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EmberSwap - new smartBCH DEX first look

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5 months ago

There are more and more developments in smartBCH ecosystem every day. New apps, markets and more people are coming into it driven by tiny fees and good opportunities.

Several DEX apps are already available and newest player is EmberSwap.

Two tokens are involved Fire and Ember, powered by incinerate protocol, as title says.

Look and feel is quite good, I like the colors and logo. Navigation is smooth I haven't be able to notice any problems with the website.

As with all new DEX apps, starting APR values are high, but I guess that's the question of days when those numbers will start to go down. Anyway, early bird catch the worm, as they say so I was excited to try it.

Got some fire when the price was was 0.000026 per Fire token and got burned (intentional words choice) by the bear market, so price is now down to 0.000014 per Fire token. However Fire is deflatory token and 10% of it is already burned. HODLers also have incentive because 3% of fees are distributed among them. This is kind of strange when you see how number of tokens rise by just sitting into your wallet. Strange in the positive way, off course.

Ember token price initial price was $0.6 per token now down to 0.025 disappointing, yes but again, all new tokens have this starting period when price searches for its true value and I guess it will take some more time for the token to stabilize.

There are a lot of choices to farm on EmberSwap from EMBER/BCH, stablecoins, LAW, CATS, AXIBCH. Annualized APR values right now from 60% for FLEXUSD/BCH pair up to 1990% for EMBER/FLEXUSD pair.

Since I got Fire I choose FIRE/BCH with current 439% APR.

Now good news is that you can use harvested EMBER and put it in Ember Vault.

Ember Vault is a set of high incentivized pools. Long term supporters can choose to lock EMBER for a determined period for higher rewards.

The participants receive higher rewards according to lock duration.

That's what I did. Now here you can choose several different periods to lock your tokens and award is based on your choice. Longer lock period - higher reward.

For No Lockup option you still get 850% APR (current value likely to change often, DYOR). For longest lock period of 1 year you get (current again) amazing 3376%.

My choice was No lockup option because I'm only testing this new DEX for now. Right now I have harvested and placed in the Vault 85 Ember tokens, that's pure profit. However this is still below what I invested but in the longer run I think it will catch up.

EmberSwap is newest DEX on smartBCH, they haven't yet implemented promised sections like Locker, Governance and Analytics part of the app, but it will happen soon.

My first impression about EmberSwap is positive.

Excited to see how it develops further.

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disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor, always do your own research.

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Written by   25
5 months ago
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