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_ Episode 31 _

April 2022


Both and are relatively new platforms. If you look at the stats page you can see first users are registered just two years ago. However even though number of registered users grows, number of active users is not growing too much.

There are only about 5000 active users here on Read, as stats graph shows.

I really don't have a clue why because in my opinion Noise and Read are among the best blog to earn opportunities out there right now. You can't fail here. If you are constant in your writing efforts, if you are engaged with community by reading other people, commenting, etc you are on the right track to earn money.

And these are not pennies I'm talking about. I'm fairly new here still and I have just 30 posts written (this one is number 31) so my earnings are not that high but I manage to earn about $2 per post in average. And I have only 20 subs!

But there are people on the platform with 1, 2 or 3 subs writing almost daily and some of them earn $10-$15 for every single post on regular basis. That's $300-$500 per month which is very good for the most parts of the world.

I would like to see many more users here to increase diversity in content, topics and experiences. There are many opportunities here and huge reservoir of blogging niches not even touched yet. One thing is for sure, I'll stay here for long because it really feels like home for me as a content creator.

Most of my articles here are about blockchain games I play Pegaxy, Alien Worlds, Splinterlands, Raising Star. There are few other posts about my crypto experience and even less about smartBCH. When I think about it I have very general knowledge and experience with (now very rich) smartBCH ecosystem and that's why I decided to change that.

My new 'Exploring smartBCH' post series will be about all the amazing things happening right now on this great side chain. I'll try to learn everything I can about it, tokens, DEX, NFT marketplaces and everything in between and I'll post my findings from my point of view so others can learn too.

I hope you'll find these post useful and join me in my journey :)

Thanks for reading!

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