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The moments of my life when I feel happy😊

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3 months ago

Today I decided to share the thing that happen to me and I feel very happy and the first thing is

I feel happy when my mother do extra care for me..

You all have this kind of feeling in your life when someone do extra care for you. My mother cares me a lot even I have little but suffering but my mother makes the world beautiful for me . I feel like a fairy every time when she is with me. God always bless her healthy and happy life .She turn my life in to heaven.

I feel happy when my father appreciate me..

I feel very happy when I did something new and my father appreciate me. I feel so confused while doing something new but he always appreciate me and make me to feel that what I'm doing is right for me. whenever I did something wrong he guide me and push me towards the right path. For me he like an angel in the world . he is my super hero who face lot of troubles for me but never make me to feel this.

I feel happy when something suddenly happens to me..

sometimes we trying to do something . we do lot of efforts but we had never succeeded. we try again and again but we not succeeded but suddenly we have done it with little effort. we amazed and become so happy. I really love this feeling . This realize me that when you become hopeless and start thinking like it's impossible for you , the God make it's possible for you and this strengthen my belief on God.

I feel happy when I satisfied my students...

As a teacher my ambition is to transfer more knowledge to my students, help them in achieving their goals. when I did this, I feel very happy its a pleasant and soul satisfactory moment for me when my students show satisfaction with me. They like me, They idealize me and at that moment my feeling is just like that as I touch the glory of sky. This really makes me very happy.

I feel very happy whenever I beet/defeat my brother...

I love to play games with my brother and I'm crazy to play games with him. when I play with him and eventually I won my feeling is just like dancing and all. I love to see his face at the end of game and when he say I lose this chance only for your happiness next time I will see you and I continuously teas him. he really loves me a lot and without him I'm nothing .

I feel very happy when I help others...

I feel very happy to help other and when ever I help someone I feel very happy and say thanks to Allah who make one of those who are able to help others not one from those who seek help from others. I'm very thankful to Allah and feel very happy.

I feel very happy when someone buy a doll for me....

I feel very happy when someone bought dolls for me because I loved dolls from my childhood age . I know it's childish but I can't control my self. I'm crazy about it.

I feel very happy when I do something for my family....

I always wish to support my family financially and physically. I feel very happy because Now I'm able to support my family. I have job fulfill my wish.

I feel very happy after listening the words....

I feel very happy when after hard workout on job I came back to home and listen the words of my sister " please come fast the lunch is ready we are waiting for you". when I returned to home from my job place ,I used to feel very hungry and these words pleased my soul and makes me happy .

I feel very happy when I cock something new...

whenever I free I like to cock something new and I feel very happy when I try something new and taste to others in return the admire me ,appreciate me .

I feel happy when I saw the new notification in my notification bar....

I love to know that I have new notification and when I opened this, I feel so happy after knowing that I have a new notification. I feel like flying in the sky when someone like me and my work of any kind. This encourages me, motivate me and make me feel happy.

The purpose of sharing all above moments is that our life is full of happiness but the need is only to do search for happy moments of your life that helps to forget the saddest part of your life.

thanks for reading .

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Written by   17
3 months ago
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I also Happy when users are commenting to my Article works. They are my happy pill. I like reading others works too which is made my day more interesting and not boring because I learned from them. And I was happy too when I help others, just like when you see your sponsorship. I want to exponsor you because I see that you are a good writer 💚 and Always do what makes you happy. God bless ☺️

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3 months ago

yes, its like a happy pill . I'm serious just before opening my notification as i opened it there is a big smile on my face because of finding new comments and subscriber. Thank you soo much for appreciating me

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3 months ago

The first thing I always do when opening is to open my notifications. I don't know why but I'm always excited to open it. Being grateful is good and being happy is good for mental health. Keep it up!

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3 months ago

I'm also very excited about to open it and I agree with you that happy feeling is good for mantle health.

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3 months ago

Yeah, that's why be always positive but not from Covid.

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3 months ago

yes, Co vid is continuously threatening our lives. we have a fear that may be we are the victim of Co vid 19

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3 months ago

Yes po. Stay safe always.

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3 months ago

stay safe and healthy.

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3 months ago