Goal achieved, but is it worth it?

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_ Episode 18 _

March 2022

Motivation is important. That's why two weeks ago I set myself a goal to create enough crypto income via Noise, Read and even faucets in order to be able to buy one virtual Pegasus in Pegaxy blockchain game.

In that time, two weeks ago floor price for a Pega was $400 USDT, since the game is on Polygon blockchain.

My pace of achieving this goal was slow but steady. Initial estimation was I will need close to two months to get there.

However things changed very quickly. VIS price dropped quite a lot (VIS stands for Vigorus token used in Pegaxy game along side PGX token), number of flying horses increased and changes in the platform were also introduced.

Price of the 1 VIS was 4c two weeks ago and today is below 1c. You can see from the graph above clear down trend.

The game is still relatively new, that's true and price is yet to be stabilized. It's just hard to calculate will your renting investment pay off, for example, because you can't withdraw VIS right away, you have to wait for 14 days to do it and in 14 days price will change significantly. When I started I rented a Pega for $12 worth PGX and when I finally sold VIS my income was around $5. That's more than 50% loss in two weeks, so you have to be careful with renting.

Anyway current floor price for Pega is around 100 USDT and that makes my goal achieved!

As I'm writing this post floor prices are even lower, around 90 USDT!

However these Pega horses are virgin horses with certain cooldown number of days and you can't race them until this period ends. Another loss I guess.

Pega horses you can buy and race right away have floor prices of 135 USDT right now. That makes me a little short so I'll have to wait for a bit longer.

My goal is achieved, but is it worth it? I'm not sure.

Many Pegaxy game changes are coming. One of them which is already implemented is they changed the number of tracks per race from 12 to 15. This will lower average winning percentage and decrease income per day for everyone.

I read somewhere that average winning percentage (before the change) across all Pega horses on the platform is 23% - with tracks increase winning percentage will fall under 20%. Because there is 25% more players per game VIS income per day will decrease.

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Disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor, I post only my own experience, so always do your own research on the subject before investing anything. Post may include affiliate links. Thanks for using them.

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