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I Did Something Really Crazy

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9 months ago (Last updated: 8 months ago)
09-26-2021 4:38pm
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First of all, a really big thank to this wonderful people up here. Thank for all the trust that you guys have in me.

Why don't you guys check their respective profiles later after you read mine hehe. That would great thanks!

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Well, let's get back to the topic. I did something really really crazy today. Not sure if it is really crazy on the same level that you're thinking. But we'll, it's actually a first for me. (Don't know if we're really thinking on the page here haha)

Actually last night while I was scrolling through my noise feed yesterday, I saw Cryptozeug's about his investment on EBEN. You can view it HERE.

He's saying that he bought 2 EBEN when the price was at 2.50$. But it went down to 0.84$. To which he ended with saying that we should always be consider to invest what we can afford to lose. (I'm paraphrasing 😅)

Which really gotten my interest so I commented, as what you can on the screenshot.

This is a screenshot on my conversation with Mr. Cryptozeug on noise.

Honestly I was really drawn to EBEN upon reading his post. And I've been BenSwap DEX a while ago. Because I swapped $CATS to BCH. Guess it was such a dumb move for me haha coz I could've swapped it to EBEN right then and there. But I guess being a noob for such a long time, I really didn't know what I was doing that time after I've already done it.

(Oh and yeah I swapped the $CATS I got which was around 1000 into 2$ worth of BCH.)

Okay so I got really interested with EBEN and with the "staking" part especially. Because I saw it as a passive way of earning. So I thought about what he said that the lowest price was around 0.75$. So I was checking out the price of EBEN every now and then.

Through the BenSwap interface via the browser option of my Metamask wallet. Because Google Chrome wasn't really working for me hahah. It didn't let me connect my Metamask wallet so I had to look for other options. Thankfully I have this habit of really exploring my options or the other parts of things. And so I did explore the browser option of Metamask and voilà, it worked.

Then I saw yesterday/earlier around 12am that the price was at 0.81$. So I got hyped out and deposited 2$ worth of BCH to my Coinflex account. Which was acting like the bridge to my Metamask wallet. And I knew all about it when I read @carisdaneym2 's article. You could read it HERE. (sorry the tag po)

And poof! Within a minute EBEN price has already went up. Around 0.826$,which I thought was already high, because my projected price was supposed to be 0.75$ or atleast 0.8$ and lower. Higher than that I would wait for a dip in the market again. (Sounds like a pro already right? Hahah but trust me I'm still a noob. There's still so much for me to learn)

My BCH hadn't still arrived in my Coinflex account until a few moments later. Then I just thought to just put it into my Metamask wallet so that anytime the price went down again, I would buy atleast 2 EBEN then stake them on BenSwap. So I could earn atleast a little bit of EBEN from it.

So fast forward today. Around 4pm today, I thought about looking up the EBEN price again. Though I just do it out of nowhere, I was shocked to see it lying around 0.8$. I got so hyped and I quickly logged into BenSwap via my Metamask wallet through the "browser" option. And I saw it rose about 0.81$. So I didn't let the chance pass like yesterday.

I swapped around 0.0033 BCH to 2.035 EBEN and quickly staked it. As of the moment what I've gained is seen in the screenshot below.

This screenshot was taken at exactly 5:53pm.

If you still don't know how to stake your assets on Benswap you might also wanna check out @carisdaneym2 's article HERE, it's very easy to understand. (sorry for the tag po)

And the recent price of EBEN is at 0.892$ as you can also see below.

This according to the Benswap interface.
If you want to check the price out, just click the picture. You'll quickly be redirected to the link.

Final Thoughts

So there you go guys. The crazy thing I did today was investing into EBEN. As I've said earlier, I consider it crazy because it's a first for me. Investing in crypto is really risky. Because as we all know crypto market is very volatile. One minute it's all going up or what we call "bullish".

Then next second it's all going "bearish"or going down. You can either earn profits from it or completely losing all your capital.

But then again, here we are still getting our hopes up for another bearish season. Because we all earn from it, either passively or other ways like holding crypto assets.

Btw this is not in any way a financial advice okay? This is my personal choice and I just wanted to share with you guys my experience. And if you'd decided to do the exact same thing I did. Always D.Y.O.R (do you own research) before actually doing it.

So you couldn't do the same mistake I did 😉

Again, I would like thank you all for your time. I really appreciate you guys dropping by every now and then.

Have a great evening!

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Written by   52
9 months ago (Last updated: 8 months ago)
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I've been waiting for that 0.75 price but I guess hanggang 0.8 lang sya kaya try ko bumili din

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8 months ago

Ako nga din sis eh. Sa ngayon naka stuck siya sa 0.833. Mula pa kagabi. Hintayin ko ulit kung bumababa pa siya. Bili ako ulit.

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8 months ago