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SmartBCH Is Big

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1 week ago

It's very important to realize that Smart Bitcoin Cash side-chain is a great opportunity to develop and use DeFi projects without having to pay a lot in fees, and that alone is a big step forward.

If we look at the side-chain, it has the capacity to cover most of the projects that are on the Ethereum network, and charge a thousand times less than what this network charges at the moment. In this initial phase, projects have been developed, but those that do not show enough quality will be left behind and only those that really have the potential to continue and also increase the safety and quality of projects that are being developed will remain.

The big point here is that SmartBCH is a serious competitor to the Ethereum network and many others out there that intend to explore the field of decentralized finance. It offers the best prices on the market, transaction speed and quality that the Bitcoin Cash network can offer. Of course I speak as a user and completely fascinated by what I've seen so far, but developers can also take a look and see that advances are being made and investments are being made in the side-chain.

The fees

These are certainly the strength of SmartBCH and certainly a very significant part in the world of decentralized finance, after all users can interact with it, take profits or even Stake, farming without losing much of the value just by paying transaction gas . It should be noted that for what is currently the fees will still be adjusted after the network upgrade and will be even more favorable for everyone.

People from all over the world can access SIDE-CHAIN ​​and enjoy the benefits it provides.

Projects built at SmartBCH

So far there are some good projects and also some that still leave a lot to be desired and honestly in the future they could be left behind. The trading platform is the first DEX exchange that act on the side-chain and is a fork of the original that is found on the Binance Smart chain [BSC] network which so far has been very solid and offers swap, farm and stake of coins that are already acting on the SmartBCH network.

Their products offer great advantages and investors can earn up to 900% doing Farming in the exchange receiving their native currency, the $EBEN token.

There are also projects that are well allocated, such as the case of $CATS, which is the official mascot of Bitcoin Cash on the side-chain. The project was launched less than a month ago and has already captured the hearts of many people in the market and is quite impressive in terms of the passion the community employs on its development. It's one with the most liquidity in the network, after Bitcoin Cash and $EBEN, and it will definitely be a currency that will develop a lot on the side-chain and bring many people into the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Some projects to consider

Knuth, which is a software project that works for the development and improvement of the Bitcoin Cash network performance launched its native token on the SmartBCH network, making it one of the most attractive products on the network so far, after all, the existence in part of the Bitcoin Cash mainnet was thankful to the Knuth software along with other players. Having a Knuth coin is the same as supporting the improvement of Bitcoin Cash as a network and also offering a way to support the project team so that they can continue to do a good job on the network.

$ARG is also an exciting project and it completes the range of projects I'm currently observing closely. It is part of the Bitcoin Cash Argentina group, which recently completed a Flipstarter with the aim of spreading the word in Argentina and helping more people to have knowledge of the currency in that Latin American country.


SmartBCH as a network is quite large and soon more players will enter the market and develop on the side-chain their projects. It is a network with above average quality, it has affordable rates for everyone and it is very effective to use.

Transactions are fast and dynamic and there are plenty of opportunities for everyone in it.

Those who certainly do not see the fee requirement as important but it is quite pertinent. After all, to use the decentralized world it has to be accessible to the majority and it is also by using it everyone can maximize their profits and dividends. Betting on SmartBCH is the same as accepting to use Bitcoin Cash in the DeFi world with all benefits that the chain have right:

Extremely low fees, fast confirmations and very efficient operations to execute transactions.

If you are not yet aware of the technological innovation brought about by the Bitcoin Cash network, this is the ideal time to get in and experience everything that is available on it.

Setup your wallet to interact with Metamask

Here are some links that are sure to be very important for SmartBCH:

  1. FountainHead

  2. Smartscan

  3. Bitbox Alexandria

  4. SmartBCH tokens add

  5. SmartBCH official website

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Written by   796
1 week ago
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Thanks for sharing, I learned something new

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5 days ago

From my point of view SmartBCH can lead a drastic change in the outlook of BCH within the market and I think we all understand that many investors are just buying anything that has to do with Defi or NFT so probably they will find out sooner than later. But I also think there is need for having some few strong DeFi at least. When we have two more BenSwap it can get wild.

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1 week ago

smartbch is really fantastic. this is the best currency and provides everyone a great opportunity. thank you so much for sharing the great information.

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1 week ago

SmartBCH is really big and I'm having a hard time understanding it HAHAHA

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1 week ago

Definitely. I haven't received cats from the airdrops but I got Shiba this morning. ☺️

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1 week ago

Oh congrats

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1 week ago

Yeah, thanks!

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1 week ago