adoption and although, improvements have been implemented for more intuitive user interfaces, I can't imagine it be sufficiently simple enough for my mom to dive in yet.

In the same line of thought, useful Dapps (decentralized applications) have allowed us to experience real life application of peer-to-peer networking with crypto technology. Like LBRY, Hive and CubFinance. Which is awesome!

Yet, we're still quite early in the mass accessibility of crypto in our day to day lives.

Because automation is a hard thing to grasp for many people, it means shifting their mentality to new grounds. They will have to figure out what they would do with newly found time on their hands.

Automation forces the rethinking of purpose because it takes over those manual tasks that causes a feeling of importance. Making many people uncomfortable and unwilling to accept.

Another reason is that crypto technology is still in its infant stages. With many mistakes being made, most people are afraid of losing because when they fall, they don't know how to get back up.

There's a fear of being scammed and a belief that in order to prevent scams, then hard earned money must be held physically in the hand.

But of course, this is illogical because people get scammed all the time with fiat.

So, in order to accelerate crypto mass adoption we need mass education of how the technology works and how it can be applied to everyday life.

Which means that for now we have to integrate crypto with already available technology. This will slowly warm people up to it and help them feel more and more comfortable, until their familiarity shifts them over to complete crypto integration.

Therefore, case in point, the technology available for me in Mexico and which will integrate crypto easily into my life is the Tauros crypto debit card.

About 4 days after I applied for it via the phone application, and paying the card fee of $300 MXN pesos, it finally arrived in the mail!

My husband had gotten one for himself a while back and it does the job. Nothing super fancy. Like a debit card should be haha.

So, now that I've been receiving BCH on, I needed a way to use it for making purchases where I live.

Of course, the most ideal scenario would be to use BCH directly with the vendors in my area to pay for stuff. However, at this time it's just not an easy option.

So, how will this work?

Let me show you the screenshots of what the phone app looks like:

My goal for this product is to use it as a quick way to buy necessity items with my crypto coins.

It will not be where I HODL a big amount of crypto, since it's centralized and there are just safer places to keep your money safe. Not your keys not your crypto. lol.

In about 6 months I will write a review on this Crypto debit card to see how well it's helped integrate crypto into my personal life.

If you live in Mexico and would like a crypto debit card, here is the link to download the app and get one:

Spend, save and manage your money all in one application. Get a digital account that feels like a bank, but on your smartphone.


  • 18 years or older

  • You use MXN currency

  • Understand spanish

  • One time card fee of $300 MXN

  • Residence in mexico

  • National ID

This is the beginning of my crypto adventure. I will begin a journey of using my writing to help encourage those around me to jump into the benefits of crypto and how to use it to get out of poverty.

Had I known how to interact with crypto years ago, who knows, I might've had a house of my own by now.

So, begin your own crypto adventure with me! Subscribe!

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Written by   55
10 months ago (Last updated: 9 months ago)
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