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Evidence of Green Rose (Horror Final Part)

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1 year ago

All day long I was depressed and did not know what I was depressing.I do my daily work and want to reach the night.

"Teacher, is it hurry ? Is it because you have a date with your girlfriend?"

"No, ha ha."

"Ha ha ha."

I just enjoy doing what I have to do.

To be precise, a full moon night; Under the calm moonlight, I was in front of her yard looking for words to say when I met her.

When I reach in front of she.

"No, ma'am."

Tonight, Sein Le Phyu's hair is braided with a black belly suit, and it looks like a wild flower. She seemed to be heading in the right direction, so I followed her with my footsteps silently.She was going to the cemetery. Today I was able to predict what would happen if I was trapped on the road where no one could be found. After walking for a long time, I reached the graveyard.

"Hey, I'm here. Don't hide."

After a while, I wondered if I was scared because she was called me I think.But,

"Ha ha, you have arrived."

"I know your plan, Phoe Aung. You give up and go back."

"Ha ha, I'm not your son, witch, let's get you back whenever you ask."

As he spoke, Phoe Aung stretched out his hand and released a small stream of light


Ma Sein Le Phyu fell asleep.

"You're breaking the rules." said by Sein Lae Phyu.

"Haha, I do not understand what a breach is. I have to kill you to get what I want."

"I'll see you."

She was angry, her flesh was trembling, she was struggling, but she could not.

I'm sweating again. I'm not sure what to do with it.

"Now, let me experience my higher education, witch." said by Phoe Aung.

Now that it is out, the beam is ten times larger than it used to be.



With the sound of the explosion, I heard a voice standing in front of her. Before I could reach her, I was able to save her.

At the same time, she took advantage of the opportunity to dismantle the stream of light, which was weakened by the use of all power.

"Get your die,Phoe Aung."

At the same time, a green light flashed from her hand as she spoke.

'Arr...' shouted bu Phoe Aung.

After a while, Phoe Aung screamed.


The Phoe Aung's head fell to the ground and my sister ran to me, not paying attention to it.

"Darling, what happened?"

"I'm calling."


I could not hear her, so I was in a shining bright plain. When walking alone in it.

"Hey, where are you going?"


Yes, he appeared

"Where are you going? You have not been there yet. Come with me."

As he spoke, he took my hand and disappeared into the white plain, where I was placed on her lap and into the grave of a weeping white field.

"When you go in, go into your body."

As he spoke, I waited, and I slammed into my body


"Oh.. darling."

"Why are you crying?"

After a while, She looked at me like a cat


She broke into my lap and cried.

"It's all right, brother."she worried to me.

"It's ok ma'am, nothing will happen,relax ma'am. Get up, okay?"

"Come on, darling."

As soon as she spoke, she took me to the village pagoda.

When I got there, my gf was in front of God.

"Disciple Sein Le Phyu has donated the witch knowledge she has learned from today to the Buddha. I'm going to spend the rest of my life as a disciple as an ordinary person.

After the pagoda was erected, the sister took off the green rose on her head and poured it on the Buddha. I stared at everything9n her I did not do.

"I'm just an ordinary girl and I will marry you as I promised you."

"I'm happy,ma'am."

I put my dear ma'am in my arms for what happened tonight.

No one knows me or her except the green rose in this vase.I took her to Mandalay and introduced her to my mom.

My mother also liked her daughter-in-law and married me about a month later.

My mother and I had a wonderful marriage. One night I had a dream in which Thuya said he wanted to come with us, so I let him go introdue as my baby child. I was able to fulfill my mother's desire to have a baby.

The End...

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Written by   52
1 year ago
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What is a article bro.....I love your article.

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Nice content

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Evidence of Green Rose (Horror Final Part)---very nice..sub me

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