How to get banned on Lunr Platform (the easy way)

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1 year ago

Few days ago I withdraw tokens the first time from Lunr Platform. At the time token price was at such a rate that I got $14.

Since I started BuyPegaFund iniciative to buy my own Pegaxy horsee changed Lunr to Zil then to Matic and into the savings account.

Then I got this message.

Lunr Platform measures value of coins based on social media interactions with something called Galaxy Score and AltRank. I was participant in the platform meaning giving opinions on news and how those news influence different coins. For the time you spend on the platform you get their Token called Lunr.

Since I joined they have changed the rules on how you can withdraw those tokens and when. That was red flag, but nevertheless I continues using the platform because I wanted to cash out the time I spent there. Time is money, right?

Managed to reach Level 2 which brings more insights, access to weekly awards and ability to earn more from affiliates. After waiting to see how much will I get from weekly rewards it turned out around 1 Lunr is that award. Not sure why they call it weekly since they distribute it every 10 days :)

Withdrawal was smooth, first Lunr to ZilPay wallet, then from ZilSwap you get Zil token and than I used LetsExchange to get my Matic for the Fund.

Than this message comes along. Now I'm not sure if this rule was present before my withdrawal. If it was than it was my mistake I didn't read it, but I don't remember it being there when I searched on how to take the tokens. In any case the rule is ridiculous. Here is why. Rule says you have to respect 25% HODL/Send ration. This means you can't withdraw your 35 Lunr (which is minimum) until that's 25% of your entire stash. This means you have to collect 140 Lunr in order to be able to withdraw the first time. You can collect 140 Lunr ... like never.

When I joined the platform you could earn 300-400 points per day and later they changed the algorithm so you could collect much less, something like 0.5 - 1 Lunr per day and you have to be active at least 1 hour per day to do that.

I should mention that when you withdraw you pay 'withdrawal fee' to the platform around 10% which is also ridiculous.

My decision to get the tokens was based on this graph.

As you can see the price of Lunr token is in free fall. So by the time I get to 140 Lunr that 35 tokens would be worth nothing.

I can get my status as earning member if I buy Lunr and hold it into my wallet, but I'm not going to do that (see above graph again). I'm not really banned as title says I can still participate but I'm not earning member anymore.

So there you go, how to get banned on Lunr Platform the easy way :)

Thanks for reading.

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