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Fifth Monthsary

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3 months ago
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I bet you thought about a romantic relationship monthsary after reading the title. Well, if you do then you are on the wrong page. I'm actually pertaining to my fifth monthsary as a user.

I went straight to google chrome upon switching on my phone this morning and logged to my account and voila it shows that I'm already a 5-months user! Upon seeing this, I can't help but travel down the memory lane and reminisce my journey.

Five months ago I was busily scrolling on social media, feeling bored that time because I feel like all I do everyday is eat-sleep-repeat and there is nothing new to bring a spice on my boring life, nothing to make my quarantine days exciting, and suddenly I came across a post that says I could earn money through writing. I really like writing and even made a collection of essays and letters after a month of being quarantined at home, as cliche as it may be, I wrote a comment and asked 'how?'. After a couple of hours, the girl who wrote that post sent me a youtube link saying I should watch her video to find out how. Thinking about it, she actually misled a lot of people because on her video, she said that we can write anything under the heat of the sun - even nonsensical things and earn from it! I didn't finish the video and went straight to and explored the site myself.

If you've known me for quite some time, you'll probably laugh if I show you my introductory article. My comments these days are even longer than my introduction! This is what it says:

"This is my first time writing in this website and I'm really hoping that I will be able to earn some money here. I already came across a lot of get paid to website which have very promising deals but in the end after investing my time and effort, I only got heartbreaks. But life must go on, here I am trying this website hoping that this is indeed for real this time. I can say that I am not a very good writer, I only write as a hobby and most of my writings are about my real feelings. So really hope you guys will support me though my writings aren't perfect."

What kind of introduction is that? I know it's lame.

Not even 24 hours has passed I was finally able to cash out my very first earnings. Look at that screenshot, I've got $0.61, a small amount but that small amount made a big impact on me. It made me believe the is indeed real! Even wrote an article about it. That time readcash still have the point system where we get basically get points for every activity on the site - publishing an article, getting upvotes (thumbs up) and commenting.

After three days, I got my very first upvote of $0.50 from a certain user, but I forgot his username.

A lot of communities right? 😂 During this time, we can still submit our articles to as many communities as we like. That time I learned that the more community you submit your article, the more comments the article will get and it also means more points for the user. We can even submit to more 20 communities! But then, there are some changes wherein we are only allowed to submit to one community. And there are the so-called 'featured community', if my memory serves me right, we can only get points if we submit an article to a featured community.

After quite some time, there's another site upgrade where we only earn points when a 'power user' upvotes our article. Honestly, that time I have a very little subscriber and my articles are not getting much views and reads that I nearly gave up on writing.

Look at that! I even made a short post about it!

But instead of giving up, I tried to make friends through my comments. You can say that I was feeling close with my comments and tried and tried even though no one notices my comments lol. Then after quite some time, I actually gained some friends here which I don't want to state the names as I may overlook some. We were exchanging engaging ang meaningful comments on the comments section and it motivated me to continue with my blogging journey on this site.

And who would forget that 'memes' flooding on the site. I was inactive for about a week that time and my notification was bombarded with memes upon checking on the site. That was history I must say, because after that banned himself on the site and after that, giveaways and contests flooded the site. It was really annoying because as a reader, it was hard for me to find good articles that are worth the read!

Having problems with spammers lately? Well let me tell you, it was worse before. Spammers are copying articles, comments and basically they do anything to spam.

Who would forget the 'I subscribe you, please subscribe me' schemes? Haha I consider it a nightmare. Some users became 'spammer hunters' and the spammers fought back resulting for the spammer hunters being muted for several days on the site. It was chaotic. But honestly, I also did asked for others to subscribe me when I was still an ignorant newbie, pardon me for doing that.

I must say that things got better after the new reward system was implemented. No more giveaway and contest articles, no more sub-for-sub comments and more articles that are worth reading.

In my five months of stay on read cash, I wrote a total of 154 articles, accumulated $135.84 worth of BCH from paid upvotes on my articles excluding those I earned during the point system, 513 subscribers, 7 sponsors and I'm also sponsoring 22 other users. I also have a total of 14 affiliates, a top tipper badge and zero conflict with other users!

I'm so glad that I found out about this site because it made my quarantine days exciting. Nowadays, there's nothing more exciting than opening that red notification bell and see upvotes from TheRandomRewarder lol. I don't want to be a hypocrite, I admit, I'm happy whenever I get a favorable amount of upvotes for the articles I write, but being here, somewhere along the way, I learned to just consider it a bonus since I really enjoy being here, interacting with others, learning more about the crypto world and meeting lots of people from all over the world and of various ages. I'm thrilled every time I think that the articles I write reaches a global audience (readers) and that for me is priceless.

Happy fifth monthsary to me and thank you my dear readcash friends for being part of my blogging journey!

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Written by   536
3 months ago
Topics: Blog, Experiences
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