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Do It Myself (DIM) Series, Part 3: Get 3 USDT from joining XMiner

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1 week ago

Good day everyone! In this new blog, I continue with my advocacy of exposing websites, companies and service providers if they are true to their words. That is why my mantra for this blog is, "I tested it so you don't have to". I have taken extra effort and time to join and use the services of these various online sites.

For this article, I have created an account with a cloud mining company. It is difficult to judge the legitimacy of cloud mining company because they are usually located in countries, very few people have heard of. Furthermore, the barrier to entry is very high, meaning, you need to invest a substantial amount in order to get a reasonable return of investment.

What attracted me to test this company was its advertisement that the new user can get $3 upon sign-up and can be withdrawn immediately. Another eye-catching proposition from this company is the low investment requirement of $50. It promises a return of $6 for a contract period of 1 day. This is 12% profit.

Take note that I have not yet availed of the cloud mining services. What I availed of is the $3 sign-up bonus. I said to myself, "Before I entrust them with big things, that is my money, they have to be trustworthy on small things". So the test for this company is whether we can trust them that there will be sign-up bonus for new users of that amount which can be withdrawn immediately.

Product Category - Cloud Mining Service


Advertisement -The first advertisement that I saw about this company came from

Upon further investigation, the same advertisement is also posted in

The article is identical which tells me that it is a paid advertisement. Nothing wrong with paid advertisement, different companies do that all the time. But readers have to be extra careful.

Tasks - To test the advertisement, these are the following that I have to do: create an account and withdraw the $3.

Account Creation - It is easy to create account. There is no lengthy Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. All one has to do is input the email, password, invitation code (if any) and verification code. There is also an email verification but upon seeing the email, it raised my eyebrow. There was no effort to write professionally. This is a big turn-off.


Step 1. From the homepage, click your email address.

Step 2. Accomplish your personal information. Do not worry, the site will not ask for your real name. You will be ask to bind your email (I think to prevent fraud), log-in your password, and wallet address. Take note that the $3 is withdrawable in the form of USDT-TRC20. From what I gather, TRC20 belongs to TRON Network.

At first I tried to deposit it to my NEXO wallet but the USDT there is ERC20. Luckily, I have a Binance Account which has a USDT-TRC2o wallet.

Step 3. The next step is to select withdraw option. Enter the $3 as the amount to withdraw. Select your USDT-TRC20 Address and enter your password.

If withdrawal is a success, you will see that your total assets will be zero as shown by the screenshot below.

Step 4. Check your external account to see your deposit. In my case, it is in my Binance Account.


The sign-up bonus is definitely legitimate. I have also researched for reviews of the company using Google and Presearch Engines but there was none. This indicates that the company is relatively new. By the way, did I mention that with Presearch, you can also earn PRE tokens? Try it out.

Despite the fact the I was able to get the sign-up bonus, I would proceed with caution in availing with their cloud mining services due to the following reasons:

  1. It is a new company, I cannot find any reviews about its track record.

  2. The advertisement is a paid advertisement. It is not really a news written by a journalist who verified and tested the product.

  3. The email verification was poorly written. If they are giving away money, why can't they outsource someone who can write a decent and professional looking 1-page email verification.

If you are someone who has made business with them, please write your experience below.

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I do not have any connection with the company I am writing about.  I am not being paid to write this article. 

I do this to spread awareness to other readers and users about various platforms using crypto currency and blockchain technology. If you like my content, please hit like and subscribe.  Any amount of tip would be appreciated as I spend also countless hours to test and experiment these services so that I could write about them and in the process, get you informed. 

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Written by   58
1 week ago
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I'm tempted haha. 3 dollars is equivalent to 150 pesos in my currency :))

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1 week ago

Yes Sis, just try it. Account creation and withdrawal is fast. Look for a private wallet for usdt since binance has minimum 10 usdt withdrawal.

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1 week ago

Okay sure, I haven't tried binance yet so I don't know where to withdraw. Haha

$ 0.00
1 week ago

glad you got your $3. i worry that it is one of those situations to make you feel more confortable and put more money into their system. all the potential for a scam is there, at least.

thanks for the write up, this is a great and helpful series.

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1 week ago

Yes Tom, that's why I pointed several red flags and advised readers to be careful. Thanks for reading 😄🤗

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1 week ago

the screenshot of their bad email was a really good detail to add! speaks volumes about their operation.

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1 week ago