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65 kilos to 50 kilos: REALQUICK!

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1 month ago

Discipline is a must!

Determination is the key!

I lived with these two "D" for almost two months. It has been my anchor and my only hope for those days. Those two words has been the reason why I survived the two toughest months of my life. My two months weight loss journey.

I was bullied before multiple times about my body. I was once called pig, a whale, and a lot of names that you cannot even swallow. They laughed at me. They mocked me. And of course, I was hurt. I am deeply hurt. But I did not show them what I really feel. I didn't even hated them.

When someone will mock me before about my body figure, I'll just say

"You cannot blame me, we have a lot of foods in our house that's why!"


"It is because I stayed on our kitchen and I almost live there!"

And eventually, I will just laugh with them eventhough deep inside I was hurt. To the point that I almost hated my self.

I just let my emotions consumed me.

I also experienced the struggles of being fat especially in terms of clothes. I'm always having a hard time in wearing and buying clothes back then. I'm always worried that it may not fit. Or it may be ruined if I wear it. And the struggle of month by month you need to change your clothe's size, really sucks!

It came also to the point that I got envious to other girls of how their body figure looks like. Of how sexy they are! I envy them back then for being able to wear a sexy dresses. While me? Just in the corner, mocked by so many people. And wishing to be just like the other girls.

But you know what? I did not let my self stayed there. I did not let things end there.

They are right that time will definitely come that you will be tired of letting toxic things consumed you.That you will be tired of letting things stayed the way it is. You will surely look for improvement, for a change. And of course for a better you.

CoVid-19 came. Pandemic came. Lockdowns happened. Suspensions of classes happened. All of us are directed to stay at home. And I grabbed that oppurtunity to make things posible. To improve and focus on my self. To become a better person.

My weight loss journey has never been easy.

I started my weight loss journey on the month of October. I know it's a little bit late but if you are determined, nothing is imposible.

Last Week of September

This photo was taken last week of September last year. And as you can see I'm fat on that photo. I'm 65 kilos that time. That was a group photo. I only joined group photo back then because I came to the point that I am super shy to take a photo of my self. I have no confidence at all to face a camera, even a mirror.

And since I'm not into taking photos of my self during that journey, I only have few photos here, by week.

First Week of October

This photo was taken on the first week of October. I'm still not confident that time becuase it feels like I occupied the whole mirror. lol

Second Week of October

This photo was taken on the second week of October. I just have the mood to take a picture and face the mirror here but still, no confidence.

Third Week of October

This was taken on the third week of October and still, not confident.

Last Week of October

This photo was taken on the last week of October. And as you can see, I gained a little bit confidence that time. And you can also notice that my body figure changed a little bit. And you have no idea how happy I am on that photo. lol

First Week of November

This photo was taken on the first week of November and I'm already loving my figure that time! I'm 57 kilos here and I'm telling you, those 8 kilos that I burned was not a joke.

Second Week of November

This photo was taken on the second week of November and I'm feeling a lot better here! I gained confidence and I'm loving my self more!

Third Week of November

This photo was taken on the third week of November and I am so happy because I can already wear whatever clothes I want.

Last Week of November

This photo was taken on the last week of November. I'm 52 kilos here and I'm loving the curves. lol

So you have just seen my photos on the two months weight loss journey of mine.

And I know some of you are interested and curious how does it happened? What did I do? What I ate? Is it really posible?

Of course it is posible! You just have to be disciplined and determined to make it happen.

  • What I ate?

During those two months roller coaster ride of mine, I only ate egg, fruits, and vegetables! Hard boiled or sometimes banana or saba in ilocano has been my rice back then. I always partnered it with fruits like apple or pear.

Since I'm just still a student, it always depends on our budget. All thanks to my mama who's very supportive!

Unlike before, Lemon water has been my juice and softdrink. Skyflakes cracker has been my snacks. And a lot of water has been my life saver in those two months! I considered it as my savior.

I avoided eating sweets like chocolates, softdrinks, and most especially rice. As in never in those two months that I ate rice! I swear! And funny how afraid I am because I might forget the taste of the rice. lol

Eating foods that you are not used to eat was never easy. It came to the point that everytime my family will eat, I will hide inside my room to avoid being envious. And to tell you guys, craving has been my real enemy on that journey.

  • My routines (What did I do?)

I could say that this was the best yet toughest part of my weight loss journey. I can still remember vividly the sweats and the muscle cramps that I've got from working out. It was never easy. No joke.

Are you familiar with working out applications in play store? To Lose Belly Fat- Flat Stomach Application? And even to Cloe Ting workouts on Youtube? Those two served as my best buddies on those days. A life changer indeed.

Lose Belly Fat application helped me a lot in burning my fats escpecially in the belly parts. This application is divided into 3 phases. One for the beginner with maximum of 30 days and 18 minutes each day. The second is intemediate which has a maximum of 30 days and 21 minutes. And lastly the advanced with maximum of 30 days too and 25 minutes. And every day on that working out application has different routines and exercises which can help you a lot.

While Cloe Ting's videos on Youtube helped me to achieve more toned arms and legs.

I also jogged every morning back then. Morning jog is very benecial and effective!

In working out, you need to be disciplined and detemined to the point that you should not skip one routine. You should do all the routines seriously in order to achieve what you want.

I'm also into physical activities like hiking lately which helped me a lot too in achieving my ideal figure. And yes, I found the perfect adventure for me!

