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Evidence of Green Rose (Horror Part-4)

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2 years ago

On the days of answering Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, I avoided meeting to Ma Sein Le Phyu. It's not that I'm angry because I said it the other day, it's just that I'm avoiding it to make her happy.

The day has finally come for the Bio exam.

In the exam room, I kept my mind under control and answered as few mistakes as possible.

"Pen, pen ..."

Our school days ended with the ringing of the school bell today. The students came out of the campus with half a happiness and half sadness.

"Hey, can you answer better?"

"Yes, you can."

"I'm not bad either. I can answer."

He said he would come home with me in the morning, so the two of them came back together.

At a bend in the road

"Where is my brother's school from here?"

"The school is our school, so if you go over there and turn around ..."

He was telling the older brother carefully. In terms of looks, he is handsome, and now the girls are watching his talking.

"If you go like that, you will get there."

"Oh, thank you, brothers."

"Okay, so what are you going to do to our school?"

"Because of an acquaintance?"

I know because the pattern is obviously lying

"Yes, then we are leaving."

It was not good to stay with a stranger for a long time, so I took him by the hand and left.

"Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem."

"Don't talk slowly, my friend, if he was a human trafficker for a long time, you and I would have to go and get medicine."

"Hey, so I'm not happy with that guy."

"Yes, I think he came to our school to do something."

"Yeah, let's go with you."

"All right, all of a sudden, shy."

I mean, I really want to go and see it when I get home

"Oh, are you back? How can you both answer?"

"Yes, I can answer."

I answered in parallel

"Calm down, take a break. After school, take a break."

"Yes, I'm up to you."

"Calm down."

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to drink ice water."

"Do you want to stay away from the water after drinking ice water?(Ice Water means in Burmese is 'cemetery'). You just came back from the heat."

"I am coming."

I think my mother liked our arguments because there was a cheek valley on her face.

"Night" is a one-letter word that allows the whole world to rest. The moonlight, which rises only at night, is very calm.

"Hey, Htet Myat Aung."

"Calm down."

"Let's take a walk around our school."

"Okay, I am coming."

I told my mother and walked out.

"Hey, look over there, what's up?"

I watched in horror as the voice of Thura spoke, and fresh lights flashed across the sky.

"Hey, is it on the green or white side?"

"Yes, they are."

"I don't know what the fires are. Let's go and see."


My mind is worried about with a visitor I met in the school.

"God, God, let nothing happen to her(Sein Lae Phyu)."

I was praying in my heart

Outside the school, we entered the school through a fence.

I saw it

In the evening, this brother and sister-in-law's hands were bright and fresh. I understood the situation and dragged Thuya into a nearby bush.

"Hey, what happened?"

"Shu...! Quiet!."

I told him to shut up and I just stared at her. She looks like a woman in my dream.

Her mouth was swollen and she seemed to be calling for something


Both Thuya and I were startled.

The visitor's older brother did not move on the ground

"Hey, I don't know if it's dead."

"When it shakes, it doesn't move anymore."

"Ha ha ha."

She laughed out loud

"Do you remember now that the beggar wanted to bring my ancestral property?"

I looked at him and he didn't move.

"You deserve to die."


The principal's voice came


While she was still, the fear disappeared and she calmed down.

"Make sure that body is buried after your daughter's affair."

"Oh, Mom, this guy brought your family treasure. Leave it to the dog-eat-dog."

"Oh, my daughter, this is not a good thing because of the bad reputation of the school. I do not want my mother to go to hell."

"I know, mother, I took this education just to preserve my ancestral heritage. I do not want to do bad things."

"Keep that in mind."

As soon as the her mom said that and left from her.

Ma Sein Le Phyu was seen carrying the dead body to a nearby plot of land and carefully burying it. I shook Thuya's hand.

"Hey, get out in here."

"Yeah!Let's go."

The two of us walked out of the school silently.

When I returned home, I was sweating profusely.My mom said

"Hey, are you taking a bath at night?"

"No, it's because I walks a lot."

"Oh son!, don't walk around sweating like that for fear that you'll end up sweating for a long time and forget."

"Yes, Mother."

The two of us went upstairs, and the green rose and the green figure of Sein Lae Phyu did not come out of sight.

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Written by   52
2 years ago
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