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Tiny Remarkable Accomplishments

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1 year ago (Last updated: 9 months ago)

Sometimes it's the little accomplishments that keep us going strong.

In light of this, I thought I'd share with you some of mine. Just in case you too might be going through similar struggles and need a teeny bit of encouragement.


#1 True Friends:

2020 kicked off with apathetic sentiments. Everyone was in a rush to react over irrelevant dramas like Trump's wall, Craig Wright's libel lawsuits, and the fleeting discomforts of a face mask.

Many years of redundancy had us going in a cycle of static thoughts. Monotony was king. Circular reasoning was queen.

Unfortunately, the world seemed to be begging for a monkey wrench and in hindsight a monkey wrench was glaring at us.

Yet we were all too occupied with our own troubles to forsee what was to come.

So, a fitting monkey wrench is what we got. A novel coronavirus was unleashed throughout the world.

With this unleashment, two major sentiments arose: Covid real vs. Covid hoax.

Ever heard of hardships showing people's true colors?

Well, as I personally took the "Covid is real" path, what followed was the tragic loss of many so-called friends and acquaintances who became "Covid hoaxers". Their stubborn confirmation biases lead to irreparable damages to our relationships.

But despite the losses, there were a few friendships that shone. People who's true colors shone bright, despite adversity.

To those people, I tip my hat to you, for showing maturity when things got hard. For being there, during the difficulties.

#2 A Precious New Arrival:

The arrival of a healthy newborn after an alarming high risk pregnancy was an astounding experience. A bag full of mixed emotions.

Nine months worth of intense uncertainty, but thankfully, the pain and discomfort vanished and was replaced by a delicate being: a precious baby.

Kindly read my article: A Newborn's Smile

The connection between a mother and her child is filled with inmense emotions. Even more so when the stakes were high. For the more you give, the more you love.

Can anything compare the love between mother and child? It hardly seems so.

I guess once you become a parent, that love feels incomparable and it's an experience to remember for a lifetime.

#3 Finding my voice:

For the longest of time I had pondered over my identity, my priorities and what I should stand for.

It wasn't until I was deceived by those I thought had my back, that I was able to materialize what I stood for.

In all things, I want to stand for justice, for honesty and charity, for compassion and mercy. I also wish to encourage others to stand up for this too, as well as for many other virtues.

So, that's why I have started this "La Grapefruit" project which had been marinating in the back burner for about 4 years and it's finally beginning to materialize.

#4 Overcame Food Intolerances:

Struggles can bring out the best or the worst in us and avoiding them is impossible. Since we all live in this valley of tears. Yet I believe we should benefit from these struggles as gems of learning experiences.

My struggle with food intolerances is a real fight and a hard one.

Since it's not a full-on food allergy, life has gotten in the way and it's usually been put off for later. Until the inevitable has happened: the discomfort has turned unavoidable and something needed to be done.

That's the point I reached in 2020 and something was done.

After lots of research, I finally came to the conclusion that I needed a diet equally balanced in proteins, carbs and oils. With heavier proteins in the morning and leaner proteins in the evenings.

So the rice intolerance was overcome by adding butter and serving it with meat.

The raw banana and oatmeal intolerance was overcome by making banana-oatmeal pancakes.

The sugar/sweets intolerance was overcome by consuming meals before desserts.

And for whatever reason, adding sour cream to my meals also helped my digestion.

This might sound weird to some people but that's what I found works for me and diet fads are long gone for me because I've finally found a tailored way for consuming those foods I've been intolerant to.

So if you too are struggling with food intolerances, stick with the trial and error and soon you'll have your compensation!

#5 Found Oregano Tea:

And the last accomplishment I would like to mention is having found oregano tea benefits.

Of all the holistic things I've tried to help ease my indigestion, the one thing that I've without a doubt felt has made a difference is oregano tea.

If you're interested on the benefits of oregano tea kindly read @Purebeauty 's informative article:

Oregano oil and oregano tea - benefits

I know you'll find it useful!

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Hey Saplings!

I hope that you have found these personal accomplishments useful.

I don't know what you all are going through. However, I do want to encourage you for this new year to start with small accomplishments.

In spanish there's an allegory that says:
"De gota en gota se lleno la copa."

Which means:
"Drop by drop the cup is filled."

This metaphorically means that if you show up everyday to accomplish the little things, then eventually you'll reach your dreams!

Consistency is key. 👍

Thanks for reading! @lagrapefruit

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Written by   55
1 year ago (Last updated: 9 months ago)
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Your personal accomplishments are useful for us.I have problems with foods too.I have to be careful what to eat.

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1 year ago

Thanks Purebeauty for the upvote!

We all have characteristics unique to us and sometimes that means a unique diet that's specific for our bodies.

And that's okay. 🙂🙂

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1 year ago

And those small accomplishments keep as going. ❤

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1 year ago

Hehehe That's right! 😁

Thanks for the upvote. 👍

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1 year ago