Closing thoughts:

Everything is posible as long as you are determined and disciplined to face anything.

If you want something, you should be determined enough to claim it. To nail it! You should have a positive mindset. You should always think that you will achieve it! That you will get it! That whatever discouragements you'll hear from other people, you should only focus on your goal and you must be determined enough to get it. You must be optimistic in any way posible.

Also, you should be disciplined enough in order to surely achieve it. You should have a self-control for you to make and achieved it smoothly and beautifully.

And as of now (year 2021), I am only 50 kilos and I can wear whatever clothes I want!

I can even finally wear swimsuits!

So this is me, maintaining and loving the curves. And of course, no more 'sana all' this 2021!


Special mention to ate @Eybyoung who gave me an idea and inspired me to share my weight loss journey here just like what she did! Thank you po!

Disclaimer guys, I did not share this journey of mine to brag or stuff but to inspire people out there too! And I just want to tell you guys also, that whatever body shape or figure you have, YOU ARE LOVED, WANTED, AND VALUED! You are beautiful!

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I'm also in, illustrious is my user name. See you there too!

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Written by   31
1 month ago
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I admire your determination and discipline. Those two are not just words that you have to put in mind. It needs execution and you conquered it with flying colors.

My story is different naman. My problem is I'm not gaining weight since I got a job. It has been an issue. It was an unhealthy lifestyle. But I'm glad I have gained weight from 37 kls to 46 kls. That's a huge achievement 😍

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1 month ago

BHIEEEEE! I'm so proud of u! hahaha. In all seriousness, i'm really proud of you. You have said the word "realquick" on your title but I know the process was tough. Grabe, tibay naman ng disicipline saka determination mo bhie. naols nalang hahaha This is so inspiring! I tried lose belly fat eme before pero 3 days lang kinaya bhie hahaha pero ayon nga, salute! grabe bhie. bilib talaga ko hahah thanks for sharing your journey. as always, sana masarap lagi ulam niyo!

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Halla thank you so much bhieeeee!!! And yes my journey was really tough. You just need to trust the process lang talaga hehe Kaya mo din ito bhie as long as you are determined and disciplined enough. Anyway, thank yoi din for reading this! It really means a lot huhu Sana masarap din lagi ulam niyo! Godbless!

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1 month ago

Kaya nga bhie, sobrang determination plus discipline yon. di pako ganon kadetermined kaya di muna hahahha pero from 55 naging 60 after lockdown kaloka hahahaha pero goods pa naman tas ayon bhie, masarap naman always ulam basta hindi ako yung magluluto hahaha

$ 0.00
1 month ago

true! lockdown din ako lomobo e, bigla akong nag 65 maloka HAHAAHAHAHHAHAAHA pahamak talaga yang lockdown na yan HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

$ 0.00
1 month ago

true bhie feeling ko walang changes sakin at 55 na talaga timbang ko, fixed na tas pagkatimbang ko 60 na kaloka hahahahah masyado pako tamad lang para magwork out

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1 month ago

awwwww now looking gergous

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Thank you for this article! I am fat, bigger than you were. :) i am still collect some inspiration.

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1 month ago

Thank you for reading this! And I hope through this I inspired you. I know you can do it too. Best of luck!

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1 month ago

Congratulations you deserve it. I remember what our professor said trust the process and need discipline. I'm underweight and my professor advise me to do some exercise and eat healthy foods. Sometimes I can't do that because im busy at school but every Saturday and Sunday we job and play badminton. Maybe it can help me to become healthy and gain some weight hahaha. Once again congrats and im happy that you achieve to loose weight. 😃 🙂

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1 month ago

Thank you so much! Your professor is right! You just need to trust the process and you need to be disciplined enough in order to achieve what you want hehe And I know you'll achieve your goal buddy! I'm rooting on you!Best of luck!

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1 month ago

Wow! Congratulations you did it. Kaya nmn talaga magpapayat pag gustuhin lang hehe. Happy that I inspired you, this story of yours is amazing, we are the living proof that when we are determined we can achieve what we want to achieve. Keep it up and maintain it, it's not just about the curve it's about your health too. I like to tip this but wla pa talaga ako tip sa bot this month sa bot.

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1 month ago

Awee! Thank you so much ate! 😍 Yes po determination po talaga is the key! hehe And opo for my health din po talaga.

Anyway ate, no problem po about sa tip hehe Yung pag comment niyo pa lang po dito sobra sobra na po. 💙

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1 month ago

Inggit is me bata, di namam ako mataba pero ung tiyan ko lang kasi 😕.

Wow, you're amazing coz di ka nagpatalo sa depression because of those bullies. You're great because you accept yourself but you also do something about it with your determination. Di lang naman kasi diba pagpapapayat ang purpose kung bakit ginagawa mo yan. You do it because you want a healthy body and sexy figure 😉 sana all talaga 🤦. Bat kasi ang tamad ko 😕, enge nga kasipagan 😕.

Anyway, wala kapa ring juwa 😜😜😜😂

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Awee! Thank you so much din ate! 😍 Kaya mo din yan ate! Tiyaga lang talaga hahahaha And opo, para sa health din talaga.

Anyway ate, ikaw din naman wala pa din jowa HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Haha, kaya kung may tiyaga kaso mo tamad nga 😜😂😂 tapoa food ia life pa ay wala na talo na hahaha.

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1 month ago


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1 month ago